10 things to do at Ekta Nagar

10 Things To Do in Ekta Nagar (2024)

Discovering the enchanting town of Ekta Nagar was a delightful revelation. Renowned for the iconic Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar unveils a realm far beyond its towering landmark. Serving as a self-contained haven, this picturesque town offers many attractions and activities for travellers. Join me as I unveil the top 10 experiences awaiting visitors in Ekta Nagar.

PIN for later reference – Things To Do in Ekta Nagar

PIN for later reference - 10 things to do at Ekta Nagar (Kevadia)
PIN for later reference – Things To Do in Ekta Nagar (Kevadia)

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About Ekta Nagar

Previously recognized as Kevadia, Ekta Nagar stands gracefully along the serene banks of the Narmada River. Nestled within its confines lies the renowned Sardar Sarovar Dam reservoir, once a cherished picnic destination that now shares its spotlight with the illustrious Statue of Unity.

For optimal exploration, venture to Ekta Nagar between October and February, when the weather offers a tranquil respite. The scorching heat of summer renders it less conducive to a pleasurable experience. To fully immerse oneself in the town’s allure, allocate 2 to 3 days to discover its attractions.

10 Things To Do in Ekta Nagar

  • The ticket rates specified in this article apply solely to Indian nationals. For pricing information tailored to foreign nationals, please consult the relevant details online.
  • Kindly refer to the SOU official website for the latest updates on availability, reservations, and ticket prices.
  • Please note that the attractions are open every day except Mondays.

Visit the Spectacular Statue of Unity

When exploring Ekta Nagar, visiting the Statue of Unity (SOU) is a must-do. Towering at an impressive height of 182 meters, the Statue of Unity is the tallest monument globally, portraying India’s revered Iron Man, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

  • Operational Hours: Open daily, except Mondays, from 8 AM to 6 PM.
  • Entry Fee: Admission for adults is INR 1030, with convenient online purchase options on the SOU website.

Please note: Access to the SOU viewing gallery and museum may require an additional fee.

Take a Jungle Safari

The Jungle Safari unfolds across a sprawling 375-acre expanse, boasting 16 distinct animal enclosures showcasing diverse herbivorous and carnivorous species. These enclosures are thoughtfully arranged according to the continents from which the animals hail.

The Jungle Safari offers a captivating experience for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. The spacious enclosures provide ample room for the animals to roam freely, fostering a natural and uncrowded environment. Visitors embark on the safari aboard a cart, expertly driven by knowledgeable staff, ensuring an authentic jungle safari adventure.

  • Operational Hours: Open daily, except Mondays, from 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Entrance Fee: Admission is INR 200 per adult and INR 150 per child, with additional charges for camera usage. Tickets are conveniently available for purchase online via the SOU website.
Jungle Safari at Ekta Nagar
Rhino at Jungle Safari

Photograph the Native and Exotic Birds at Aviaries

Within the Jungle Safari area lie two expansive aviaries teeming with a diverse array of native and exotic birds. These aviaries offer visitors the unique opportunity to stroll amidst feathered inhabitants representing various habitats, meticulously recreated to mirror the natural environments of each species.

Their thoughtful landscaping, seamlessly blending with the birds’ original habitats, sets these aviaries apart. Despite being covered with a protective dome, the aviaries provide an open-air experience, allowing the birds to soar freely.

  • Operation Hours: Open daily, except Mondays, from 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Entrance Fee: Admission is included with Jungle Safari entry.
Bird Aviary at Ekta Nagar
Bird Aviary

Learn about Plants from all Seven Continents at Vishwa Van

Vishwa Van, meaning Global Garden, is a botanical sanctuary housing flora and soil sourced from all seven continents. This meticulously curated garden serves as a testament to the concept of Unity in Diversity on a global scale.

  • Operational Hours: Open daily, except Mondays, from 8 AM to 6:45 PM.
  • Entrance Fee: Admission is INR 30 for adults and INR 20 for children. Tickets can be conveniently booked online via the SOU website.
Vishva Van Ekta Nagar
Vishva Van

Take a Sunset Ride on Ekta Cruise

The Ekta Cruise offers a remarkable opportunity to admire the Statue of Unity from the picturesque waterfront. Operated by Shreshta Bharat Bhavan (SBB), this enchanting cruise journey spans 7 kilometres along the serene waters of the River Narmada, encompassing approximately 40 minutes of scenic bliss. Particularly captivating during sunset, the cruise also features onboard cultural activities for added enjoyment.

  • Operational Hours: Available at various time slots from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Entrance Fee: Admission is INR 413 for adults and INR 207 for children. Secure your slot conveniently online through the SOU website.
Ekta cruise - Ekta Nagar
Ekta cruise

Dance at the Glow Garden

Nestled within the Valley of Flowers lies the enchanting Glow Garden, a mesmerizing fusion of botanical sanctuary and illuminated theme park. As dusk falls, the garden transforms into a captivating spectacle, with structures and installations aglow with vibrant hues. My inaugural visit to a Glow Garden was a delightful experience, marvelling at the radiant beauty of the luminous displays.

  • Operational Hours: The Valley of Flowers welcomes visitors daily, except Mondays, from 8 AM to 10 PM. However, the Glow Garden comes to life only after nightfall.
  • Entrance Fee: Admission is INR 100 for adults and INR 50 for children. Secure your tickets conveniently online via the SOU website.
Glow garden Ekta Nagar
Glow Garden

Walk in Between the Flowers at Valley of Flowers

Encompassing 24 acres of sprawling terrain, the Valley of Flowers is a breathtaking haven boasting a vibrant tapestry of colourful blooms. From its modest beginnings in 2016 with a mere 48,000 plants, the garden has flourished to encompass a staggering 2,200,000 plants today, cultivating over 300 varieties of exquisite flowers.

  • Operational Hours: The Valley of Flowers welcomes visitors daily, except Mondays, from 8 AM to 10 PM.
  • Entrance Fee: Admission is INR 100 for adults and INR 50 for children. Secure your tickets conveniently online via the SOU website.
Valley of Flowers at Ekta Nagar
Valley of Flowers

Ride in a Pink Electric Vehicle

One of the highlights of Ekta Nagar that captured my heart was the charming pink electric vehicles. These adorable vehicles offer a convenient mode of transportation within the town, and what makes them truly special is that women exclusively operate them. Local tribal women are employed, trained, and empowered through this initiative, providing them opportunities to earn a livelihood and enhance their skills.

  • The government predetermines the fares for these rides based on the distance travelled, ensuring transparency and affordability for all passengers.
Pink Electric vehicles at Statue of Unity Ekta Nagar
Pink Electric vehicles

Shop at Ekta Mall

Ekta Mall stands as a vibrant shopping hub nestled within Ekta Nagar. This bustling mall showcases a unique concept, with stores representing each state of India, offering a diverse array of locally crafted products. From intricately designed handicrafts to exquisite regional specialties, Ekta Mall is a melting pot of Indian culture and craftsmanship.

  • Operational Hours: Open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM.
Shop at Ekta Mall Ekta Nagar
Shop at Ekta Mall

Attend the Narmada-Maha Aarti at Narmada Ghat

While Ganga Aarti in Varanasi and Rishikesh is renowned, Ekta Nagar offers a lesser-known gem: the Narmada-Maha Aarti, a nightly ritual along the Narmada Ghat. Worshipping the sacred River Narmada, this enchanting ceremony mirrors the grandeur of its Ganga counterpart, with a Hindu priest leading the devotional proceedings reminiscent of Varanasi’s Dashashwamedh Ghat.

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Experiencing this divine spectacle is a must-do in Ekta Nagar, where I was fortunate to witness its splendour during my travels. The aarti commences after 7:30 PM, lasting approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Ticket: Admission to the aarti is free of charge. However, for those wishing to sponsor a priest for a ritual (Yajman), a ticket priced at INR 1100 is available.
Narmada Maha Aarti at Ekta Nagar
Narmada Maha Aarti

How to Get to Ekta Nagar?

Getting to Ekta Nagar is convenient via various modes of transportation:

  • By Air – The nearest airport is in Vadodara, approximately 90 kilometres from Ekta Nagar. Vadodara International Airport serves international and domestic flights, offering easy access to the region.
  • By Train – Ekta Nagar railway station, formerly known as Kevadia railway station, boasts three platforms and connects the town with major cities and towns. For the latest information on availability and routes, travellers can visit the IRCTC website.
  • By Bus – Regular bus services ply between Vadodara and Ekta Nagar, with operations managed by the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) and private bus operators, ensuring convenient connectivity.
  • By Road – Ekta Nagar is approximately 90 kilometres from Vadodara, and the journey by road typically takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes, offering a scenic drive for travellers.

Where to Stay in Ekta Nagar?

Tent City

The Statue of Unity Tent City offers a luxurious and comfortable stay experience. Set against the backdrop of stunning vistas, with the River Narmada on one side and the majestic Vindyachal and Satpuda mountain ranges on the other, this accommodation is unparalleled in Ekta Nagar. The rooms, designed as cottages, provide various options, including presidential and royal villas, ensuring guests a memorable and indulgent stay.

Tent City 1 at Ekta Nagar
Tent City

Tent City Narmada

Tent City Narmada is the ideal choice for budget-friendly accommodation in Ekta Nagar. During my stay there for a few nights, I found it remarkably comfortable. The rooms, designed like charming cottages, offer a delightful glamping experience, adding a touch of adventure to your stay.

Tent city Narmada Ekta Nagar
Tent City Narmada

Is Ekta Nagar Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

I discovered Ekta Nagar to be exceptionally safe for solo female travellers. I encountered no issues throughout my time there, and the locals I interacted with were warm and welcoming. Nonetheless, as with any destination, it’s advisable to exercise caution, particularly when exploring at night.

Please note: My visit to Ekta Nagar was not as a solo traveller but as part of a group of bloggers and social media influencers hosted and organized by Gujarat Tourism.

Closing Notes

Ekta Nagar stands out as one of the most picturesque destinations in Gujarat, offering a comprehensive experience tailored to diverse travellers. With many activities and attractions, this town truly has something for everyone. I wholeheartedly recommend including Ekta Nagar in your travel itinerary when visiting Gujarat.

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10 Things To Do in Ekta Nagar (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Things to do in Ekta Nagar (Kevadia)

    10 things to do at Ekta Nagar (Kevadia) - PIN for later reference
    Things to do in Ekta Nagar (Kevadia) – PIN for later reference