Eagle Rock lookout

Eagle Rock Expedition: Exploring the Beauty of Royal National Park (2024)

My heart leaped with joy and excitement during my visit to Eagle Rock Royal National Park. Picture this – a waterfall cascading down a cliff, adorned with a vibrant rainbow. That’s the enchanting scene you will find at this remarkable place. The surreal and breathtaking beauty of Eagle Rock is something truly extraordinary. A visit to this spot is an absolute must when exploring Royal National Park. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend taking this walk to witness the awe-inspiring and unforgettable wonders of Eagle Rock.

Eagle Rock Royal National Park
My Gerua moment from the movie Dilwale

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Where is Eagle Rock Royal National Park?

Nestled within the Royal National Park, both the Eagle Rock and Curracurrang Falls are captivating natural wonders. This protected national park is south of Sydney, occupying the Dharawal/Tharawal country. The Dharawal people, renowned for their deep kinship bonds, are the Indigenous Australians who rightfully own and have connections to the land.

Established by Sir John Robertson, the Royal National Park boasts the distinction of being the second oldest park globally. As a testament to its rich cultural and natural heritage, this park offers a remarkable blend of scenic beauty and Indigenous history. Visiting Eagle Rock or Curracurrang Falls not only allows you to marvel at nature’s wonders but also offers an opportunity to appreciate the significance of this land to the Dharawal people.

Eagle Head Rock is a distinctive and notable rock formation within the Royal National Park, situated near the Curracurrang Falls. These falls create a captivating optical illusion, seemingly flowing upward from the ocean, enhancing the unique charm of this natural wonder.

Be vigilant for possums and reptiles as you stroll through the Royal National Park.

The name “Eagle Rock” owes itself to the rock jutting from the cliff, mirroring the distinct visage of an eagle. Meanwhile, the Curracurrang Falls holds a rare distinction as one of the few waterfalls worldwide that cascades directly into the ocean.

How to Get to Wattamolla Car Park?

The hike to Eagle Rocks in the Royal National Park begins at the Wattamolla Car Park.

  • By Public Transport: Unfortunately, no public transportation is available to reach the walk’s starting point at Wattamolla Car Park.
    • Otford, Waterfall, Heathcote, Engadine, and Loftus are the closest train stations to the starting point. For the latest information on public transportation, please refer to the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) website.
  • By Road: The closest parking facility is located at Wattamolla car park, situated approximately 50 kilometers away from Sydney Central Business District (CBD), with an estimated one-hour drive.
    • Please be aware that the car park has an entry fee of AUD 12 per vehicle.
Eagle Rock
The views of the ocean along the track

Walk to the Eagle Rock Royal National Park from Wattamolla Car Park

The Eagle Rock track stands out as one of the more accessible trails in the Royal National Park. I personally walked from the Wattamolla Car Park to Eagle Head Rock, but alternatives include walking from the Curra Moors trail or Garie Beach. It is important to note that the route from Garie Beach involves one steep climb during the journey. The trail itself is exceptionally picturesque, offering breathtaking views of the endless expanse of the ocean.

Hikes in Royal National Park
Eagle Rock
Maddens Falls Lookout
Otford to Figure 8 Pool
Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock


  • The starting and finishing point of the track: Wattamolla Car Park.
  • Total distance: 9 kilometers.
  • Type of walk: Return.
  • Grade: Easy (flat walk on the cliffs).
  • Be careful while walking on the edge of the cliffs.
  • Pack some snacks and lunch for the walk.
  • Carry sufficient water.
  • There are no toilets or water-filling points on the track. The toilets are only at the Wattamolla Picnic area.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the Royal National Park.
Eagle Rock (Royal National Park)
Crossing the creek at Eagle Head Rock

Safety for Solo Female Hikers

While the Royal National Park is generally safe, this particular track is considered one of the safer options. However, as a general practice, I always recommend embarking on hikes or walks, particularly in national parks, with a walking or trekking buddy. This precaution ensures that you are adequately prepared for any unforeseen situations that may arise during your journey.

Eagle Rock (Royal National Park)
A faint rainbow by the ocean

Closing Notes

I have a profound admiration for Eagle Rock—it’s undeniably stunning and absolutely worth the walk to reach it. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit twice, and each time, the allure draws me back. I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing the beauty of Eagle Rock, especially if you find yourself exploring the wonders of the Royal National Park.

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Eagle Rock Expedition: Exploring the Beauty of Royal National Park (2024)
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