One day in Byron Bay

One Day in Byron Bay (2024)

Byron Bay is an enchanting coastal town, claiming its spot as the East Coast’s most sought-after destination in Australia. With its pristine coastline and laid-back hippie ambience, Byron Bay has become my favourite town.

Even though one day in Byron Bay might seem insufficient to grasp the town’s essence truly, fear not – you’ve landed in the perfect spot. While I highly advocate immersing myself in Byron Bay for a more extensive 4 to 5 days to relish its offerings fully, I understand time constraints. If you have just a spare day, worry not; I’ve got you covered. Allow me to guide you through an itinerary and suggest activities to maximise your brief visit to Byron Bay.

For an in-depth exploration and comprehensive insights into Byron Bay, be sure to delve into my Byron Bay Things To Do post.

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PIN for later reference - One day in Byron Bay
PIN for later reference – One day in Byron Bay

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Where is Byron Bay?

Situated in the New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia, Byron Bay graces the northern coast and lies closer to Brisbane than Sydney. Renowned for its picturesque surf beaches and a distinct hippie ambience, Byron Bay unquestionably deserves a prime spot on your must-visit list when traversing the diverse landscapes of Australia.

How to Get to Byron Bay?

By Road

While Byron Bay is situated within the borders of the New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia, it intriguingly finds itself in closer proximity to Brisbane than Sydney. The geographical expanse separating Byron Bay from Sydney spans approximately 770 kilometres to the north, with a road journey of about 8 hours and 30 minutes, considering the toll roads along the way.

The distance from Byron Bay to Brisbane is notably shorter than the journey from Byron Bay to Sydney. Covering 160 kilometres, the drive to Brisbane is a relatively brief excursion, taking just a little over 2 hours to reach your destination.

By Air

The most efficient and convenient means to reach Byron Bay from any city is flying directly to the town. The domestic airport in Ballina, situated approximately 30 kilometres from the Byron Bay Central Business District (CBD), serves as the gateway.

Jetstar and Tigerair operate as economical airlines for budget-friendly options, providing accessible routes to Byron Bay. Additionally, Virgin Australia offers regular flights connecting the town with other major cities, making Ballina airport a convenient hub for travel.

Click here to check and compare flight prices on Skyscanner

Shuttle Buses between Ballina Airport and Byron Bay CBD

Public buses connect the Ballina domestic airport to Byron Bay CBD, offering a cost-effective option for solo travellers. However, the journey takes nearly an hour to reach the CBD.

Consider a shuttle bus between the Ballina domestic airport and Byron Bay CBD for a quicker and more convenient option. Despite its higher cost (AUD 30 per person for a one-way trip), this door-to-door service ensures a drop-off directly at your accommodation.

Contact details for the shuttle service:

Note: If you’re travelling with more than one person, opting for Uber or Ola cabs between the Ballina airport and Byron Bay CBD is the most efficient choice. With a cost ranging from AUD 60 to 70 for a one-way taxi ride, this option surpasses the shuttle buses in terms of convenience and affordability for groups.

By Public Transport

Opting for a train ride stands out as the most economical means to reach Byron Bay from Sydney, with one-way costs ranging between AUD 60 to AUD 90. However, being prepared is essential, as the train journey spans approximately 14 hours.

Secure your train tickets conveniently through the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) website.

One Day in Byron Bay

Please note that the outlined itinerary below excludes flights, and it assumes your arrival in Byron Bay on the preceding day.

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Morning – Sea Kayaking or Whale Watching Tour

Begin your day by indulging in a delightful breakfast at one of the charming cafes along Lawson or Jonson streets. These streets boast numerous quaint and cozy cafes that offer delicious coffee and a lovely breakfast experience.

I recommend trying the corn fritters at Mokha on Lawson café; they are my favourite morning treat.

Corn fritters at Mocha
Corn fritters at Mokha Cafe

After a satisfying breakfast, I highly recommend engaging in sea kayaking—an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the waters and encounter friendly marine creatures, particularly dolphins. There’s an unmatched magic to kayaking alongside dolphins or, during the whale migratory season, even with whales. I experienced this enchanting activity in Kaikoura in New Zealand, leaving me with awe-inspiring memories.

If kayaking isn’t your preference, consider taking a whale-watching tour from a boat to witness these majestic creatures. The spectacle is truly remarkable, especially during the whale migration season from May to November. During this period, whales embark on their journey from the south to the north along the east coast of Australia, returning south after the mating and birth season.

Afternoon – Cape Byron Lighthouse or Solar Train Ride

For your midday meal, go to Orgasmic Falafel and savour their delightful and visually appealing falafels. Despite its modest size, this eatery offers falafels that are truly worth the experience. I recommend trying their Falafel plate with hummus, salsa, and salad. Please be aware that dining at Orgasmic Falafel has a higher price tag.

Following lunch, take a stroll to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Embark on the approximately 2.4-kilometre stroll from the CBD to the lighthouse, a pathway predominantly tracing the coastline. This popular walk is invigorating and offers spectacular views of the ocean and the lighthouse, making it a highly recommended activity.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse, besides being a captivating landmark, serves as an excellent vantage point for observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Cape Byron lighthouse

If walking isn’t your preference, opt for the 10-minute solar train ride connecting Byron and North beaches. This unique experience aboard the world’s first solar train offers a convenient alternative in Byron Bay. Tickets can be purchased onboard, costing AUD 5 per adult for a one-way journey.

Evening – Massage and Sunset at the Beach

Conclude your day with a visit to one of the massage centres for a relaxing and therapeutic massage—an excellent way to unwind. I indulged in massages at various locations, including one right on the Main Beach, another at the Byron Bay Massage Clinic, and a third at a Thai massage centre next to the Success Thai restaurant. Among them, I preferred the Thai massage centre due to its excellent value for money.

Following a rejuvenating massage, go to one of the beaches to witness the enchanting sunsets. The sunset at Byron Bay is breathtaking, offering a captivating display of pretty and dramatic sky colours—an ideal way to conclude your day.

For a delightful dinner, consider either the Mexican restaurant Miss Margarita or the restaurant at Beach Hotel.

Both establishments are fantastic, with the Beach Hotel’s restaurant featuring lively and vibrant music to enhance your dining experience.

Tacos at Miss Margarita
Chicken tacos at Miss Margarita

Closing Notes

As mentioned, one day in Byron Bay falls short of exploring everything this vibrant town offers. With its plethora of activities, mainly focusing on outdoor water adventures, I would recommend dedicating a more extensive period, ideally 5 to 6 days, to fully immerse yourself in the charm of Byron Bay and enjoy all it has to offer.

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One Day in Byron Bay (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – One Day in Byron Bay

    PIN for later reference - One day in Byron Bay
    PIN for later reference – One day in Byron Bay