One day in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is such a beautiful coastal town and is the most popular destination in Australia. It has plenty of things to do and with the pristine coast and the hippie vibe, Byron Bay is my favourite town too. One day in Byron Bay is definitely less for the town and I recommend spending at least 4 to 5 days enjoying and exploring the town. But if you just have one day, then you are at the right place. I will try to recommend and suggest the itinerary and the things that can be done in one day at Byron Bay.

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One day in Byron Bay

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PIN for later reference - One day in Byron Bay
PIN for later reference – One day in Byron Bay

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Where is Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is a coastal town in New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia. It is in the north coast of the state and is more close to Brisbane than Sydney. Known for its beautiful surf beaches and the hippie vibes in the town, Byron Bay should definitely be on your list of places to see.

How to get to Byron Bay?


Byron Bay is closer to Brisbane than Sydney, even though it is in NSW state.

  • The distance between Byron Bay and Sydney is about 770 kilometres north of Sydney and takes about 8 hours 30 minutes to drive.
    • There are toll roads in between.
  • The distance between Byron Bay and Brisbane is 166 kilometres and it takes only about 2 hours 10 minutes to drive.


  • The fastest way to get to Byron Bay is by flying into the town. It has its own airport in Ballina, which is about 31 kilometres from the Byron Bay Central Business District (CBD).
    • Jetstar is the budgeted airline.
    • There are buses that go between Ballina airport and Byron Bay CBD. This is definitely a cheaper option but it takes almost an hour to reach the CBD.
    • The quickest way to go between the Ballina airport and Byron Bay CBD is by taking a shuttle bus. Even though it is pricey (AUD 30 per person for one way), it is a door to door service.

If you are more than one person, then taking an Uber between the Ballina airport and Byron Bay CBD is the best way to go. The cost is around AUD 60 for one way taxi ride.


  • The cheapest way to get to Byron Bay from Sydney is by taking a train. The train fare only costs between AUD 60 to AUD 90 one way. But the journey is around 14 hours.

One day in Byron Bay

Note: The itinerary listed below does not include the flights and there is an assumption that you have landed in Byron Bay the previous day.


As you start your day, have a nice and beautiful breakfast at one of the cafes in Lawson or Jonson streets. There are quaint and cosy cafes around with delicious coffee and breakfast. My favourite breakfast at the cafe was the corn fritters at Mokha on Lawson cafe.

Corn fritters at Mocha
Corn fritters at Mokha cafe

Once you have the breakfast, I suggest the sea kayaking. It is a great way to be in the waters and see some friendly marine animals like the dolphins. There is nothing like kayaking with the dolphins or whales (during the whale migratory season).

If you are not into kayaking, take a whale watching tour to go see the whales from a boat. It is spectacular to see them during the migratory season. The whale migration season starts from May and ends at November. During this season, the whales travel from south to the north on the east coast of Australia and then go back down south after the mating/birth season.

For a guide on seeing the Humpback whales in Sydney, read my post Whale watching in Sydney.

Whale migration Byron Bay


For lunch, head over to the Orgasmic Falafel and have their delicious and beautiful falafels. It is a small place but the falafels are totally worth it. Try out their Falafel plate with humus, salsa and salad.

After lunch, go for a walk to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. It is a 2.4 kilometres walk (one way) from the town centre. The walk is refreshing and is a popular walk around the area. It has views of the ocean and the lighthouse. The Cape Byron Lighthouse is also a great place to see the whales and dolphins.

Cape Byron lighthouse

If you are not up for walking, then definitely take the 10 minutes train ride between Byron and North beaches. The train is the World’s first solar train and is a unique experience at Byron Bay. The tickets can be purchased onboard and the cost is AUD 5 per adult one way.

Solar Train ride


Head to one of the massage centres and have a relaxing and therapeutic massage. It is worth ending the day with a lovely massage from a trained masseur. I had massages at multiple places, one was right on the Main beach, second was from Byron Bay massage clinic and the third was at a Thai massage centre next to the Success Thai restaurant. My favourite was at the Thai massage centre as it was value for money.

After a massage, head to one of the beaches where you can see the mesmerising sunsets. The sunset at Byron Bay is absolutely gorgeous and there is nothing else you would rather do than ending the day with the pretty and dramatic sky colours.

Sunset at Byron Bay

Finish the day with a tasty dinner. I suggest either the Mexican restaurant Miss Margarita or the restaurant at Beach Hotel. Both are amazing and the restaurant at Beach Hotel has lively and happening music.

Tacos at Miss Margarita
Chicken tacos at Miss Margarita

Closing Notes

As I mentioned, one day is definitely not sufficient for Byron Bay. The town has so many things and is great for people who love outdoors. I would at least spend 5 to 6 days in Byron Bay to enjoy the town and all the things that the town can offer.

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PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - One day in Byron Bay
PIN for later reference – One day in Byron Bay

16 thoughts on “One day in Byron Bay”

  1. Byron Bay seems to be a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. And just what the doctor ordered for those couped indoors for months. Would love to feel the breeze and smell the fragrance of the sea. The World’s first solar train, too sounds fascinating.

  2. This look like a fruitful day nicely spent. I have read almost all your posts on Australia and realised most of the holidays in Australia are relaxed, comfortable and well spent in the arms of nature.

  3. Byron Bay is another amazing place on the map of Australia that I would like to add to my itinerary. A few more of your inspirational posts, and I will have to book at least three for my trip to Australia. But it’s only a dream for now. I am a huge fan of lighthouses, so I would love to see and photograph Cape Byron Lighthouse. I also love the idea of taking kayaking trips to spot dolphins.

  4. I did not know that Byron Bay was the most popular destination in Australia. That might make me question whether the crowds were worth the attraction. But your post showed we still want to have Byron Bay on our Australia travel plans. Given how long it takes to get there from Sydney, it would definitely be a place to spend a few days. I like the idea of hiking along the coast. But it was fun to read that there is a train to the beaches.

  5. Byron Bay sounds like a great day trip from Brisbane. Sea kayaking with during the whale migration season would be amazing. The image of the Cape Byron Lighthouse is very dramatic and looks like it would be a gorgeous hike.

  6. For such a popular destination, I was surprised to learn it was so far from Sydney. A day spent here sounds lovely. I would enjoy those corn fritters, followed by sea kayaking, and hopefully working up an appetite for some falafels before going along the coastline for a walk and catching the sunset.

  7. I absolutely loved Byron Bay when I visited 2 years ago, the beaches there are gorgeous and the views (like Cape Byron Lighthouse) are incredible. I went there as a day trip from Gold Coast, where I had based myself for 3 days. I also did hang gliding in Byron Bay and that was an amazing experience!

  8. I love the idea of sea kayaking. I am pretty sure my boys would enjoy that. We haven’t been to this part of Australia but we would love to visit in the future. Thank you for sharing this itinerary. I agree with you that the sunset at Byron Bay is gorgeous.

  9. Ah! I’d love to go to Australia. It’s on my list of places to go. Those corn fritters look amazing, and I always enjoy heading to places with lighthouses. They often have the best views!

  10. I haven’t been on an overnight train journey anywhere except India. This 14hr train journey could be a cool thing to do. I started laughing at the name ‘Orgasmic Falafels’. I trust you when you say that it is worth it. Haha. Good to know that you can see some dolphins while kayaking. I also like that info board with the aboriginal painting of dolphins. Solar train? I’m intrigued!!!


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