3 reasons why I love Sydney

Till I lived in Sydney, I did not even understand the phrase “I love the city”. I always wondered how and why people fall in love with a city or a place. But having lived in Sydney for many years, I know and realise that I am in love with Sydney. It is a city that is my home and it is the city that gave me my freedom and made my dreams come true.

Sydney Opera House
One of my paintings of Sydney Opera House

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PIN for later reference - 3 reasons why I love Sydney
PIN for later reference – 3 reasons why I love Sydney

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Where is Sydney?

Sydney, a coastal city, is the capital city of New South Wales (NSW) state in Australia. Known for its charming Opera House and beautiful harbour in the middle of the city, Sydney is surely one of the best cities I have lived in.

The best time to visit Sydney is throughout the year. However, Sydney is best enjoyed during the spring, summer and autumn seasons (between September to May) with plenty of outdoor options. One needs at least 4 to 5 days to explore only the Sydney city.

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3 reasons why I love Sydney

Even though there are many reasons why I love Sydney. But in this post, I would like to talk about the top 3 reasons why I love Sydney.

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Because the city is vibrant and has spectacular landscapes

Sydney is absolutely an amazing and vibrant city. It has plenty of landscapes that portray the growth of Sydney from old times to new modern times. The buildings in the city have stunning architecture and has so much of history. I have had the opportunity to live in three cities in Australia and Sydney is definitely my most favourite.

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Art Gallery of New South Wales Sydney
Picture taken by Sarvanan

Because the city has plenty of national parks

Sydney has no dearth of national parks. It is a city that is designed for people to enjoy outdoors by amazing and beautiful hiking trails. Some of the national parks like Lane Cove National Park are easily accessible. They have lush greenery to get that outdoor exercise amidst nature.

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Apple Bay

Sydney is also fortunate to have appealing coastal line. There are many trails that are along the coast with never ending views of the ocean.

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Because the city has spectacular sunsets

Sydney is blessed with spectacular sunsets. The sky, almost everyday, puts up a show and has a pretty ending for the day. Sunsets especially during the autumn season is really breath taking as there are clouds and the days are not very cold too.

I lived in the city close to Darling Harbour and my most favourite thing to do in the evenings was to go for a walk from Darling Harbour to Barangaroo Reserve. The evening walks were a great way to enjoy the sunsets.

Sydney Barangaroo
Sunset at Barangaroo Reserve

Closing Notes

Sydney will always be my home and I will always be connected to the city no matter where I live and how far I stay from the city. I hope to return and settle down in this beautiful city.

Have you visited Sydney? Tell me in the comments below why you love the city.

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PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - 3 reasons why I love Sydney
PIN for later reference – 3 reasons why I love Sydney

11 thoughts on “3 reasons why I love Sydney”

  1. No doubt Sydney is one of the most popular city of Australia and we all had heard a lot about it . yes, some places make a special place in our heart and we loved to called it home. I did not sydney visit yet but would love to visit it someday with my family for sure.

  2. Sydney is in my bucket list since a very long time. I am so tempted to plan a trip soon after seeing the beauty of this place in your post. I find this place quite interesting. I also have a few friends staying there and I am sure I would plan a visit soon.

  3. While we have not been to Sydney as yet, it one place my husband really wants to visit and explore. Its in our list and hopefully soon we will explore and enjoy the beautiful city.

  4. I have saved this post, as Sydney is on top of my bucket list. I have been planning trip to visit all the iconic places of Sydney and this adds up to my resolve. Thank you for such an informative post.

  5. I have heard a lot about Sydney being a wonderful place. My close friend stays in Sydney and keeps sharing so amazing pictures with us. I can not very well understand your love for this place.


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