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10 Best Areas and Accommodations to Stay in Hanoi (2024)

Where to Stay in Hanoi? Contemplating a journey to Hanoi and wondering where to rest your weary feet amidst the city’s bustling streets and timeless charm? Allow me to guide you through the maze of accommodation options, unveiling hidden gems and sought-after sanctuaries tailored to your preferences and aspirations.

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Helpful Tip: Short on time and looking for where to stay in Hanoi?
Best 5-Star Hotel Option: Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake
Best Budgeted Hotel Option: Mayflower Hotel – Central Old Quarter
Best Hostel: The One Hostel Hanoi

Where will your Hanoi adventure begin? Having traversed the bustling streets of Hanoi twice, accompanied by a friend, I have had the privilege of delving deep into the city’s vibrant culture and hospitality.

During our initial vacation, we found ourselves nestled in the heart of Hanoi for a delightful stretch of seven days, immersing ourselves in its labyrinthine alleys and captivating sights. On our subsequent three-day visit, albeit shorter, our eagerness to explore was undiminished, prompting a meticulous reevaluation of the city’s accommodation landscape.

With Hanoi as our recurring backdrop, the quest for the perfect abode became a cherished ritual, blending practicality with the allure of discoveries. Our experiences, ranging from hidden gems tucked away in historic quarters to modern sanctuaries boasting panoramic city views, have afforded us invaluable insights into the diverse array of accommodations Hanoi offers.

As we navigated the city’s bustling thoroughfares and savoured its culinary delights, the significance of selecting the right neighbourhood became increasingly apparent. Each district in Hanoi exudes its distinct character, catering to various preferences and interests.

From the timeless charm of the Old Quarter to the tranquil ambience of West Lake, the city unfolds like a multifaceted gem, revealing treasures waiting to be uncovered.

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Our adventures in Hanoi have underscored the importance of choosing accommodations that provide respite after a day of exploration and as gateways to authentic cultural experiences.

Whether it’s the vibrant street markets of Dong Xuan or the serene lakeside promenades of Tay Ho, the ideal lodging is a cornerstone for memorable journeys. It enriches our understanding of the city’s nuances and forges lasting connections with its residents.

Top Areas To Stay in Hanoi

Selecting the ideal area to reside in Hanoi is crucial for both novices and seasoned travellers. Each district showcases its own unique attractions, culinary offerings, and ambience, reflecting the diverse and vibrant essence of Hanoi.

The neighbourhood choice presents many advantages, from easy access to evening dining venues and tourist spots to reducing dependence on taxi services. For solo travellers like myself, ensuring safety amplifies the significance of picking the right accommodation locale.

During my initial visit, I lodged in the Old Quarter, a delightful boutique hotel close to various amenities, including various restaurants, providing a sense of security. However, on a subsequent trip, despite opting for a more luxurious and secure hotel, its distant location posed challenges.

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Relying heavily on taxis for transportation consumed substantial time and incurred additional expenses. This experience underscored the pivotal role of selecting an apt area for accommodation during any excursion.

The choice of accommodation locale significantly influences the overall travel experience, encompassing accessibility, safety, and convenience. Thus, meticulous consideration and research are imperative to ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay in Hanoi.

Here’s a curated list of the top ten areas to consider for your vacation in the Vietnamese capital:

Old Quarter

The Old Quarter, steeped in history and bursting with character, remains a beloved destination for visitors year after year. Its charming narrow streets are adorned with traditional shophouses, vibrant markets, and time-honoured temples, providing a captivating window into Hanoi’s cultural legacy.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: Peridot Grand Luxury Boutique Hotel
Best Budgeted Hotel: Mayflower Hotel – Central Old Quarter
Best Hostel: Old Quarter View Hanoi Hostel

Within this bustling quarter, many accommodation options await, from economical hostels to upscale boutique hotels catering to various budgets and preferences. However, it’s important to note that the Old Quarter is perpetually teeming with activity, ensuring a lively atmosphere throughout the day and night.

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French Quarter

Distinguished by its graceful boulevards and colonial-era architecture, the French Quarter exudes an unmistakable European allure. Its tree-lined avenues, upscale hotels, stylish cafes, and exclusive boutiques beckon discerning visitors.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi
Best Budgeted Hotel: Conifer Grand Hotel
Best Hostel: Gu.Inn

Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque shores of Hoan Kiem Lake, or treat yourself to culinary delights at one of the neighbourhood’s esteemed dining establishments. Particularly enchanting in the evening, the French Quarter offers a serene retreat where one can unwind by the lake’s peaceful waters, basking in the atmosphere of the setting sun after a day of exploration.

Ba Dinh District

Ba Dinh District, housing Hanoi’s political nucleus, is irresistible for history enthusiasts and sightseers. Explore the imposing Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, traverse the expansive grounds of the Presidential Palace, or meander through the serene gardens of the Temple of Literature.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: Lotte Hotel Hanoi
Best Budgeted Hotel: Hanoi Emotion Hotel
Best Hostel: Nexy Hostel

With accommodation options spanning from luxurious hotels to economical guesthouses, Ba Dinh caters comprehensively to the needs of every traveller. Its proximity to numerous attractions makes it an ideal base for exploration, facilitating substantial savings on transportation costs and convenient access to Hanoi’s historical treasures.

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Tay Ho District

Tucked away along the picturesque shores of West Lake, Tay Ho District beckons as a serene haven amidst Hanoi’s bustling urban landscape. Peaceful lakeside promenades, lush parks, and quaint cafes imbue this upscale neighbourhood with serenity and charm.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: Sheraton Hanoi Hotel
Best Budgeted Hotel: Hanoi Paradise Hotel and Hotel
Best Hostel: The Quiet Backpackers Hostel

Offering a wealth of boutique hotels and serviced apartments boasting scenic views of the water, Tay Ho ensures a revitalising escape for weary travellers. For those seeking respite from the crowds and yearning for a peaceful retreat, this district presents an enticing sanctuary away from the city’s frenetic pace.

Hoan Kiem District

Named after the enchanting Hoan Kiem Lake, this district pulsates as the vibrant core of Hanoi. Marvel at the iconic scarlet bridge leading to Ngoc Son Temple, immerse yourself in the bustling stalls of Dong Xuan Market or relish a piping hot bowl of pho at a humble sidewalk eatery.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery
Best Budgeted Hotel: Lotusama Hanoi Hotel
Best Hostel: Hanoi EcoStay 2 Hostel

Offering a spectrum of accommodation choices, from economical guesthouses to mid-range hotels, this district serves as a perfect launchpad for exploration and discovery. Its central location ensures easy access to Hanoi’s myriad attractions, promising an enriching experience for travellers of all budgets and preferences.

Hai Ba Trung District

Positioned southeast of the Old Quarter, Hai Ba Trung District emerges as a dynamic nexus of commerce and culture. Navigate the lively thoroughfares of Trang Tien, where bustling activity and local flavour await, or delve into the rich artistic heritage at the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel:
Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi
Best Budgeted Hotel:
Emerald Boutique Hotel
Best Hostel:
Linh Anh Hotel

Accommodation choices within this vibrant district cater to the diverse needs of both business travellers and leisure seekers, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay amid the district’s bustling energy and cultural richness.

Prayers in a temple at Hanoi

Cau Giay District

The Cau Giay District epitomises contemporary Hanoi living with its modern amenities and vibrant expat community. Immerse yourself in shopping extravaganzas at the bustling Vincom Center or seek solace amidst the verdant oasis of Nghia Do Park.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: The Hanoi Club Hotel & Residences
Best Budgeted Hotel: My Way Hotel & Residence
Best Hostel: Homestay Vincom Tr?n Duy H?ng Female Dorm

Boasting a blend of luxurious hotels and serviced apartments, Cau Giay ensures a comfortable retreat with seamless access to the city’s attractions.

Street vendor in Hanoi who is selling some local eateries

Dong Da District

Nestled southwest of the city centre, Dong Da District is an undiscovered gem awaiting exploration. Unravel the rich history at Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) and Quoc Tu Giam (Vietnam’s inaugural university), or immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture at Dong Da Market.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi
Best Budgeted Hotel: Nesta Hotel & Spa
Best Hostel: Th?o Nguyên Homestay

Accommodation choices within this off-the-beaten-path district span from quaint guesthouses to contemporary hotels, providing a window into the authentic essence of Hanoi living. As a haven away from the tourist crowds, Dong Da invites travellers to uncover its hidden treasures and embrace the genuine spirit of the city.

Thanh Xuan District

Positioned south of the city centre, Thanh Xuan District provides a serene escape from the bustling urban environment. Delve into the lively street food scene along Khuong Dinh Street or peruse the souvenirs at Royal City Mall.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha
Best Budgeted Hotel: Everest Hotel
Best Hostel: OYO 180 Thang Long Hotel

Offering a blend of budget-friendly hotels and serviced apartments, Thanh Xuan caters perfectly to travellers searching for a peaceful retreat without compromising convenience.

Long Bien District

Long Bien District is nestled northeast of the Old Quarter, a hidden treasure showcasing traditional Hanoi life. Meander through the labyrinthine alleyways of the historic Long Bien Market or marvel at the iconic Long Bien Bridge stretching across the Red River.

Recommend Stay Option
Best 5-Star Hotel: Hotel Du Monde Art
Best Budgeted Hotel: Hotel du Monde
Best Hostel: Phuong Trang Hotel Hanoi

Accommodation choices in this enchanting district vary from cosy homestays to intimate boutique hotels, offering an immersive and authentic Hanoi experience away from the usual tourist trail.


5-Star Hotels in Hanoi

Here are ten exquisite 5-star hotels in Hanoi, each offering a blend of luxury, comfort, and impeccable service:

  1. InterContinental Hanoi Westlake: Nestled on the shores of West Lake, this hotel offers stunning views and luxurious accommodations.
  2. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi: A historic landmark in the heart of the city, known for its timeless elegance and French colonial charm.
  3. JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi: A modern oasis in Dong Da District boasting spacious rooms, upscale amenities, and exceptional dining options.
  4. Sheraton Hanoi Hotel: Situated in Tay Ho District, this hotel offers refined accommodations and panoramic views of West Lake.
  5. Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi: Located in the bustling Hoan Kiem District, this boutique hotel combines French-inspired design with Vietnamese hospitality.
  6. Lotte Hotel Hanoi: A luxurious retreat in Ba Dinh District, offering opulent rooms, gourmet dining, and world-class facilities.
  7. Pan Pacific Hanoi: This hotel is set in the Ba Dinh District and features a contemporary design, upscale amenities, and breathtaking city skyline views.
  8. Meliá Hanoi: A stylish hotel in Hoan Kiem District, renowned for its spacious rooms, fine dining, and warm hospitality.
  9. Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi: This hotel is located near the iconic Hanoi Opera House and offers elegant accommodations in a central location.
  10. Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi Center: Overlooking West Lake in Tay Ho District, this hotel provides a tranquil escape with modern comforts and personalised service.

Budgeted Hotels in Hanoi

Here are ten budget-friendly hotels in Hanoi:

  1. Hanoi Charming House – Hoan Kiem District
  2. Hanoi Serenity Hotel, Serenity Diamond Hotel – Hoan Kiem District
  3. Hanoi Graceful Hotel and Travel – Hoan Kiem District
  4. Golden Legend Diamond Hotel – Hoan Kiem District
  5. Hanoi Emotion Hotel – Ba Dinh District
  6. Nesta Hotel & Spa – Dong Da District
  7. Hanoi Paradise Hotel and Hotel – Tay Ho District
  8. Emerald Boutique Hotel – Hai Ba Trung District
  9. Mayflower Hotel – Central Old Quarter – Old Quarter
  10. Lotusama Hanoi Hotel – Hoan Kiem District

Hostels in Hanoi

Here are ten top-rated hostels in Hanoi, known for their safety and solo female traveller-friendly environment:

  1. The One Hostel Hanoi – Hoan Kiem District
  2. Hanoi Central Backpackers Hostel – Hoan Kiem District
  3. Hanoi Buffalo Hostel – Hoan Kiem District
  4. Mad Monkey Hanoi – Hoan Kiem District
  5. Downtown Hostel & Rooftop Bar – Hoan Kiem District
  6. Nexy Hostel – Ba Dinh District
  7. Old Quarter View Hanoi Hostel – Hoan Kiem District
  8. Peaceful House Homestay – Dong Hoi
  9. Hanoi House Hostel & Travel – Hoan Kiem District
  10. Hanoi Jade Hostel – Hoan Kiem District

Is Hanoi Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

When my friend and I embarked on our journey to Hanoi, safety was a top priority for us. Although I didn’t explore the city solo, there were times when my friend pursued other activities, leaving me to wander alone. During those moments, I relied on the same vigilance and caution as I would have if I were by myself.

Thankfully, I found that Hanoi welcomed us with open arms, and interactions with the locals were always pleasant and friendly. Despite having a companion for most of the trip, I stayed alert and aware of my surroundings, especially when venturing on my own.

Hanoi’s dynamic atmosphere and rich culture provided endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Whether my friend was by my side or not, we relished every moment of our time in the city, from sampling street food delicacies to marvelling at the historical landmarks.

Even during those solo excursions, I felt a sense of camaraderie with the locals and fellow travellers, which added to the overall enjoyment of our experience. Reflecting on our journey, I am grateful for the memories we created together and the moments of independence that allowed me to immerse myself in the beauty of Hanoi and Vietnam.


Insider Tips for an Enjoyable Stay in Hanoi

For an enjoyable stay in Hanoi, you must familiarise yourself with the local cultural etiquette and norms. Respect for elders is highly valued, so greeting people with a polite “xin chào” (hello) and showing deference to older individuals demonstrates courtesy. Additionally, removing your shoes before entering someone’s home, religious places, or certain establishments is customary and shows respect for Vietnamese traditions.

Be cautious when crossing roads, as traffic can be intense and unpredictable. Look both ways and walk at a steady pace to avoid accidents. Carrying a map or GPS on your phone is also wise for navigating the city confidently.

By embracing the local customs, staying vigilant, and indulging in authentic cuisine experiences, you will make the most of your stay in Hanoi while immersing yourself in its vibrant culture and flavours.

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Closing Notes

When choosing accommodations in Hanoi, several neighbourhoods stand out for their convenience and charm. With its busy streets and vibrant atmosphere, the Old Quarter offers many budget-friendly guesthouses and boutique hotels, perfect for immersing yourself in the city’s bustling energy.

For a more tranquil retreat, the French Quarter boasts elegant colonial architecture and upscale hotels, providing a peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Alternatively, the West Lake area offers a scenic escape with its serene waterfront views and luxurious resorts, ideal for those seeking a more upscale experience.

No matter which neighbourhood you choose, Hanoi offers diverse accommodations to suit every traveller’s needs and preferences. After exploring the city’s rich history and vibrant culture, you’ll find the perfect place to rest and recharge, from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels.

With its warm hospitality and unique charm, Hanoi promises an unforgettable experience for travellers from all walks of life, making it a destination worth revisiting time and time.


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