Learn to Surf Sydney

Learn to Surf in Sydney in 2024

Learn to Surf in Sydney: Experience the thrill of surfing in Sydney with our comprehensive guide. Dive into the world of waves at iconic spots like Bondi Beach, known for its stunning shades of blue and crystal-clear visibility.

Being in Australia without trying your hand at surfing is like missing out on a quintessential experience. As a continent country surrounded by water, our love for the ocean is ingrained in our culture. With many incredible surf beaches, it’s the ideal destination for riding the waves – no surprises!

PIN for later reference – Learn to Surf in Sydney

PIN for later reference - Learn to Surf in Sydney
PIN for later reference – Learn to Surf in Sydney

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What is Surfing?

Surfing, a thrilling and adventurous water sport, entails riding waves while standing or lying on a board. Typically, surfers seek waves in the ocean, though occasionally, the sport extends to rivers or lakes.

While the precise origin of surfing remains uncertain, it is commonly believed to have originated among Polynesians in Tahiti and Hawaii. In its early days, surfing was called “wave sliding,” capturing the essence of gliding along the ocean’s dynamic waves.

Embrace the excitement of surfing, a sport deeply intertwined with the natural elements, offering a profound connection with the water.

Equipment Required for Surfing

Surfing doesn’t demand extensive equipment; instead, it relies on a few essential items, albeit not necessarily budget-friendly.

  • Surfboard – Central to the art of riding waves, the indispensable equipment for surfing is the surfboard. Initially known as “papa he’e nalu” in Hawaiian, this lightweight yet sturdy plank supports the rider on the waves. Originating in Hawaii, the size and quality of the surfboard determine its cost.
  • Wetsuit – While not obligatory, a wetsuit becomes necessary in Australian waters due to potentially chilly temperatures. Beyond warmth, it shields the skin from sunburns, jellyfish, and encounters with bluebottles.
  • Sunscreen – An often overlooked but vital aspect of surfing gear is high-quality sunscreen. Applying sunscreen is crucial for safeguarding exposed skin from potential sun damage. Prioritize this essential step to ensure a worry-free surfing experience while protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful effects.
Learn to Surf Sydney
The surfboard

Where to Learn to Surf in Sydney?

Being a coastal city, Sydney naturally draws Sydneysiders towards the ocean on warm days. Consequently, many surf schools within the city are dedicated to imparting the art of surfing. These schools operate on private beaches, ensuring the lessons seamlessly integrate with the experienced surfers’ activities.

Surfing in Sydney
A smile after the whole day of surfing.

My personal experience led me to Waves Surf School in Bondi, Sydney. The school proved to be exceptional, delivering not only informative lessons but also an enjoyable day. The highlight was undoubtedly the proficiency of my instructors, Deano and another individual whose name escaped my memory. Deano, with his humorous approach, emerged as a standout instructor. The other equally adept instructor played a pivotal role in helping me confront my apprehensions about tackling formidable waves.

The day became an unforgettable experience, made better by Deano and his counterpart’s expertise and support. Overcoming my fear, rooted in a past incident at Figure 8 Pool, was a significant milestone in my surfing journey, and the instructors’ guidance played a crucial role in this achievement.

Best Surfing Beaches in Sydney

Sydney has a stunning coastline and numerous surf beaches that are not only visually appealing but also ideal for surfing enthusiasts.

Beach Sydney

For beginners, it is strongly recommended to embark on a surfing adventure under the guidance of reputable surf schools.

  • Bondi Beach is a haven for experienced surfers, offering exhilarating high waves. Additionally, the famous Bondi to Coogee coastal walk provides a picturesque stroll along this iconic shoreline.
  • Manly Beach holds historical significance, being the site of the world’s first surfing contest in 1964. The Manly to Spit Bridge coastal walk, or its reverse counterpart, is a favoured route among locals, showcasing Sydney’s seaside charm.
  • Maroubra Beach, Australia’s inaugural national surfing reserve, garners fame for its consistently impressive waves, attracting avid surfers.
  • Cronulla Beach, often considered the birthplace of modern surfing, remains a fantastic spot for surf enthusiasts.
  • Long Reef Beach comes alive during winter, boasting the best surfs due to an exposed reef break. The coastal walk from Manly to Mona Vale via Long Reef is popular among Sydney residents.
  • Palm Beach, with its beautiful and dependable waves, enjoys year-round popularity among surfers.

After a thrilling surfing session, consider taking a detour to explore the diverse and captivating landscapes surrounding Sydney’s remarkable coastal areas.

Closing Notes

Engaging in an entire day of confronting waves, some towering over me, proved to be an immensely enjoyable experience. Amidst bruises, tumbles, and a few encounters with my own board (more than just a couple of times), the sheer thrill left me ecstatic. Despite the challenges, giving surfing a chance filled me with immense happiness. I’m committed to taking more surf lessons to explore whether this dynamic sport truly resonates with me.

Have you ventured into the world of surfing? Share your experiences and let me know if you share the love for this exhilarating water activity by reaching out to me at Solopassport@gmail.com.

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Learn to Surf in Sydney in 2024
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    PIN for later reference – Learn to Surf in Sydney

    PIN for later reference - Learn to Surf in Sydney
    PIN for later reference – Learn to Surf in Sydney