1. This seems like a perfect weekend in Tasmania. Sounds like a really rejuvenating experiene in the midst of nature. The Bridestowe Lavender Estate sounds really promising, but what a pity you could not see the Lavender flowers. Also Aurora Australis sounds fascinating, was not aware about this.

  2. Raksha I love the cradle mountains. They are beautiful, we have our own share of mountains in India, but it looked different. Your posts always makes me crave for a visit to Australia.

  3. Such a nice getaway this seems Raksha. Really enjoying travelling to Australia these days, virtually through your blogs. As Australia never really figured on my bucket list, I’m finding these articles and the places mentioned quite fascinating. The drive to Cradle mountains, looks so picturesque and combining the drive with some hiking is the best sort of getaway I can imagine.

  4. Hey Raksha… you are a great story teller and have a knack of taking people on a journey with you through your words. But tell me, how did you convince yourself to get up and go to Cradle Mountain National Park after the lazy breakfast by lake.

  5. Loved the red moon, purple flowers and cradle mountains. There are so many things on earth yet to cherish. I wish to visit this place soon and enjoy a hot chocolate on a lazy evening

  6. You had me at blueberries! The photos looks absolutely stunning. Wish I could teleport myself to Lake Dove right about now! I’ve heard great things about Tasmania, it was indeed refreshing to have a glimpse through your post!

  7. Tasmania seems like a magnificent place to explore.This is an ultimate guide for there and I really hope to use it soon. Cradle Mountains are really beautiful

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