Best places to find Jacarandas in Sydney

Welcome to my most favourite season of the year! It is the Jacarandas season in Sydney. A season where everything is pretty and purple/lavender. I have been going to different places in Sydney, over the years, to see the Jacaranda flowers and to take pictures with them.

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Jacarandas in Sydney
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Purple season

Sydney turns purple during the end of Spring/beginning of Summer seasons. It is the Jacarandas season and the streets of Sydney, especially on the northern side, are purple. The season starts from the end of October and lasts till December every year.

The lifespan of Jacaranda trees is 50 years. But I believe there are some of them that have lasted for up to 200 years.

There is an interesting story behind how Jacarandas became so special in Sydney and how did it earn its place. The story goes that many years ago a hospital in the North Shore distributed Jacaranda seedlings to the new mothers encouraging them to plant them. This was a way to see the plant grow along with their child. And hence the result of so many Jacaranda trees on the northern side of Sydney.

This is supposedly just an urban myth as there are no records of the seedlings being given to the new mothers. Even if it is just a myth, I would definitely comment that it is a very pretty myth and it helped in making Sydney so mesmerising during this time of the year.

For more information on how the plants were introduced in Sydney, refer this article on Daily Telegraph.

Did you know that the Jacaranda trees have a vigorous deep root system?

Jacarandas season in Sydney
McDougall Street in Kirribilli, North Sydney

What are Jacarandas?

A Jacaranda tree is a sub-tropical tree with attractive indigo flowers. They thrive in tropical and warmer climatic conditions. Jacarandas are not Australian but are native South American trees. The Jacaranda seedlings were planted all around the globe because of their beauty.

Did you know that Pretoria in South Africa is home to almost 70000 Jacarandas and have been named as the Jacaranda city?

The Jacarandas represent wisdom, rebirth, wealth, and good luck. The legend says that if the flower falls on your head, then it is a good fortune for you. And the name Jacaranda has a Guarani origin, which means fragrant.

Even though Jacarandas are extremely pretty, some people consider it as a pest as the flowers are sticky and they stick to the cars, streets, and driveway. The stickiness is caused by aphids. Aphids are caused when insects extract the sugar content from the flowers and leave sticky droppings called honeydew.

It can take anywhere between seven to fourteen years for Jacaranda flowers to bloom.

Best places to go view the Jacarandas in Sydney

Kirribilli, North Sydney

The McDougall Street in Kirribilli, North Sydney is home to the Jacaranda Tree Tunnel. The entire street is filled with Jacaranda trees and is one of the very famous Instagram streets in Sydney.

The McDougall Street is a hotspot during the Jacarandas season.

Note: Be careful of the ongoing vehicles.

  • Nearest metro station: Milsons Point.
  • Up-to-date information about the public transport can be found on the Transport for NSW website.

Royal Botanical Garden

Sydney’s first Jacaranda tree was planted in the Royal Botanical Garden in the late 1850s or early 1860s. So one of the best places to find the Jacarandas in Sydney is where it was first planted.

  • Entry to the gardens is FREE.
  • The gardens are open every day of the year.
  • Nearest metro station: Martin Place, Circular Quay, or St James.
  • Up-to-date information about the public transport can be found on the Transport for NSW website.

Lavender Bay

As the name says, the Lavender Bay is one of the popular spots to find the Jacaranda trees. Lavender Bay is a suburb on the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

The best place to find Jacarandas in Lavender Bay is Wendy’s Secret Garden.

  • Entry to the gardens is FREE.
  • The gardens are open every day of the year.
  • Nearest metro station: North Sydney.
  • Up-to-date information about the public transport can be found on the Transport for NSW website.

Oxford Street, Paddington

The Paddington Reservoir Gardens on Oxford street and Vanclause House in Paddington are other great spots to see the Jacaranda trees. Paddington is a busy and lively area in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD).

Definitely visit the heritage-listed Vanclause House for amazing pictures.

  • Nearest metro station: Edgecliff.
  • Up-to-date information about the public transport can be found on the Transport for NSW website.

For other places where Jacaranda trees are found in Sydney, refer to the Urban list’s article.

Jacaranda Festival

We love our Jacaranda flowers so much that Sydney hosts an annual Jacaranda festival, between November 22 and 24, to celebrate the season. It is a festival where people celebrate with live music, afternoon and night markets, and when the sun goes down the trees are lit up that make a spectacular sight. More information can be found on the Jacaranda Festival website –

Is it safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, Sydney, especially the North Shore, is very safe for travelers including the solo female travelers. I have been living here for many years now and I have not faced any issues. And I have traveled in Sydney alone many times. Sydney is traveler friendly and has all the facilities required. However, like any other place, I would be cautious especially at nights, and would always trust my instinct.

Be careful of the ongoing traffic and vehicles when on the streets.

Closing notes

It is totally worth chasing these streets and places around Sydney to get a glimpse of this beauty. The Jacarandas are spectacular and make amazing photographs. If you love these purple flowers, then you will definitely love the Cherry Blossom season in Sydney too.

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Jacarandas in Sydney
PIN for later reference – Best places to find Jacarandas in Sydney

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  1. The first time we saw the beautiful Jacaranda trees was in Portugal. We became enamoured of the purple flowers. We missed the season in Sydney. But it would be lovely to visit when they were in bloom. Maybe when the annual festival is on!

  2. It’s great that the city celebrates the time of year when it gets shrouded in purple. I’m sure instagram feeds are full of jacarandas each year – I wonder if they have their own hashtag?!

  3. What a sweet post , not that I was interested much in where it grows but I was intrigued by a lil fact that jacaranda signifies the four virtues of wisdom, rebirth, wealth , good luck .. Now whenever I will look at jacaranda , I will remember this .

  4. They look so beautiful and what a rich purple color! Love them! I like that story about the seedlings being given to new moms. I would like to believe that’s true 🙂

  5. Now I am going to go running under a Jacaranda tree in Bangalore to get some good luck 😉 Loved the post Raksha. Did not know of the legend of how Sydney got its share of Jacarandas. They definitely light up the mood and are well worth planting all around the world

  6. Sydney is at the top of my husband’s bucket list and now I’m dying to go! The Jacaranda trees look absolutely beautiful! Might have to plan our trip around when they are in bloom!

  7. Beautiful trees! I had never heard of them before but then again, I have yet not been able to visit Australia. Australia is such a huge country that I can imagine there is many things I have never seen before. No wonder this is your favorite season.

  8. Absolutely lovely pictures. Had no idea at all about Jacaranda flower bloom to be such an amazing thing to do in Sydney. Thanks to you, now this is on my radar, apart from witnessing the Cherry Blossom of course. I haven’t witnessed either.

  9. I didn’t know these Jacaranda trees, they are so beautiful! I’m particularly intrigued by Lavender Bay, the name sounds so evocative, just like Wendy’ Secret Garden! This super detailed guide will surely help. Good to know about the festival in November, it would surely be a great time to visit Sydney!


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