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10 Instagram worthy spots in Sydney

Sydney is such a beautiful city. I am truly blessed to call this city my second home. There are many places that are amazing and spectacular. Every corner has something to offer. And for a detailed guide on traveling in Sydney, refer my ultimate travel guide to Sydney.

Even though listing only the 10 Instagram worthy spots in Sydney is a very difficult task, but I have still tried to list my most favourite places and the places that make for amazing pictures on Instagram.

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10 Instagram Worthy Spots in Sydney
PIN for later reference – 10 Instagram Worthy Spots in Sydney
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10 Instagram Worthy Spots in Sydney

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  • The fares for public transport can either be paid by the Opal transportation card or by credit/ debit cards.
  • You cannot use cash on public transport.
  • Opal transportation card is available at any news agency and it can be topped up at news agency, train stations or online.

Sydney Opera House

The first one is the most famous Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay. Nothing, absolutely nothing can beat this. Sydney is known for its Opera house and is definitely the topmost place for a beautiful Instagram picture. Visiting Sydney is incomplete without a picture of yourself in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera house is one of the 10 amazing landmarks to see in Sydney.

  • Nearest train station: Circular Quay.

Did you know that the actual cost to build the Sydney Opera House was a whooping $102 million and most of the money was paid by the State Library? For more interesting facts like these, refer Sydney Opera House website.

10 Instagram worthy pictures from Sydney
Picture taken while kayaking in the harbour; P.C. Priyabrat Panda.

Central Train station

The heritage-listed Central train station is next on my list. This station is the largest and busiest railway station in New South Wales. There are 25 platforms in the station.

  • Nearest train station: Central.

The Central train station was built in the year 1906 and is more than 100 years old.

Sydney Central train station
Picture taken from one of the office buildings across Central train station. P.C. Prasanna Mantrala.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The dramatic view of the Sydney Harbour bridge, especially during sunsets. The arch bridge is a sight that is mind-blowing and provides an opportunity to take a pretty picture.

  • Nearest train station: Circular Quay.

Did you know you can climb this iconic bridge? Read my post On the day of love for more details.

10 Instagram worthy pictures from Sydney
Picture taken from the Balls Head Reserve; P.C. Vijay Kumar.

Forgotten Songs – A unique art piece

A corner deviating from George Street in Sydney Central Business District (CBD) is the Angel Place. The art piece named ‘Forgotten songs‘. It consists of the empty birdcages. Designed by Michael Thomas Hill, the art installation is one of the must-sees in Sydney CBD. It is definitely a marvellous piece of art in Sydney CBD and must be on the things to do in Sydney list. It is absolutely free to visit and see this masterpiece.

  • Nearest train station: Wynyard.
Forgotten Songs
The masterpiece called Forgotten songs at the Angel Place.

Bondi Beach

Sydney has plenty of coastlines. And a picture at a coastal line especially in Bondi beach is definitely worth taking. The never-ending ocean and the crystal blue waters make an awesome picture.

  • Nearest train station: Bondi Junction. There are frequent buses between Bondi Junction and Bondi beach.

One can walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach, one of the 5 cool walks to do in Sydney, that provides such amazing views of the ocean.

10 Instagram worthy pictures from Sydney
Picture taken at Bondi Beach; P.C. Vijay Kumar.


If it is Jacarandas season in Sydney, definitely head out to the Kirribilli suburb. The whole street turns purple during the jacarandas season. Refer to my post Best places to see Jacarandas to find other spots in Sydney.

  • Nearest train station: Milsons point.
Picture taken at Kirribilli; P.C. Vijay Kumar.

Queen Victoria Building QVB)

Queen Victoria Building is surely one of the most photographed buildings in the city. The entire building including its staircases, windows, and the clock are beautiful and make awesome pictures.

  • Nearest train station: Town Hall.
10 Instagram worthy pictures from Sydney
Picture taken at Queen Victoria Buidling; P.C. Vijay Kumar.

Old buildings

The old sandstone buildings in Sydney Central Business District (CBD). The city has still kept its old heritage and buildings. These sandstone buildings make really good pictures and are one of the famous spots for wedding photographers.

Head to Martin Place and around to see some of these huge sandstone buildings.

10 Instagram worthy spots in Sydney
One of the sandstone buildings in the city.

Darling Harbour

Another popular spot in Sydney is Darling Harbour. The busy harbour has to surely make it to the list of top 10 Instagram spots in Sydney. The darling harbour is very lively and is a good spot to catch the sunset.

There is also a lighthouse in the Darling Harbour that makes a charming backdrop in a picture.

Darling Harbour Sydney
Sunset at Darling Harbour.

Sydney city lights

The glittering Sydney city lights at night. The skylines of the tall buildings are a treat to the eyes and they surely make it to the list of the top 10 Instagram pictures.

Don’t forget to take a self-guided walk between the landmarks in Sydney CBD.

10 Instagram worthy spots in Sydney
Sydney city lights

Bonus locations

The national parks and the lakes in and around Sydney are really good spots to take pretty pictures and to flaunt them on Instagram. Some of the places that I can suggest are Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, Apple tree Bay, Bouddi National Park, and the Royal National Park. Trust me, they are gorgeous places in Sydney.

Are you in Sydney during the winter season? Then read my post things to do in Sydney winters to find all the cool things you can do in this beautiful city.

Apple Bay in Sydney - 10 Instagram worthy pictures from Sydney
Apple Tree Bay; Picture credit: Vijay

For more travel pictures and stories on the places to travel in Sydney, follow my Instagram story – RAKS SYDNEY DIARIES.

Is Sydney safe for solo female travelers?

Absolutely yes. Sydney, especially in the city, is very safe for solo female travelers. I have been staying in Sydney for more than 9 years now and I have not had any issues or concerns living in this city. However, like any other city in the world, there are occasional crimes that happen. So definitely be cautious, especially at nights and trust your instincts.

Are you intimidated by solo travel? Or are you not sure where to start? Then read frequently asked questions for solo traveling.


As I mentioned earlier in the post, Sydney has plenty of things to and every corner in the city makes it for a perfect picture. I would not be surprised if you find more places around that make really great pictures for Instagram.

If you know of a place in Sydney that should make it to this list, please let me know. Either drop a comment below or send me an email on

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10 Instagram Worthy Spots in Sydney
PIN for later reference – 10 Instagram Worthy Spots in Sydney