‘Forgotten songs’ by Michael Thomas Hill

I have a fascination for sculptures, especially unique ones or the ones that have deeper meaning to them. I usually stop and observe the sculptures when I come across them or accidentally discover them. One such sculpture is the Forgotten Songs that is in the Sydney Central Business Distrct (CBD).

Where is Forgotten Songs?

A corner deviating from George Street in Sydney CBD is the Angel Place. It has a very significant art piece. The art piece named ‘Forgotten songs‘. It consists of the empty birdcages. Designed by Michael Thomas Hill, the art installation is one of the must-sees in Sydney CBD.

Forgotten Songs
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How to reach the Angel Place?

The closest train station is the Wynyard train station. Any city circle train stops at the Wynyard train station.

What does Forgotten Songs mean?

The art piece has 50 empty cages. The best part of this art is that when you stand beneath the cages, one can hear the sounds of the birds. This art is dedicated to all the birds that once inhabited Sydney and were lost because the city was built the way it is today.

Closing Notes

It is definitely a marvelous piece of art in Sydney CBD and must be on the things to do in Sydney list. It is absolutely free to visit and see this masterpiece.


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