Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave return

Glenbrook’s Hidden Gem: Red Hands Cave Walk (2024)

Explore the ancient wonders of Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Walk, where nature and history converge in a captivating journey. Immerse yourself in the serenity of this trail as you traverse through scenic landscapes and unveil the secrets hidden within the red-stained rocks. Unearth the rich history embedded in every step, showcasing indigenous rock art that tells a story of the past.

Discover the allure of Red Hands Cave, an exquisite location nestled in the Blue Mountains, showcasing captivating Aboriginal art. Embark on a memorable hike from Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave, creating the perfect one-day excursion from Sydney to the stunning Blue Mountains.

Marvel at the beauty of this ancient site, where the intricate Aboriginal artistry comes to life against the natural backdrop. The journey unfolds through scenic trails, offering a cultural experience and a picturesque adventure.

If the Blue Mountains are uncharted territory, delve into my comprehensive beginner’s guide. Uncover essential information and insights that will enrich your visit, ensuring you maximise your exploration in this breathtaking region. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural and cultural wonders of the Blue Mountains, with the Red Hands Cave hike standing as a highlight of your journey.

PIN for later reference – Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Walk

PIN for later reference - Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Walk
PIN for later reference – Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Walk

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About Red Hands Cave

Red Hands Cave boasts mesmerizing Aboriginal art, showcasing intricate handprints and stencils that echo the past. Dating back between 500 and 1600 years, these vibrant red, orange, and white handprints uniquely represent individuals from bygone eras. Immersing yourself in this site is akin to a journey through time, offering a glimpse into a different epoch.

This cave is an invaluable piece of Australia’s cultural history and heritage, believed to have been a site for the initiation of young warriors. The handprints, created using various techniques, reflect the artistic ingenuity of the Aborigines.

Some artists chew a mixture of ochre and water, blowing it over a hand to create a stencil. Others opted for a blend of crushed ochre, water, and occasionally animal fat. Alternatively, some would dip their entire hand in the ochre mix before imprinting it on the cave wall.

Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave walk

Ochre, a prized possession for the Aborigines, manifested as coloured clay or rock, symbolizing cultural significance. The Red Hands prints, a testament to this cultural richness, are protected by a fence. While visitors can peer through and admire the artistry, it is crucial to refrain from touching, writing, or disrupting this historical marvel. Respect for this sacred site ensures the preservation of its cultural legacy for generations to come.

How to Get to Glenbrook?

Situated in the Glenbrook area of the Blue Mountains, the Red Hands Cave finds its home in the charming town of Glenbrook. Nestled in the NSW Blue Mountains’ lower reaches, Glenbrook, with a modest population of around 5000 people, adds a quaint touch to the picturesque landscape.

By Public Transport

Regular train services connect Sydney’s Central train station to Glenbrook, offering a convenient transportation option. The approximately 1-hour train journey allows passengers to pay the fare using credit/debit cards or the Opal transportation card. For the latest train timings and routes, refer to the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) website for up-to-date information.

By Road

The Glenbrook to Sydney Central Business District (CBD) distance spans approximately 60 kilometres and can be covered in just 50 minutes by car. Keep in mind that the route includes toll roads.

For those preferring to drive, convenient parking options are available near Causeway or the Oaks picnic area, ensuring ample vehicle space.

While the roads leading to these parking spots are unsealed, they are navigable by a 2-wheel drive vehicle, offering accessibility for a smooth journey.

Statistics of Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Walk

Embarking on the hike from Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave involves passing through the scenic Blue Pool and Causeway, making it an undoubtedly picturesque trail within the Blue Mountains.

  • Total distance: 14 kilometres.
  • Time taken: 4 to 5 hours.
  • Grade: Medium.

Covering 14 kilometres, this trek typically takes 4 to 5 hours to complete, earning a moderate grade. The journey promises a delightful mix of natural beauty and a rewarding hiking experience for enthusiasts seeking a moderately challenging trail.

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Is Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Walk Safe for Solo Female Hikers?

In hiking, a fundamental guideline emphasizes the prudence of venturing into the trails with a companion rather than going solo. This practice is rooted in the concept of preparedness for unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the journey. Having a hiking buddy enhances safety and ensures a shared responsibility for navigation, first aid, and overall well-being.

Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave walk

For those inclined to explore the trails alone, a judicious alternative is to join hiking groups through platforms like the Meetup website. This avenue facilitates forming groups with shared interests in specific walks, fostering community among solo travellers.

Engaging with these groups provides companionship and widens the scope for collective knowledge, creating a supportive environment for individuals navigating the trails solo. Whether for safety or the joy of shared experiences, hiking with a buddy or within a group remains a cornerstone in outdoor exploration.

Download the Emergency Plus app for any unforeseen situations. The app does not require a mobile network; it shows your location. This is useful to inform the emergency services in case of any emergency.
If you are a tourist, always have good comprehensive travel insurance to cover yourself in case of any emergency.

Closing Notes

Exploring the Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Walk was a delightful experience. Nestled in the Blue Mountains, this trail offers a fascinating glimpse into Australia’s ancient history. I highly recommend hiking this captivating path to witness the country’s past from thousands of years ago.

If you know of other Aboriginal art sites in Australia, feel free to share by contacting me at I’d love to hear about your discoveries!

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Glenbrook's Hidden Gem: Red Hands Cave Walk (2024)
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    PIN for later reference

    PIN for later reference - Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave return
    PIN for later reference – Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave return