Ruined Castle

Hike to Ruined Castle

The Ruined Castle was on my bucket list for a very long time. I had planned to do the hike many a times with my friends but had to cancel it for some reason or the other. But one fine day, I made it to the Ruined Castle and it has been my favourite hike in the Blue Mountains. The path and the rocks at the Ruined Castle are very beautiful.

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About Ruined Castle..

Hike to the Ruined Castle is the most amazing walk in the Blue Mountains. The Ruined Castle is the rock formation in the Jamison Valley area. The views from the top is surely worth it. It is a challenging walk with steep ascends. Unfortunately, I could not complete the last leg of the climb because of the difficulty. In spite of this, it is one of my favourite walks in Blue Mountains.

  • The up-to-date information on whether the track is open and any changes to the track can be found on the National Parks website.
  • The cost to visit Ruined Castle is FREE.
Ruined Castle (Blue Mountains)
Steps to Ruined Castle
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How to get there?

The best way to commute for the hike and back is by through the public transport. Since this hike is one way, i.e. the starting point is different to the finishing point, the easiest way to do the hike is by using the public transport.

  • Public transport:
    • There are frequent trains between Sydney Central train station and Katoomba train station.
    • Up-to-date information can be found on the Transport NSW website.
    • Opal or credit/ debit cards can be used on the trains to pay the fare.
  • Driving:
    • Katoomba is around 100 kilometres from Sydney Central Business District (CBD). It takes around one hour 30 minutes to drive.
      • The route has toll roads.
      • There are street parking available and it is FREE over the weekends.
      • Note: The track ends at Scenic World, which is around 3 kilometres from Katoomba.
      • There are buses from Scenic World to Katoomba. Usually hikers walk the extra 3 kilometres and make the hike a bit longer than taking the bus to Katoomba.

Logistics and Important Information

Ensure to carry a day pack for the hike, with sufficient drinking water and a sunscreen. The day pack is very useful when you are hiking in a remote place that does not have too many facilities.

  • Starting point: Katoomba.
  • Finishing point: Scenic World.
  • Distance: 16.3 kilometers.
  • Grade: Very hard.
  • Path: Katoomba – Narrow Neck – Golden Stairs – Ruined Castle (return) – Scenic World.
  • Type of hike: Part of the track is return (near Ruined Castle) and the finishing point ends up differently than the starting point.
Important Tip: Wear a sturdy and comfortable shoes for the hike. The hike is very hard and wearing a good pair of shoes makes a lot of difference.

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Ruined Castle (Blue Mountains)
Just before the climb to the peak

Safety for solo female hikers

I wouldn’t suggest hiking alone to the Ruined Castle. As a general rule, while hiking in the bushes it is always advisable to have a hiking buddy for any unforeseen situations. The route is remote and usually has very few people hiking this trail. So, it is important to have at least one other person while attempting to hike this trail.

Closing Notes

As I mentioned, this is one of the best and rewarding day hikes I have done in the Blue Mountains. I loved going to the Ruined Castle and I definitely recommend this hike. The rocks and the trail is stunning and is worth taking the effort to reach the peak.

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