10 Instagram photos that prove Japan should be your next destination!

Japan, a land of culture and ancient traditions, is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited so far. It has immense amounts of breathtaking scenic beauty. The people are extremely friendly and are the nicest people I have come across till date. The technology is so well advanced and is known for their hi-tech heated toilets. And the public transport system is one of the best. You name it and Japan has it all and hence Japan is perfect for Instagram photos.

10 Instagram Photos from Japan

Here are the 10 Instagram worthy photographs that will put Japan on your bucket list:

Prayer flags

The prayer flags or the prayer wooden blocks, has messages to the God from people of all nationalities and religions.


Cherry blossoms

If visiting Japan during Spring, then be rest assured that Japan is pink or white. View all my pictures from Cherry Blossoms in Japan here.


Thousand Torri Gates

The Thousand Torii Gates or the One thousand shrine gates are something that is a photographer’s dream.


Golden Palace

The Golden Palace and its reflections on the waters around it is truly a spectacular beauty.


Bullet Trains

The fast bullet trains that cover the distance between Hiroshima and Tokyo in just 4 hours is an experience by itself.



The national liquor Sake, made from rice, is definitely a must try.


Miyajima Floating Torii

Nothing can compete with the Miyajima Floating Torii. It’s a marvel, for sure.


Atomic Bomb Dome

Atomic bomb dome and the peace memorial park are a great place to read and witness the history of the atomic bombing.


Mt Fuji

Japan’s highest mountain Mt Fuji must be ticked off and done.



The city lights and the busy streets of Tokyo, are worth observing and cherishing.



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