I have told this plenty of times, I love staying at hostels. I have found that hostels are the best places to stay in Australia, New Zealand, any country in Europe, Canada and USA. Staying at hostels has many advantages, firstly its economical when you are budgeted traveller like me, secondly you tend to meet many new travellers from different parts of the World. I have met few of my Facebook friends at hostels. So, I am staying at hostels during my travel in Europe this time as well.

This post aims at documenting and reviewing all the hostels I have stayed in European countries so far.



2GO4 Quality Hostel City Centre

The hostel is about 12 minutes walk from the Central train station. The hostel was clean and the room was pretty decent. Really liked this hostel.

  • Name of the hostel – 2GO4 Quality Hostel City Centre
  • Address – Emile Jacqmainlaan 99, Brussels, Belgium
  • Contact details:
  • Email – info@2go4.be
  • Telephone – +32(0)2 219 30 19
  • Website – https://www.2go4.be/
  • Type of room (dorm) – Superior 6 Bed Female Dorm
  • Cost per bed – Euro31.50 (USD34.90)



Bus Hostel

The hostel is very far from the city and there were no restaurants or shops around the hostel. No tours provided pick up from this hostel. I would not recommend staying here unless you are hiring a car to travel around Iceland.

  • Name of the hostel – Bus Hostel Reykjavik
  • Address – Skogarhlid 10 Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Contact details:
  • Phone – 3545350350
  • Email – info@bushostelreykjavik.com
  • Website – https://www.bushostelreykjavik.com/
  • Type of room (dorm) – 4 Bed Female dorm
  • Cost per bed – ISK3600.56 (USD28.84)
Hlemmur Square

The hostel/hotel is in the middle of the city and is at a great location. All tours provided pick up from this hostel. In fact, there is a supermarket just opposite to the hotel. I met some cool people at the hostel here.

  • Name of the hostel – Hlemmur Square
  • Address – Laugavegur 105 Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Contact details:
  • Phone – 3544151600
  • Email – booking@hlemmursquare.com
  • Website https://www.hlemmursquare.com/
  • Type of room (dorm) – Standard 12 Bed Female dorm
  • Cost per bed – ISK3740.00 (USD29.96)



Palladini Hostel Rome

The hostel is at a great location and the rooms are very clean. This is a good option to stay and the metro station Roma Termini is very close as well.

  • Name of the hostel – Palladini Hostel Rome
  • Address – Via Carlo Cattaneo 23, Rome, Italy
  • Contact details:
  • Email – info@palladinihostelrome.com
  • Telephone – 0039 06 993 45100
  • Website – https://www.palladinihostelrome.com/
  • Type of room (dorm) – 8 Bed Female Dorm
  • Cost per bed – Euro25.00 (USD27.70)



Hostel City Center

Staying at this hostel was never on my plan. I arrived after a long 9 hours journey from Bucharest at 5:30 AM. I was very tired and that’s when I decided to look for a hostel to sleep for few hours. I saw Hostel City Center which is about 1 kilometre from the Central bus stop. And I must say that it was absolutely great staying here. Very clean and organised. I really liked it.

  • Name of the hostel – Hostel City Center
  • Address – Alexander Pushkin St 32, Chisinau
  • Contact details:
  • Phone – 0676 66 821
  • Website – http://city-hostel.md/
  • Type of room (dorm) – 4 bed dorm-bed
  • Cost per bed – ROM 152



Shelter City

The hostel was conveniently located in the Red Light District. But the only issue was that the room they had provided me was on the third floor and there was no lift. After the first floor, there were only spiral stairs and these are dangerous if lifting a heavy suitcase all the way up and down the floors. I wouldn’t recommend this hostel.

  • Name of the hostel – Shelter City
  • Address – Barndesteeg 21, 1012 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Contact details:
  • Phone – +31 20 625 3230
  • Website – https://www.shelterhostelamsterdam.com/
  • Type of room (dorm) – 2 bed female dorm-bed
  • Cost per bed – Euro30.17 (USD33.43)



Citycamp Guesthouse

I loved the location of the hostel and really had a good time. The owners and the staff were nice and they arranged for the Northern lights tour themselves. And it’s a short distance from the main city where there are restaurants.
But I must admit that the rooms were cramped.

  • Name of the hostel – Citycamp Guesthouse
  • Address – Storgata 107 Tromso Norway
  • Contact details:
  • Phone – 47 988 992 68
  • Email – citycampguesthouse@gmail.com
  • Website – https://citycamp-guesthouse-hostel-tromso.booked.net/
  • Type of room (dorm) – Basic 4 Bed Female dorm
  • Cost per bed – NOK318.75 (USD35.56)



Baixa-Portugal Terrace Hostel

I did not end up staying at this hostel. What I did not like about this hostel was that they did not communicate and cancel the bookings even when they had shut down the hostel as their WC was not working. They emailed me after I sent them several emails on the day I was supposed to arrive.

  • Name of the hostel – Baixa-Portugal Terrace Hostel
  • Address – Rua de Portugal, nº36, Faro, Portugal
  • Contact details:
  • Email – booking@mychoicealgarve.pt
  • Telephone – +351 967 898 944
  • Website – http://baixa-terrace-hostel.faro.hotelsalgarve.org/en/
  • Type of room (dorm) – Basic 4 Bed Female Dorm
  • Cost per bed – Euro20.00 (USD22.16)


Golden Tram 242 Lisbon Hostel

Absolutely great hostel. I loved the stay here. The location is convenient and is walkable distance from a metro station. And they gave me an upgrade to a 2 female dorm room, which was great.

  • Name of the hostel – Golden Tram 242 Lisbon Hostel
  • Address – Rua Aurea 242, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Contact details:
  • Email – goldentram242.lisbonnehostel@gmail.com
  • Telephone – +351 21 32 29 100
  • Website – http://www.goldentram242lisbonnehostel.com/index.php
  • Type of room (dorm) – Standard 8 Bed Female Dorm
  • Cost per bed Euro20.00 (USD22.16)
Inn Possible Lisbon Hostel

I canceled this hostel as they had the room available on sixth floor and they did not have a lift.

  • Name of the hostel – Inn Possible Lisbon Hostel
  • Address – Rua do Regedor nº3, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Contact details:
  • Email – booking@innpossible.pt
  • Telephone – 00351218861465
  • Website – https://innpossiblelisbon.com/en/
  • Type of room (dorm) – 6 Bed Female Dorm Ensuite
  • Cost per bed – Euro30.33 (USD33.61)


Selina Porto

I am in love with this hostel. One of the hostels which have been great and very chilled out. Really recommend staying at this hostel.

  • Name of the hostel – Selina Porto
  • Address – Rua Das Oliveiras, n.61-65, Porto, Portugal, Porto, Portugal
  • Contact details:
  • Email – reservations@selina.com
  • Telephone – +507 202 7965
  • Website – https://www.selina.com/portugal/porto/
  • Type of room (dorm) – 4 Bed Female Dorm
  • Cost per bed – Euro27.56 (USD30.54)



Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel

A definite No for this hostel. The rooms, bathrooms and everything around were extremely dirty. I would never recommend staying at this hostel, even though the location is great.

  • Name of the hostel – Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel
  • Address – Smardan no 15, Bucharest, Romania
  • Contact details:
  • Email – skyhostel@puravidahostels.ro
  • Telephone – 0040 0786 329 134
  • Website – https://sky.puravidahostels.ro/
  • Type of room (dorm) – Standard 4 Bed Female Dorm
  • Cost per bed – Euro11.64 (USD12.90)



City Backpacker – Hostel Biber

I did not like this hostel. The only reason I stayed here is because I was there only for 2 nights and other accommodation was expensive. They had too many restrictions and the check in happens only in certain times, so it’s not feasible for people if they arrive after 10 PM.

  • Name of the hostel – City Backpacker – Hostel Biber
  • Address – Niederdorfstrasse 5, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Contact details:
  • Email – zurich@portal.dormproject.ch
  • Telephone – 0041 44 251 90 15
  • Website – http://city-backpacker.ch/location/index.html
  • Type of room (dorm) – 6 Bed Female Dorm
  • Cost per bed – CHF41.12 (USD41.89)








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