Hike the Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial

Some of the toughest hikes I have done in Sydney are in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National park. Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial is one of those hikes. The track is an amazing bush walk passing through the rocks, stairs, creeks and bushes and is ideal for experienced hikers.

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PIN for later reference - Hike the Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial
PIN for later reference – Hike the Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial
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Where is Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National park?

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National park is a protected area in the northern part of Sydney. The park is the second oldest national park in Australia and was declared as national park in the year 1894. Famous for its bush walks, aboriginal sites and the Hawkesbury River on one side, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase national park is one of my favourite national parks to hike in.

The hikers hike in the national park throughout the year. However, it is not advisable to hike in the rainy season as the rocks and the path can be quite slippery.

Note: The walk is very hard when it is hot and humid during the summer season. So take sufficient water to keep yourselves hydrated.

Bobbin Head - Ku-ring-Gai national park

Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial

The Bobbin Head Track is where history meets nature. It is a very pretty and strenuous track providing the hikers with the sight of some aboriginal engravings and a sandstone monument.

The Sphnix Memorial is a monument created to honour and remember the lives lost in World War I.

Ku-ring-Gai national park - Bobbin Head Track
Picture with an aboriginal engraving

How to reach Bobbin Inn Cafe?

There are many entry points into the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National park. For this walk, the entry point is the Bobbin Head Road access and the starting point is the Bobbin Inn Cafe.

  • Driving – Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National park is around 30 kilometres from Sydney Central Business District (CBD) and takes 45 minutes to drive. The best and the only way to get to the Bobbin Inn Cafe is by driving.
    • There is an entry fee of AUD 12 per vehicle and it is FREE to enter if you are not driving and are just visiting the park either by walk or public transportation.
    • There are plenty of parking spaces available at the Bobbin Inn Cafe.
    • Beware of toll roads.
Ku-ring-Gai national park - Bobbin Head Track
My beautiful car Ruhi at the Bobbin Inn Cafe
  • Public transportation – Unfortunately, there is no direct public transport to get to the Bobbin Inn Cafe from the Bobbin Head Road access.
    • Mt Ku-Ring-Gai train station is the closest train station to the Bobbin Inn Cafe, which is about 5 kilometres. The walk takes around 1 hour 15 minutes.
    • Another way to start the walk via public transport is at the Sphnix Memorial.
      • Take the train from Central to Turramurra train station.
      • Then take a bus from Turramurra to Ku-Ring-Gai Creative Arts High School.
      • Walk 750 metres from Ku-Ring-Gai Creative Arts High School to Sphnix Memorial.

Logistics of Bobbin Head Track

Ku-ring-Gai national park - Bobbin Head Track
One of the signs on the track

Below are the logistics of the Bobbin Head Track walk:

  • Starting and ending point: Bobbin Inn Café (unless you travel via public transport and start the walk at Sphnix Memorial).
  • Type of walk: Loop via Sphnix Memorial.
  • Distance: 10 kilometres.
  • Time taken: 4 to 5 hours.
  • Grade: Moderate to Hard. Hard because there are steep climbs and there are very limited signs across the track.
  • Path: Bobbin Inn Café – Marina – Bobbin Head – Sphnix Memorial – Marina – Bobbin Inn Café.
  • National park fee: AUD 12 per vehicle and FREE if you take the public transportation and walk into the national park.

If you have a car and you plan to visit the national parks in NSW over and over again, I suggest buying a National Pass as this is cheaper than paying every time entering a national park.

Ku-ring-Gai national park - Bobbin Head Track

Important Information

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  • Ensure to take your lunch for the track as there are no cafes along the track. The only cafes are at the picnic area.
  • Take sufficient water as there are no water filling stations on the track. This is required and I cannot stress enough, especially on hot and humid days.
  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes as the walk is between Moderate and Hard grades.
  • Be prepared for a few steep climbs and rocks.
  • There are toilet facilities at Bobbin Head.
  • Look out for abundant wildlife and the national park is a mecca for birdwatchers (it is recorded that there are around 160 bird species in the national park).
  • Visit National Park New South Wales (NSW) website for up-to-date information on the track.

What other walks can be done in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National park?

There are plenty of other walks in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. A few famous ones are the tracks that start at either Cowan or Berowra or even at the Mt Ku-Ring-Gai train stations.

For details on the other walks I have done in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, visit “Ku-Ring-Gai National Park” section of my blog.

Safety for solo female travelers

As a general rule, it is always advisable to hike with a buddy or group of people. It is best to have someone in case of unforeseen situations in the forest. Even though it is a well laid path, there could be places where one can get lost in the forest. And beware of the wildlife and do not harm them. There could be spiders, snakes and lizards. So be sure to watch before you keep your step.

Call the emergency numbers (000 or 112) if in case of problems. Also, it is best to have an “Emergency Plus” app in case there is no network to call the emergency numbers.

Ku-ring-Gai national park - Bobbin Head Track Hike

Closing Notes

Bobbin Head track is definitely a very beautiful track providing some insights into the national park’s history. I loved seeing the engravings and trying to understand what each one of them was and reading about them. I suggest doing this walk if you love hiking and have a bit of experience hiking.

PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - Hike the Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial
PIN for later reference – Hike the Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial

9 thoughts on “Hike the Bobbin Head Track via Sphnix Memorial”

  1. Hiking is a newfound passion of mine, and I would love to give the Bobbin Head Track a go. To me, there is nothing better than traveling and being in the open air nature to really soak it all in. I love the reflection of the sky in the water of your last photo.

  2. Now this is a hiking trail for me. I love to get out of the cities and do some hiking in the nature. To see lakes with reflections on the water surface is defo worth hiking for. I love a good tough hike now and again as long as there are rewards for it and this hike does seems like it. And the name of the trail…love it. Wish we (the UK) had classic names for trails like the bobbin head! 🙂

  3. This place looks amazing. I wish I had known about this place last time I visited Sydney, I will certainly be adding to my list for the next time I visit. It will be great to hike and see something other than beaches in Sydney.

  4. We have never heard of the Bobin Head trail but everything related to hiking is our jam! Sign us up for this kind of activity. It looks absolutely adventurous and we’ll keep this in mind when we visit Australia

  5. I have relatives in the Sydney area that I am sure would love the Bobbin Head Track. They are more experienced and fit hikers so this path would be perfect. Looks like some lovely scenery along the way. But I do love the idea of a hiking path that starts and ends on a cafe.

  6. Such a beautiful place! We are really into hiking but since we have small kids, we have to really check which trails are ok for us at the moment. We have never been to Sydney but this kind of parks are something we would love to see when we are able to visit. Love the view!

  7. Ku-Ring-Gai-Chase National Park sounds like a wonderful place which is not only good for hiking but also for its aboriginal sites, bush walks and rivers. As a history buff, this is something I’d love. Good to know there are toilet facilities. National Park pass is something I’d normally get. I do get a couple of these annual passes to wherever I move to. It is much economical in a longer run.

  8. The hiking trail looks so beautiful. Along with its history, aboriginal sites, the Bobbin Head Track looks like a place that I would love to explore. Thanks for sharing the tips while hiking. I totally agree that water is quite important while hiking. Carrying food is equally important as well.

  9. Loving the perfect reflections that you have caught. I like the sound of this hike – the beauty of nature that heals the difficult of your climb or hike. It definitely seems worth all that sweat! Good tips on what to expect and the fact that there are no water stations around. For such a hike, it is one essential aspect.


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