Figure 8 pool

Guide | Figure 8 natural pool (Royal National Park)

What are Figure 8 pools?

Figure 8 pools are the natural pools in the shape of the number 8. They are located in Royal National Park near Burning Palms Beach. Royal National Park is a protected national park located south of Sydney in the state New South Wales of Australia.

Figure 8 natural pool (Royal National Park)

When to visit?

The visit to the Figure 8 pool is possible only at low tide i.e. the tide is less than 1m and at no dangerous surf conditions. The weather and the tide forecast can be checked at Bureau of Meteorology website.

How to get there?

Figure 8 pool is not accessible by car. The nearest car park is at Garawarra Farm, off Garie Road. The parking is also available at Otford.


The return walk from the car park is about 6 kilometres. It is rated as ‘Hard‘ due to the steep, rocky and slippery paths. The hike can take around 3 to 3.5 hours.

There are two ways to reach the Figure 8 pool:

  • Long and not so steep path – The walk is through the coastal rainforest and spectacular scenery. The walk is through the Burning Palms Beach. The last stretch of the walk is on the rocks. The rock surface could be dangerous as it is covered in slippery seaweed. I took this path while going to the Figure 8 pool. The views of the walk were breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Very steep path – The initial stretch of the walk was climbing up the steep rocks. I took this path while returning from the Figure 8 pool and honestly the initial stretch of this walk was the most difficult part of the entire hike.
Figure 8 natural pool (Royal National Park)

Tour details

I think the only tour company that offers a day trip to the Figure 8 pool is Barefoot Downunder. My experience with them was very good and I was well taken care of the entire day.

The walk can also be done by ourselves without any tour agency. However, the walk needs to be done only during low tide, else it can be very dangerous. Read our adventure at Figure 8 pool here.


In a nutshell, this one day trip to the Figure 8 pool is one of the must do hikes around Sydney.

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