Hulukaddi betta

Hulukadi Betta Trek: One Day Trip from Bangalore (2024)

Go on an enchanting journey with the Hulukadi Betta Trek, where nature’s beauty unfolds at every step. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Hulukadi Betta, a hidden gem awaiting discovery.

Ever since I conceived the idea of taking a career break, I delved into various hiking and trekking options around Bangalore. In my exploration, I stumbled upon Hulukadi Betta, a confession worth making as I had never come across this gem before. Situated among the many bettas (hills) around Bangalore, Hulukadi Betta stood out as a less-explored destination waiting to be uncovered.

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About Hulukadi Betta

Hulukadi Betta, a lesser-known hill, offers a serene escape with fewer crowds, making it an ideal one-day trip from Bangalore within 100 kilometres. Enveloped by lakes and boasting spectacular views, this hidden gem promises a tranquil and picturesque getaway.

The summit of Hulukadi Betta features a temple, along with remnants of ancient fort walls and a watchtower. Believed to be constructed by the Chola kings in the 16th century, these historical structures add a captivating dimension to the trek. For an enhanced experience, consider visiting the hill either during the enchanting sunset or the serene sunrise, unveiling the beauty of this historical site against the changing hues of the sky.

Hulukaddi betta

Legend Regarding Hulukadi Betta

Hulukadi Betta is steeped in intriguing mythological tales centered around Lord Veerabhadra. Crowning the hill is the Veerabhadra temple, housing a 4-foot-tall statue of Lord Veerabhadra. A captivating belief is woven into the local folklore that during an annual festival in February, a giant snake visits the temple, encircling itself around the statue of Lord Veerabhadra.

Did you know that Lord Veerabhadra is not only an incarnation of Lord Shiva but is also revered as Nataraja, depicting the dancing form of Lord Shiva?

Legend also states that Hulukadi Betta was a battleground for supremacy between Lord Veerabhadra and Lord Narasimha. After a fierce struggle, Lord Narasimha conceded defeat and relocated to Andhra Pradesh.

Hulukaddi betta

Engaging in conversations with the locals is highly recommended for a deeper understanding of the intriguing and mysterious tales surrounding Hulukadi Betta. Their insights can unveil a treasure trove of fascinating stories embedded in the cultural and mythological fabric of the region.

Best Time to Visit Hulukadi Betta

The optimal time to explore Hulukadi Betta is from January to April and August to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant, avoiding excessive heat and ensuring an enjoyable trekking experience.

Hulukadi Betta - Snail

Hulukadi Betta Trek

Hulukadi Betta offers an ideal and accessible hiking option, perfect for spending half a day or a full day over the weekend. Renowned for its stunning views from the hill, this trek is one of the best and easiest treks around Bangalore.

Hulukadi Betta

Logistics of the Trek

  • Distance from Bangalore: 60 to 70 kilometres.
  • Distance of Trek: 7 to 8 kilometres in total.
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate as there are around 1400 steps one way.
  • Time Taken to Reach the Peak: 1 hour one way. I recommend allocating 2.5 hours for the return journey to ensure ample time and a relaxed pace during your trek.
  • Routes: To reach the peak housing Lord Veerabhadra’s temple, two routes are available – one involves climbing stairs, and the other navigates through a trail, requiring maneuvering around boulders. We opted for the staircase route for our ascent.
  • The trek is family-friendly and suitable for all, including kids. Opt for the path with stairs rather than boulders to ensure a smoother and more accessible journey for everyone.

Itinerary for One Day Trip to Hulukadi Betta from Bangalore

Despite the availability of trekking agencies organizing one-day trips to Hulukadi Betta, my friend and I opted for a self-guided hike. If you choose the stair path to the top, it’s a straightforward and manageable trek for solo adventurers.

  • Enlisting a trekking agency’s services for added safety is advisable for those tackling the trail with boulders.
  • At the entrance, there’s a shop offering light snacks and water.

Here’s a breakdown of our day:

  • 5:00 AM: Departure from Bangalore.
  • 7:00 AM: Arrival at Hulukadi Betta; commenced the climb. Note: We took a breakfast break at a darshini (South Indian breakfast joint) along the way.
  • 8:00 AM: Reached the summit and enjoyed the views.
  • 10:00 AM: Descended to the base of the hill and began the return to Bangalore.
  • 11:30 AM: Arrival back in Bangalore.

Important Information

  • Ensure you wear comfortable and sturdy shoes for the trek, as having a good pair makes a significant difference.
  • Always pack an extra pair of socks in your bag. This precaution is handy in case of blisters, allowing you to switch to a fresh pair during the trek.
  • Bring an ample supply of water to stay hydrated during the ascent. While this trek isn’t overly challenging, maintaining hydration is crucial.
  • Shops at the hill’s base offer water, snacks, and chocolates. Consider purchasing some for the trek and carry a few to enjoy at the summit.
  • Do not litter on the hill. Carry your garbage and dispose of it responsibly in designated bins. It’s crucial to respect nature and refrain from discarding waste anywhere on the hill or the trail.

How to Get to the Base of Hulukadi Betta?

By Road

The trailhead for the hike, situated at the base of the hill, is approximately 70 kilometers from Bangalore, in the direction of Doddaballapura. The most convenient way to reach the hill is by driving, which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car. Ample parking spaces are available at the hill’s base.

Note: For our journey, my friend and I opted for an outstation cab (Ola Cabs), incurring a cost of INR 1500 (excluding toll charges).

By Public Transport

Getting to Hulukadi Betta poses some challenges. The nearest train station is Doddaballapura, approximately 20 kilometers from the hill’s base. From the train station, one can opt for local bus services or hire an auto-rickshaw to reach the starting point at the base.

Trains to Doddaballapura can be boarded at Bangalore City Railway Station (Majestic). Refer to the IRCTC website for up-to-date information, including timings. Given the destination’s proximity, booking tickets in advance may not be necessary and can be purchased at the railway station.

Note: Traveling during nighttime or early morning might pose challenges.

Is Hulukadi Betta Trek Safe for Solo Female Trekkers?

If you are traveling alone, I would advise against visiting this place during dark hours, such as early morning or after sunset. Opting for a reputable trekking agency is recommended to ensure a secure and enjoyable trek without concerns.

Closing Notes

While Hulukadi Betta may not top my list of favorite hikes around Bangalore, it certainly holds value for at least one visit. The opportunity to immerse oneself in history and appreciate the picturesque views of the surrounding villages makes it a worthwhile experience.

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Hulukadi Betta Trek: One Day Trip from Bangalore (2024)
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