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Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails (2024)

Explore the natural beauty of Sydney with the captivating Lane Cove Walks. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and peaceful surroundings as you traverse the scenic trails of Sydney. Uncover the hidden gems of Lane Cove, where nature’s wonders unfold at every step. Discover the serenity of Lane Cove’s landscapes, from dense woodlands to picturesque riverbanks. Embark on a walking experience like no other, where the beauty of Lane Cove becomes a pathway to relaxation and exploration.

Lane Cove is a suburb that holds a special place in my heart. Residing on the northern side, just a stone’s throw away from Lane Cove Village, each day was a cherished experience. As an avid walker, I stumbled upon the enchanting Lane Cove tree trails within the village. The local council has thoughtfully installed a board, offering insights into the walk and outlining the route, making it convenient for anyone exploring the charming lanes of Lane Cove Village.

PIN for later reference – Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails

PIN for later reference - Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails
PIN for later reference – Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails

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Where is Lane Cove?

Nestled in the picturesque Lower North Shore of Sydney, New South Wales, Lane Cove is a testament to the natural beauty of the region. Renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and abundant green spaces, Lane Cove has earned its reputation as one of Sydney’s most inviting suburbs. The iconic Lane Cove National Park is at the heart of its allure, a sprawling sanctuary that beckons nature enthusiasts and families alike.

Within the embrace of Lane Cove National Park, a treasure trove of spectacular walks and trails awaits exploration. The Lane Cove Riverside Walk stands out as a beloved route for those seeking a harmonious blend of tranquillity and natural grandeur. As footsteps tread along the well-maintained paths, the enchanting scenery unfolds, showcasing the park’s diverse flora and fauna.

Lane Cove Tree Trails

The verdant landscapes of Lane Cove epitomize the epitome of a family-friendly haven, where the soothing embrace of nature coexists seamlessly with the vibrant community spirit. From strolls to more adventurous hikes, Lane Cove offers a variety of outdoor experiences that cater to every preference. Discover a suburban oasis where the charm of Lane Cove converges with the allure of its acclaimed National Park, inviting residents and visitors alike to savour the beauty of this green sanctuary in the heart of Sydney.

How to Get to Lane Cove Village?

By Public Transport

The most convenient means to access Lane Cove Village is through public transportation. A network of frequent and express buses connects Wynyard (Clarence Street) to Lane Cove Interchange, ensuring seamless connectivity. For specific bus numbers and current details, refer to the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) website, where up-to-date information is readily available.

By Road

A mere 11 kilometres from Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD), Lane Cove is easily accessible by car, with a quick 15-minute drive via the M1 freeway.

  • While the M1 is a toll road, an alternative route is available to avoid tolls.
  • Upon arrival in Lane Cove Village, you’ll find convenient shopping centres, including Lane Cove Plaza and Coles, offering ample paid parking spaces for your convenience.

What is Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails?

The Lane Cove Tree Trails cater to nature enthusiasts and tree lovers, providing a dedicated space to revel in the beauty of the natural world. Divided into three sections, each trail offers an immersive experience surrounded by abundant trees throughout the journey. Initiated to foster knowledge and discovery about the local trees, the Lane Cove Tree Trails project serves as an educational avenue for those keen on understanding and appreciating the diverse flora in the area.

Lane Cove Tree Trails
Board about the walk at the Lane Cove village; Source: Lane Cove Council.

These trails are versatile, accommodating both walkers and cyclists, ensuring that individuals can choose their preferred exploration mode. Whether for a leisurely walk or a brisk cycling adventure, the Lane Cove Tree Trails invite you to connect with nature, offering a refreshing and informative escapade amid the lush greenery. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of these trails, where the beauty of the local trees unfolds in a harmonious blend of education and recreation.

  • Exercise caution for cyclists sharing the trails, as they are popular biking routes. Stay vigilant and be aware of bike traffic during your exploration.
  • Refer to the Lane Cove Council website for further details and additional information.

Walk 1 – The Plaza Tree Trail

The Plaza Tree Trail, recognised as the shortest among all the walks in the Lane Cove Tree Trail, is also referred to as the Pink Route. Commencing and concluding at Lane Cove Village, this trail offers a concise yet delightful nature experience.

Key Details:

  • Starting and Finishing Point: Lane Cove Village.
  • Distance: 1 kilometer.
  • Time Taken: 15 minutes.
  • Grade: Easy.

Embark on the Plaza Tree Trail for a brief and leisurely stroll, ideal for those seeking a quick escape into nature without compromising on ease and enjoyment.

Lane Cove Tree Trails
The trail

Walk 2 – The Stringybark Tree Trail

The Stringybark Tree Trail, identified by its orange route, offers a straightforward and easily navigable walk covering a distance of approximately 2 kilometres. This trail provides a leisurely nature stroll, starting at Lane Cove Village and concluding at Parklands Avenue.

Key Details:

  • Starting Point: Lane Cove Village.
  • Finishing Point: Parklands Avenue.
  • Distance: 2 kilometers.
  • Time Taken: 30 minutes.
  • Grade: Easy.

Embark on the Stringybark Tree Trail for a pleasant 30-minute walk for individuals seeking a relaxed outdoor experience. The trail’s ease and accessibility make it a delightful option for those desiring a convenient yet enriching connection with nature.

Walk 3 – The Riverview Tree Trail

Among the trio of walks, the Riverview Tree Trail stands out as the lengthiest, requiring a bit more time while maintaining a manageable level of difficulty. This trail is distinguished by its blue route, providing a scenic journey from Lane Cove Village to Tambourine Bay Reserve.

Key Details:

  • Starting Point: Lane Cove Village.
  • Finishing Point: Tambourine Bay Reserve.
  • Distance: 3 kilometers.
  • Time Taken: 45 minutes.
  • Grade: Easy.

Embark on the Riverview Tree Trail for a leisurely 45-minute stroll, embracing the extended journey while relishing the tranquil beauty. The blue route promises a rewarding experience for those who appreciate a slightly longer but still easily manageable outdoor excursion.

Lane Cove Tree Trails
The trail

Lane Cove Walks: Lane Cove Riverside Walk

Lane Cove Riverside Walk is a captivating exploration within the protected confines of Lane Cove National Park. This verdant sanctuary boasts a meandering river that gracefully flows between the lush landscapes, creating a picturesque setting for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike. The paths flanking both sides of the river offer a visual feast adorned with the natural beauty that defines the park.

Having traversed several hikes within Lane Cove National Park, I can confidently attest that the Lane Cove Riverside Walk is my favourite. The allure of this particular trail lies in its breathtaking scenery and the immersive experience it offers to those who embark on its winding paths. The juxtaposition of vibrant greenery, the soothing sound of the flowing river, and the diverse flora and fauna along the way create a harmonious symphony of nature.

As you navigate the Riverside Walk, you’ll find yourself immersed in the tranquillity of the surroundings. The hike unfolds a series of enchanting vistas, providing moments of serenity and connection with the natural world. The path offers a physical journey and serves as a mental retreat, allowing hikers to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Lane Cove Riverside Walk encapsulates the essence of Lane Cove National Park, inviting adventurers to indulge in a mesmerising blend of natural wonders and invigorating hikes along the serene riverbanks. It’s an experience that lingers in the memory, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking solace in the embrace of nature.

Other Things To Do at Lane Cove

While Lane Cove may not boast an extensive array of activities, a few enjoyable options exist in the area.

Have a Coffee at the Lane Cove Village

The Lane Cove village offers a charming and vibrant setting, perfect for leisurely mornings spent sipping coffee. Its cozy and authentic village atmosphere exudes a strong sense of community. Abundant cafes and restaurants in the area provide delightful spaces to enjoy your coffee, whether you prefer immersing yourself in a good book or simply observing the lively surroundings.

Read Books at Lane Cove Library

Regarding books, the Lane Cove library is a treasure trove with an extensive collection. If you’re an avid reader, visiting the library is a must. It houses many books spanning various genres, ensuring there’s something for every literary taste.

While living in the Lane Cove suburb, I found myself frequently immersed in the diverse offerings of the Lane Cove library, making it a haven for book enthusiasts.

Enjoy a Middle Eastern Lunch at Lillah Middle Eastern

Indulging in the culinary delights at Lillah Middle Eastern restaurant is a truly delightful experience. The cuisine is not only delicious but also beautifully presented. The restaurant’s ambience complements the unique Middle Eastern dishes, creating an exceptional dining atmosphere.

While the price may be higher, the exquisite flavours and dining experience make it worthwhile. I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant for those seeking a memorable and flavorful Middle Eastern culinary journey.

Kayak in Lane Cove National Park

Embarking on a kayaking adventure along the river in Lane Cove National Park is a serene and picturesque experience. The 4.5-kilometer stretch offers a relaxing journey through scenic landscapes. Kayaks can be conveniently rented within the national park, providing an accessible means to explore the tranquil waters and immerse oneself in the natural beauty that graces the river.

Is Lane Cove Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Indeed, Lane Cove stands out as one of the safest suburbs in Sydney. Having resided there for several years, I can attest to the calmness and security it offers, even during nighttime. The residents of Lane Cove, known for their education and politeness, largely maintain a sense of privacy and mind their own business.

Sydney lane cove
Sunset at Lane Cove

However, exercising caution and being aware of your surroundings is advisable, as with any location, particularly during the night. While Lane Cove boasts a reputation for safety, it’s always prudent to remain vigilant and stay acquainted with your environment for a secure and enjoyable experience.

Closing Notes

The Lane Cove Tree Trails (Lane Cove Walks) provide a serene evening stroll, perfect for unwinding after a demanding day at work. The serenity of the surroundings, coupled with the abundant greenery, creates a peaceful atmosphere. Having personally experienced this walk multiple times, I can attest to the genuine enjoyment of meandering through the trees. It serves as a refreshing and calming escape, allowing for a rejuvenating experience amidst the lush greenery.

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Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails

    PIN for later reference - Lane Cove Tree Trails
    PIN for later reference – Lane Cove Walks: The Tree Trails