Guide | Hike to Mermaids Pool

No! I did not find any mermaids in the pool 😀 . But it is definitely a place where mermaids would have loved to have lived (if they existed!). The place is extremely pretty and worth visiting.

About the place

The Mermaids pool is a natural pool created on the Bargo River and the Tahmoor Gorge. The River by the trail provides ample opportunities for amazing pictures.

Mermaids Pool

Getting there

The Rockford Road Bridge is the starting point of the trail to Mermaids Pool. It is about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney.


The pool and the trail to the pool are very picturesque. There are two ways to hike to the Mermaids pool.

  • Option 1 is from the bridge (easy 5 kilometres return) and
  • Option 2 is a loop trail from the Tahmoor Gorge (hard 8 kilometres loop).

We opted for the first option. There is a car park very close to the bridge.

The below map shows the car park and the hiking trail from the car park.

Mermaids Pool - Map

Important notes

  1. DO NOT cliff jump or swim in the pools. It has been advised that it is extremely dangerous. Read the article on The Daily Telegraph.
  2. There is no mobile network along the trail and near the pool.
  3. There are blue ribbons tied to the trees to mark the path, but the path is not well paved and is through the rocks.
  4. It’s absolutely free to do this walk.
  5. There are no cafes, restaurants, or toilets near the hiking trail or the pool.
Blue ribbons in Mermaids Pool
Blue ribbons

A note of thanks to my friends – Adarsh Chikkerur, Vijay Kumar Pakka and Priyabrat Panda for the pictures.


The Mermaids Pool walk is a nice walk, very close to Sydney. I loved this hike and I recommend doing this walk as well. This would make a very good one day easy hike.

For information on other one day walks – read One day walks and hikes around Sydney.

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