Travel Guide | Tropical North ? (Queensland)

9 must have travel apps!

I have been thinking about all the travel apps that I need to install before travelling on my next adventure. The reason why I am researching is because this is the first time I am traveling to a country that does not speak much of English and probably all the signboards are going to be written in non-English as well. So, after researching a lot, I have listed the travel apps that I think are the minimal set of travel apps and would help me in my travels.

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Travel Guide | Tropical North ? (Queensland)

Must have travel apps

  1. Google Translate – I would definitely rate the Google Translate app as the first if you are traveling in a non-English speaking country. There is an option to download the language to which the conversion is required, which helps in offline conversion.
  2. Google Maps – A very handy tool, which works offline just like the Google Translate is the Google Maps. There is an option to download version of a map of any city.
  3. XE – A very useful application for currency conversion is the Currency Exchange (XE) application. The app shows the accurate currency conversions.
  4. Weather – This app is generally available as part of the basic phone apps. Ensure the city you are visiting is added as one of the cities you wish to see the weather for. I generally use this app during my packing, as it helps me pack according to the weather. This does not work offline.
  5. Uber – The Uber app is a very useful app to book Uber cabs, if Uber is one of the taxi operators in the country you are visiting. If not for Uber, ensure you google and find which taxi operators operate in the city you are visiting. Have the taxi operator’s numbers handy.
  6. TripIt – A complete solution to storing all the itinerary of flight and hotel details is the TripIt app. The app is capable of reading the emails from your inbox and creating an itinerary.
  7. AroundMeAroundMe is an app that identifies all the places including hospitals, petrol stations, cinemas, restaurants and bars around you. A one stop solution for Google’s search ‘<place> near me’.
  8. Gaana or Spotify – Since I am a Bollywood music buff, I love Gaana which has pre-defined playlists of Bollywood songs. Spotify is also an amazing app to listen and explore any kind of music.
  9. WonderCam – If you are into selfies like me, then the WonderCam app is definitely a must to get some smooth amazing selfies.

Closing Notes

These are some of the travel apps that I use on my travels. They help me in unknown countries, especially in countries that are non-English speaking.

Do you have any travel app that has helped you in your travels? Let me know in the comments below.

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