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A Trek to Shivagange Betta / Shivaganga Hills (2024)

During my time in Bangalore, there was a phase in my life when I embarked on frequent bike trips, nearly every weekend for several years. With a list of destinations on my bucket list, I was determined to explore and experience each. Alongside my friends, we would hop on our bikes and ride to nearby places. Shivagange Betta / Shivaganga Hills was one such destination, and I had the opportunity to visit it as part of one of my memorable bike trips.

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Hike Shivagange betta (Bangalore)
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Where is Shivagange Betta or Shivaganga Hills?

Shivagange Betta, located in Dobbaspete, is a hill adorned with a Hindu temple at its summit. Serving as a swift one-day hike from Bangalore, this hill takes the form of a Shivalinga, with a nearby spring referred to as Ganga by the locals. Renowned as ‘Dakshina Kashi,’ the hill stands at an elevation of 805 meters, offering spiritual significance and natural beauty for those seeking a brief escape.

Within the temple complex, the Sri Honnammadevi and Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara temples are nestled inside a cave. An intriguing claim adds to the mystique of Shivagange Betta—the belief that Holy Ganga water emanates from a rock at the hill’s summit.

Olakal Theertha

The prominent highlight of Shivagange Betta is the Olakal Theertha. According to belief, those fortunate enough may receive the sacred Ganga water by inserting their hand into the grinding stone behind the cave temple. Despite visiting Shivagange Betta numerous times, I encountered this unique experience only two or three times. In this context, “Olakal” refers to the grinding stone, and “Theertha” signifies the Holy water.

Nandi Statue

At the summit of the hill stands a colossal Nandi statue. The ascent to the Nandi statue from Olakal Theertha is a narrow and steep path equipped with railings for safety. Caution is paramount while attempting the climb to the Nandi statue due to the challenging terrain. However, the effort is rewarded with stunning views from the peak, showcasing the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Annually, in Sankranthi, a cattle fair takes place, dedicated explicitly to bullocks. This festival, celebrated in January, coincides with the Sankranthi (harvesting) month. As part of the Sankranthi festivities, the marriage ceremony of Sri Honnammadevi and Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara is conducted.


How to Reach Shivagange Betta?

  • By Road – The most convenient mode of reaching Shivagange is by road. The distance from Bangalore to Shivagange is approximately 50 kilometers, taking about 1 hour. The nearest town, Tumkur, is situated 19 kilometers away from Shivagange.

Another beautiful place that you can consider visiting when you are in Tumkur is the Mandaragiri Betta.

  • By Public Transport – The closest train station to Shivagange Betta is Dabaspete, approximately 8 kilometers away. Travelers can board a train from Bangalore Majestic and reach Dabaspete. Given the short distance, train tickets can be purchased directly at the railway station. For the latest information on timings and routes, please refer to the IRCTC website.
  • Additionally, there are bus services connecting Bangalore and Dabaspete, with a travel time of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Best Time to Visit Shivgange Betta / Shivaganga Hills

The optimal time to visit Shivagange is from October to March when the weather is relatively cooler. For the most enjoyable hiking experience, mornings are ideal. Aim to reach the base of the hill by 9 AM at the latest.

It is strongly advised to avoid attempting the trek during the rainy season, as the steps and paths become slippery, posing a significant danger.

On the other hand, the summer season is characterized by high temperatures and is not recommended for the trek due to the intense heat.

Timings and Important Information

  • The temple at the summit opens around 8:30 AM and closes at 6 PM.
  • Base stalls offer snacks and water bottles for purchase.
  • Exercise caution with monkeys; there is a considerable population.
  • Carry ample water with you.
  • Maintain cleanliness; refrain from littering and take your trash along.
  • Appropriate clothing is advised, given the religious significance of the site.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing as it is the place of worship.
  • Footwear is permissible on the ascent; choose sturdy and comfortable shoes.
  • Travel light; only carry essentials for the trek.
  • No toilets or water stations are available during the trek.
  • Ideal for beginners and families with small kids, though the section after Olakalu Theertha to the Nandi statue can be challenging.

Trekking logistics of Shivagange Betta / Shivaganga Hills Peak

The temple serves as a favored trekking destination for enthusiasts. The trail to the peak is clearly defined with well-constructed steps, making it accessible for trekkers. This path is particularly suitable for beginners, featuring an easy 2.3-kilometer one-way trail to the summit.

Note: As you approach the peak, the trail narrows and becomes steep. Safety railings are provided for support. Exercise caution due to the presence of monkeys near the summit.

  • Distance: 2.3 kilometres one way till the peak.
  • Grade: Moderate (Easy till Olakalu Theertha and Moderate till Nandi statue).
  • Number of steps: 150 steps till Olakalu Theertha. Narrow and steep path after Olakalu Theertha to Nandi statue.
  • Time taken to the peak: 30 minutes till Olakalu Theertha + 30 to 45 minutes to the peak.
  • Path: Base of Shivagange betta – Olakalu Theertha – Nandi. The climb to the Nandi statue after Olakalu Theertha is very tiring.

Safety for Solo Female Hikers

The hill and temples are entirely safe for solo female travelers. However, the path leading to the base of the hill can be somewhat risky and isolated. I recommend visiting this hill with at least one trekking buddy for added safety. Additionally, considering the prevalence of monkeys on the hill, having more people in your group is advisable.

Note: As of now, I am not aware of any reputed trekking agencies that organize trips to Shivagange Betta.

Closing Notes

Shivagange Betta is undeniably worth exploring as a day trip from Bangalore. I have repeatedly enjoyed my visits to witness the awe-inspiring temples. I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing this remarkable place.

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A Trek to Shivagange Betta / Shivaganga Hills (2024)
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    Hike Shivagange betta / Shivaganga Hills (Bangalore)
    PIN for later reference – Hike Shivagange Betta / Shivaganga Hills