Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)

Is Yercaud Worth Visiting? (2024)

As one contemplates whether Yercaud is worth visiting, the answer unfolds in the form of lush greenery, scenic viewpoints, and a laid-back charm that defines this hill station. Offering a respite from the hustle and bustle, Yercaud’s worth lies in its simplicity, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful escape and a connection with nature. So is Yercaud worth visiting? Let’s find out.

During my visit to Bangalore from Sydney, I sought a quick getaway with my cousins to a nearby hill station. After exploring the options available through my Club Mahindra membership, I decided on Yercaud for our holiday. Having visited Yercaud once before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it seemed like the perfect choice for a serene and enjoyable retreat from Bangalore.

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Travel to Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
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About Yercaud

Perched in the Eastern Ghats of Southern India, Yercaud stands as a captivating hill station in Tamil Nadu. Optimal times to explore this scenic retreat are during the winter months from October to February, and the summer from March to June. Temperatures during these seasons typically range between 13 and 29 degrees Celsius, providing a comfortable climate for various outdoor activities and exploring Yercaud’s natural beauty.

Travel Between Bangalore and Yercaud

Located approximately 230 kilometers from Bangalore, Yercaud is easily accessible by road. I opted for the Tamil Nadu state transit bus, taking a route via Salem. The journey involved a 5.5-hour bus ride from Bangalore to Salem and an additional 1-hour bus journey from Salem to Yercaud. The travel time amounted to approximately 6.6 hours, providing a convenient and efficient way to reach this charming hill station.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
The Tamil Nadu State Transit bus

The ticket cost was a mere INR 400 per person for the one-way journey, making it an affordable travel option. Tickets can be conveniently purchased directly on the bus. It’s advisable to carry cash, as state transit buses only accept cash payments. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction during your journey to Yercaud.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
This was my first time traveling in a state transit bus

Where to Stay in Yercaud?

Yercaud offers a diverse array of accommodation options, catering to different preferences. Choose from a selection of resorts and private homestays for your stay. Notable resorts in the area include GReaT Trails Yercaud by GRT Hotels, iSTAYS – Luxe Villa, and Sterling Yercaud, each providing distinct experiences to enhance your visit to this scenic hill station.

Review of Lake Forest Resort (Stay)

During my recent visit to Yercaud, I chose to stay at the exquisite Lake Forest Resort. Strategically situated, the resort is a mere 200 to 300 meters from the lake, offering both convenience and serenity. The property is a stunning testament to authentic Tamil Nadu architectural design, providing a captivating ambiance.

Opting for a studio apartment, my accommodation costs approximately Rs 4500 + taxes per night. I selected this resort due to its affiliation with Club Mahindra, making the rooms available as part of my membership.

The culinary experience was delightful, with the food being of exceptional quality. The morning breakfast, featuring authentic Tamil Nadu dishes, stood out. It’s worth noting that the food comes at an additional cost.

Languages Spoken in Yercaud

Yercaud exudes friendliness, with most locals being warm and welcoming. However, it’s important to note that Tamil is the predominant language spoken and understood, except in resorts. While I encountered some difficulty conversing, especially outside the resorts, it was a minor challenge. Fortunately, English is commonly spoken at resorts, making communication smoother and more accessible for visitors.

Things To Do in Yercaud

While researching things to do in Yercaud, I encountered a bit of disappointment as information was scarce. It became evident that Yercaud is primarily a destination for relaxation and unwinding, true to its essence. The focus here lies on staying at beautiful resorts and savoring the tranquility. However, for individuals with varied interests like mine, there are still a few activities and experiences that Yercaud caters to, providing a unique blend of leisure and exploration.

Hairpin bends

Embarking on this journey is an adventure, a thrilling roller coaster ride. Navigating the 20 hairpin bends aboard a local public bus is truly awe-inspiring, especially when accompanied by a skilled driver like Ramachandran—an experience etched in memory.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
Our bus driver, Ramachandran, was too good at driving on the hairpin bends.

However, for those with an aversion to roller coasters, it is advisable to opt for a more comfortable and controlled ride by hiring a taxi to reach the resort.

Zip lining

Situated in Yercaud, Poppy Hills is a compact theme park offering a variety of activities suitable for both adults and children. During my visit, my cousins and I opted for the zip line experience, which came at a reasonable INR 150 per person. Although the zip line was short, it was a delightful activity for us to engage in at Poppy Hills Yercaud.

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Lake stands as a picturesque destination for a few hours of leisure. The entrance tickets are priced at INR 6 per person. Visitors can rent a paddleboat or rowboat, with the paddleboat available at INR 170 for a 30-minute session accommodating four people. It’s important to note that an additional INR 170 is required as a refundable deposit. Enjoy the serene beauty of Yercaud Lake while indulging in a peaceful boating experience.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
Yercaud Lake


We arranged for a cab at the cost of INR 1000 for a four-hour tour around Yercaud, covering various popular spots. In retrospect, I perceived this as somewhat extravagant, considering that opting for auto-rickshaws to explore these places would likely have been a more economical choice, costing less than INR 1000. Nevertheless, the cab driver guided us to several notable spots, including:


A local temple dedicated to a goddess is part of the sightseeing tour. Regrettably, during my visit, the local temple was closed. Despite this, I managed to catch a glimpse of the goddess from outside the temple premises.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)

Lady seat

For a breathtaking panoramic view, Lady Seat is an excellent spot to visit. The best part is that there is no entrance fee for this remarkable viewpoint.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
Lady Seat

Rose garden

You can visit the Rose garden dedicated to roses. The entry fee for the rose garden is INR 30, and I found it to be a complete waste of money. Unfortunately, during my visit, there were no roses in the garden, possibly due to it not being the right season.

Rose Garden Yercaud

Another viewpoint and a temple

Another notable site was the Cave Temple, a beautiful place to explore. Additionally, the location offered a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of Yercaud. Near the temple, there were also some enjoyable rides set up for added entertainment.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
A viewpoint


While Yercaud may not be known as a shopping destination, it is renowned for its textiles, spices, and coffee powder. For the best guidance on where to purchase these items, it’s advisable to inquire at your place of stay to identify the most reputable shops in the area.

Is Yercaud Worth Visiting?

Absolutely, Yercaud is worth visiting for those seeking a serene and picturesque retreat. Nestled in the Eastern Ghats of Southern India, Yercaud offers a tranquil ambiance, scenic landscapes, and a variety of activities. While it may not be a bustling tourist destination, its charm lies in the peaceful atmosphere, beautiful viewpoints, and the opportunity to unwind in the lap of nature. Whether you are looking for a short getaway or a place to relax and rejuvenate, Yercaud has the potential to provide a delightful experience.

How Many Days Are Sufficient for Yercaud?

A two-day visit to Yercaud proved sufficient for me. Considering my active lifestyle, anything more would have posed a challenge. It’s worth noting that some individuals opt for Yercaud as a one-day trip, given the limited number of activities available in the area.

Is Yercaud Worth Visiting?
View of Yercaud

Is Yercaud Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Absolutely, Yercaud is a safe destination for solo female travelers. Throughout our visit, we encountered no issues and enjoyed a pleasant time in Yercaud. The locals were generally friendly and kind, even though a language barrier was present. However, I would advise exercising caution, especially during the night, and relying on one’s instincts for added safety.

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)
Rose Garden

Closing Notes

Yercaud proved to be enjoyable on both occasions for me. The first visit was with friends, and the second time, I explored Yercaud with my family. I highly recommend Yercaud as an excellent getaway, especially if you have limited time or if you’re looking to spend a couple of days with your family and friends.

Is Yercaud Worth Visiting? Yes, absolutely!

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Is Yercaud Worth Visiting? (2024)
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    Travel to Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
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