Apsara Dance Show | Siem Reap

From the time I have landed in Cambodia, I have been chanting about the Apsara Dance show. Even my mother, who is traveling with me now, is tired of listening about Apsara dance show. I had booked the dance show at Phnom Penh on the day we arrived, but since my mother was very tired, we had to cancel the show.

Today the plan was to go to see the Cambodian Circus. Unfortunately, we did not get the tickets we wanted for the circus. But – guess what? We are here at Kulen restaurant to watch the Apsara dance show.

What is Apsara dance?

The Apsara dance show portrays Khmer heritage of Cambodia. It is a mix of ballet of Apsara, dance of Mekhala and the Hindu mythological tale of Ramayana.

The performance was really splendid. The costumes were grand and beautiful. But the only thing I felt missing was some kind of booklet or a single sheet of paper explaining the dance performance. That would have been helpful in following what each of the dance segments were.

How to book and how much does it cost?

There are plenty of places in Siem Reap where one can watch the Apsara dance. We went ahead with the one suggested by our Tuk Tuk driver – Easy Tour.

The show costs USD 12 with the buffet dinner. And the show lasts for an hour starting from 7:30 PM till 8:30 PM. The Tuk Tuk ride costed me another USD 4.


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