Visit Disneyland Hong Kong

Visit Disneyland in Hong Kong

While growing up, it’s every child’s dream to visit Disneyland. It is a place where everyone seems happy and it has all those favourite cartoon characters that come to life. Similarly, visiting Disneyland was my dream too. Even though I did not get an opportunity to visit Disneyland when I was young, I did fulfill … Read more

Stories from Japan

Hachiko in Japan

I had cried very emotionally when I had watched the movie ‘Hachi: A Dog’s tale‘. I remember it was my mother, my cousin Veena and I who had watched this movie together, we had all cried in fact. I still feel and have the same emotional feeling even when I think about this beautiful dog…

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10 Instagram photos from Japan


Japan, a land of culture and ancient traditions, is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited so far. It has immense amounts of breath taking scenic beauty. The people are extremely friendly and are the nicest people I have come across to date. The technology is so well advanced and is known for … Read more

Visit Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha)

Tan Tien Buddha Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of those countries which fascinated me. This small country offers plenty of things to do and it caters for all kinds of travelers. Be it spiritual travelers or for travelers who love shopping, Hong Kong has it all. I was there for three days and I made good use of my … Read more

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