Bheema Bakasura Betta

Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek: One-Day Trip from Bangalore (2024)

One evening, my best friend and I had a spontaneous phone call at nearly midnight, and we impulsively decided to embark on a one-day hike the following morning. After considering various options, we settled on Kaiwara as our destination, aiming to hike the Bheema Bakasura Betta.

PIN for later reference – Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek

PIN for later reference - Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek
PIN for later reference – Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek

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About Bheema Bakasura Betta

Nestled in the town of Kaiwara within the Chikkabalapura district of Karnataka, the Bheema Bakasura Betta holds significant mythological importance. Legend has it that the Pandavas, characters from the Mahabharata, resided in this town during their exile.

How Did Bheema Bakasura Betta Get its Name?

Several legends are linked to Bheema Bakasura Betta, with one narrating that the hill received its name because Bheem is believed to have defeated Bakasura on this very hill.

Locally, the hill is also recognized as Kailashgiri Betta. Positioned opposite the Amaranarayana Swamy temple, it holds cultural significance among the locals.

How to Reach Base of Bheema Bakasura Betta?

By Road

Bheema Bakasura Betta is situated in Kaiwara, approximately 70 kilometers (2 hours) from Bangalore city.

The most convenient method to reach Kaiwara is by driving or opting for an outstation cab from Bangalore through Hosakote. Thus, we chose to book an Ola Outstation Cab, incurring a cost of around INR 2000.

By Public Transport

Traveling to Kaiwara by bus is a challenging and time-consuming mode of transportation. While buses are available from JP Nagar and Electronics City in Bangalore to Kaiwara, the journey can be intricate, involving multiple bus changes at various stops. If you are planning a one-day visit to the town, I would not recommend relying on public transport due to the complexity and potential delays involved.

Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek Details

Best Time to Visit Bheema Bakasura Betta

The optimal periods to explore Bheema Bakasura Betta are from January to April and August to November. The weather is pleasant during these months, and the temperatures are not excessively high.

Trekking Agency

No trekking agency offers guided treks to Bheema Bakasura Hill, so we undertook the trek independently. The hill is easily navigable, featuring well-laid steps leading to the temple and a few boulders towards the summit. While I recommend doing this trek independently, I would advise against it as a solo trek due to specific considerations.

Logistics of the Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek

Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek is a perfect one-day trek from Bangalore. Below are the logistics of the hike:

  • Distance from Bangalore: 70 kilometres.
  • Distance of hike: 500 steps one way (2.4 kilometres).
  • Grade: Easy.
  • Time taken to reach the peak: 1 hour.
  • Path: Structured steps lead to the temple, followed by a climb over boulders to reach the peak. The temple is situated near the summit.

Important Information

  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes, especially since the last part of the trek involves climbing over boulders. A good pair of shoes can significantly enhance the trekking experience.
  • Always carry an extra pair of socks in your bag. Blisters are ordinary during treks, and a fresh pair of socks can provide comfort.
  • Ensure you have ample water for the trek to the peak. Although the trek is not overly challenging, staying hydrated is crucial, so carry enough water.
  • At the base of the hill are shops where you can purchase water, snacks, and chocolates. Bring some chocolates and snacks to enjoy at the peak.
  • Exercise caution with monkeys during the climb, especially if you have a backpack or a packet. Monkeys may approach if you carry a bag, but confronting them with a stick and loud noise (without causing harm) can usually deter them.
  • Respect the environment by not littering. Carry your garbage and dispose of it properly in designated bins. Maintaining cleanliness on the hill is crucial for preserving the natural surroundings.
  • Kaiwara has other points of interest, such as the Amaranarayana Swamy Temple and Aranya Narayana Temple. Although we didn’t have sufficient time to explore these temples, they are worth considering if you have more time.

Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek Itinerary

My friend and I adhered to the following itinerary:

  • 8 AM – Our cab driver picked us up, and we commenced our journey towards Hosakote.
  • 10:30 AM – We arrived at the base of the hill and commenced our ascent towards the peak.
  • 11:30 AM – We reached the summit at a moderate pace of 4 kilometers per hour.
  • 12:00 PM – We initiated our descent.
  • 1:00 PM – Returning to the base of the hill, we embarked on our journey back to Bangalore.

En route, there were numerous restaurants, breakfast joints, and martinis, where we stopped for breakfast.

Is Bheema Bakasura Betta Safe for Solo Female Trekkers?

I would advise against it. The trek is not considered safe for solo female travelers. While this hill attracts more people than others, I observed fewer females or families attempting the trek. The majority of the crowd accompanying us during the trek comprised locals, predominantly males. Hence, I strongly recommend avoiding solo trekking on this hill.

Additionally, it’s a good practice to have a trekking buddy to address any unexpected situations that may arise during the trek.

Closing Notes

Bheema Bakasura Betta is a wonderfully laid-back hill for a weekend trek. The climb is quite effortless, with numerous steps leading to the top, allowing trekkers to take their time. Several shops at the base ensure that food arrangements are conveniently taken care of. I recommend undertaking this trek when you seek a leisurely weekend with a touch of exercise.

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Bheema Bakasura Betta Trek: One-Day Trip from Bangalore (2024)
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