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If you love travelling, there is nothing else that you want than a long weekend of public holidays. Easter long weekend is exactly that – 4 days long weekend. I generally travel overseas during the Easter weekend. But last year, I wanted to explore the countryside in New South Wales. Well, that reason one and the other being that I was broke from my South American adventure. Two of my friends, Vijay and Som, and I decided to do a road trip within Central New South Wales (NSW). We wanted the trip to be as spontaneous as possible. We did not plan much and we did not expect too much.

All we knew were the destinations and the places we wanted to stay for the night. And we had hired the car for 5 days.

Planned Itinerary

The planned itinerary was –

  • Day 1: Drive from Sydney to Bathurst. Stay/camp at Bathurst for the night.
  • Day 2: Drive from Bathurst to Orange, then to Cowra and the last destination to Parkes. Stay/camp at Parkes for the night.
  • Day 3: Drive from Parkes to Dubbo. Visit Dubbo Zoo. Stay/camp at Dubbo for the night.
  • Day 4: Drive back from Dubbo to Sydney.

Executed Itinerary

The executed itinerary was a little different from the planned one (of course! We have a problem in following any plans, even if it is our own plan).

Day 1: Sydney, Bathurst


  • The drive from Sydney to Bathurst is about 200 kilometres.
  • The drive is beautiful through the Blue Mountains.

Things to see/do in Bathurst

  • The buildings at Bathurst is spectacular. They are huge old buildings.
  • There are churches and government buildings that are definitely visiting and admiring.
  • We explored these buildings only from the outside and hence they did not cost us any money.
  • There is also a racing track at Mount Panorama.


  • We had booked a site for camping at Bathurst Show ground.
  • It had costed us about AUD 31 for 3 people.
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales

Day 2: Bathurst, Abercrombie Caves

Drive – Bathurst to Abercrombie Caves

  • This day we were supposed to drive to Orange and then to Cowra with the last stop being Parkes.
  • We decided to change the direction a little.
  • We decided to go to Abercrombie Caves, our first stop. The drive is about 70 kilometres.

Things to see/do in Abercrombie Caves

  • There are guided and the self guided tours for exploring the limestone caves.
  • We took the self guided Archway Cave.
  • It costed us AUD 18per person.

Drive – Abercrombie Caves to Cowra

  • We then drove to Cowra and the distance was about 100 kilometres.
  • We had our lunch/dinner at an Indian restaurant in Cowra.
  • Other than that we did not explore much in Cowra.

Drive – Cowra to Parkes

  • The drive from Cowra to Parkes is about 104 kilometres.


  • We stayed at Parkes. We had booked a camping site at Spicer Park Caravan Park.
  • It costed us about AUD 38 for 3 people.
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales

Day 3: Parkes, Dubbo

  • We started our day by driving to the Parkes Observatory.  ‘The Dish’ is the famous telescope and is so massive that it weighs about two Boeing 747s. Cost: AUD 75 for 3 people.
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales

Drive – Parkes to Dubbo

  • After the observatory, we started the drive from Parkes to Dubbo.
  • The distance is about 123 kilometres.
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales

Things to do/see in Dubbo

  • Dubbo Zoo- Taronga Western Plain Zoo – An amazing place to spend the entire day. It is so massive that you need to drive/ride between the animal enclosures. Cost: AUD 144 for 3 people only for the entrance.
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales
  • Star gazing at Dubbo Observatory – I loved it. I had the opportunity to capture the Orion Nebula. I have never done anything like that before. It was petty cool. Cost: AUD 75 for 3 people.
Travel Guide | Central New South Wales


  • We had booked a camping site at Dubbo Holiday Park.
  • It costed us about AUD 55 for 3 people.

Day 4: Dubbo, Wellington, Orange, Sydney

  • It was an early morning start as we wanted to do the Morning Walk at the Dubbo Zoo. I definitely recommend doing this activity as the Zoo Keeper takes you behind the scenes and gives you an insight into the habitat.
  • It costed us AUD 25 per person.

Drive: Dubbo to Wellington

  • After the walk, we packed our tents and headed to Orange.
  • On the way, we changed our plan and stopped at Wellington.
  • Wellington is a small place with couple of historical sites.
  • The distance between Dubbo and Wellington is 51 kilometres.

Drive: Wellington to Orange

  • Orange is a very beautiful place.
  • It has amazing trees along the sides of the roads which makes it a beautiful drive.
  • The distance between Wellington and Orange is 82 kilometres.

Drive: Orange to Sydney

  • And then it was time to return home.
  • The distance between Orange and Sydney is 256 kilometres.


In a nutshell, we covered a lot of places in the 4 days and it was a very good road trip to do. April was perfect as it was not too hot or cold.

I would love to hear your thoughts, please drop a comment!

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