Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3

Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3

The lounges, especially good ones are so important while traveling at the airports. With transits, lay overs and spare time at the airport, lounges make huge impacts on the travelers. When I was returning from my Turkey trip, I had an overnight stay at Holiday Inn Express which is a Delhi airport lounge at Terminal 3. The lounge was very convenient as I had a connecting domestic flight from Delhi airport Terminal 3 to Bangalore International airport.

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PIN for later reference - Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3
PIN for later reference – Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3

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About Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3

Located very close to the departure gates of Delhi airport Terminal 3, Holiday Inn Express lounge is a perfect place to rest or recharge before boarding a flight. They provide a stay for the quick layover between the flights.

How to book and what are the prices?

Holiday Inn Express lounge has eight types of rooms. And there are more than 90 rooms in two wings – Wing A and B.

  • Standard room at Domestic wing.
  • Twin room at Domestic wing.
  • Queen roll at International wing.
  • Queen bed at Domestic wing.
  • Standard room at International wing.
  • Queen bed at International wing.
  • Twin room at International wing.
  • Queen standard at Domestic wing.

You can make your booking on website and the booking process is very simple. The prices start from INR 13499. And these prices depend on whether you wish to book refundable stay, with breakfast and with lunch/ dinner.

Facilities offered by Holiday Inn Express lounge

Holiday Inn Express lounge offers many facilities for guests staying at the lounge.

  • 24 hours front desk and conceirge.
  • Hot shower/ spa.
  • Fitness centre.
  • Continental breakfast.
  • ATM machine.
  • High speed internet access.
  • Lounge/ bar.
  • In-house restaurant that provides room service.
  • Slippers and robes.

The lounge also ensures that they adhere to all COVID protocols and safety measures.

Restaurant - Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3

My review of Holiday Inn Express lounge

As I mentioned above, I stayed for one night at Holiday Inn Express lounge, and my friend and I had booked a standard room at domestic wing. The lounge was decent even though I did feel that it was a bit small sized. When we arrived at the service desk counter, on the ground floor, we were escorted by a staff member who was very courteous and friendly.

After all the security check, we met another staff member at the front desk, who was equally nice. The process of security check and the check-in at the lounge was very smooth and seamless. I had a good experience with all the staff members and my stay at the lounge.

Things to know before you book Holiday Inn Express lounge

  • You have to go through a series of security checks before reaching the front desk of Holiday Inn Express lounge. The bags and the luggage are scanned through the scanner machine and are stamped.
  • You need passport and ticket details to enter the premises, which needs to be shown to a CISF member.
  • The service desk is a short walk from the arrival gate and you can ask any CISF staff and they provide the information and direction to the service desk counter.
  • There is a bit of walking involved from the service desk to your room.
  • The entire process from the service desk counter to settling into the room takes around 15 to 30 minutes as there is a series of security checks.
  • As the lounge is within the airport, you can stay to a maximum of one night as per the government regulation.
  • You cannot leave the lounge after you have checked-in until you check-out.

How to get to Holiday Inn Express lounge?

The lounge is located within the airport Terminal 3 and is a short distance of walk from the arrival gate or Terminal 3. Once you go through the immigration and claim your baggage, you exit after customs at the arrival gate in Terminal 3 of Delhi airport. After exiting, you turn right and walk a bit further to find a service desk counter with the name Holiday Inn Express written on it.

Safety for solo female travelers

Even though the corridors and the lounge were quiet, I still felt this is a safe place for single female travelers. If you are landing at the airport in the night, then this lounge is perfect as I do not recommend leaving the Delhi airport premises at night. Delhi is one of the unsafe cities in India and it is best to be at a place which has tight security and cameras.

Closing Notes

I had a comfortable stay at Holiday Inn Express lounge. The entire process from meeting a staff member at the service desk counter till settling into the room was hassle free (even though it was time consuming but I do understand that it is because of all the securities to keep us safe). If you have a one night stay or few transit hours where you want to rest up before your next flight, then I recommend Holiday Inn Express lounge.

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PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3
PIN for later reference – Holiday Inn Express, Delhi airport lounge Terminal 3