Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries in Europe. Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It definitely is a dream destination! Truly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. The dreamy landscapes and the fjords are something to die for.

  • Capital city: Oslo.
  • Main language spoken: Norwegian.
    • Basic Greetings: God morgen (Good Morning), Takk (Thank you).
  • Currency: Norwegian krone.
    • Forex Exchange: Currency can be exchanged at any international airports.
  • Tourist visa: Visa is required to enter Norway (latest information can be found on Norway Immigration website).
  • Best time to visit: March to August (I visited in October).
  • Adapter required (power points): Europlug, which has two round prongs.
  • Driving licence: International unexpired valid driving licence is required.


9 days itinerary

As part of travels, I traveled to 3 cities – Stavanger, Tromso and the capital city Oslo. I have shared my 9 days itinerary below:

  • Days 1 & 2: Sydney to Norway
  • Day 3: Stavanger sightseeing
  • Day 4: Hike to the Pulpit Rock (definitely recommended)
  • Day 5: Tromso sightseeing
  • Day 6: Northern lights tour
  • Day 7: Northern lights tour
  • Days 8 & 9: Oslo sightseeing


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