Camp Cove Beach

Scuba Diving at Camp Cove Beach, Sydney (2024)

Yearning for a laid-back and soothing diving encounter? An environment that’s not only immensely delightful but also perfect for novice divers? I eagerly anticipate such diving conditions, finding immense pleasure when the sea is tranquil and the water maintains a comfortable temperature. Fortunately, my desires were met at Camp Cove Beach, making it the epitome of ideal diving conditions in Sydney. Camp Cove Beach’s serene and crystal-clear waters provided an unparalleled diving experience, allowing me to relish every moment beneath the surface.

Diving at Camp Cove beach, Sydney

Explore the depths of exhilarating underwater adventures with scuba diving at Camp Cove Beach. Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Sydney, this hidden gem beckons thrill-seeking solo travellers like Raksha. Plunge into the azure waters, where the vibrant marine life unfolds before your eyes. Unlike the typical beach experience, Camp Cove offers a unique underwater realm for intrepid divers.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of marine ecosystems, encountering colourful coral formations and fascinating aquatic creatures. The thrill of exploring the depths is heightened by the crystal-clear visibility, providing an immersive experience beyond the ordinary. With safety a top priority, designated areas and expert guidance ensure a secure yet adrenaline-pumping scuba adventure.

Camp Cove Beach isn’t just a destination; it’s a portal to an underwater world waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a first-timer, this coastal haven promises an unforgettable subaquatic escapade. So, gear up for an extraordinary journey beneath the waves, where every dive is a chapter in the thrilling narrative of Sydney’s aquatic wonders.

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PIN for later reference - Diving at Camp Cove Beach, Sydney
PIN for later reference – Diving at Camp Cove (Sydney)

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Where is Camp Cove Beach?

Nestled in the southern reaches of Sydney Harbour, Camp Cove Beach graces the shores adjacent to the Sydney Harbour National Park. Situated in Watsons Bay, this coastal haven spans approximately 250 meters in width. Beyond its sandy expanse, the beach offers a breathtaking panorama of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD), creating a picturesque backdrop to complement the coastal charm.

Please be aware that Camp Cove Beach is one of Sydney’s best beaches, commonly frequented by locals. You may experience occasional crowding, especially with swimmers enjoying its waters.

Camp Cove Beach
View of Sydney CBD from Camp Cove beach

A delightful café graces the beach, offering the perfect spot to savour a steaming cup of coffee after your diving adventures.

How to Get to Camp Cove Beach?

By Road

The distance from Sydney CBD to Camp Cove Beach spans approximately 13 kilometres, a mere 20 to 30 minutes’ drive. Conveniently, a nearby car park at Camp Cove Beach provides a hassle-free parking option.

By Public Transport

Camp Cove Beach is accessible through two convenient modes of transportation.

  • Bus – The closest bus stop is Robertson Park, Military Rd. It’s just a short 8 to 10-minute walk (700 meters) from the bus stop to the beach. You can catch frequent buses between QVB on York Street and Robertson Park.
  • Ferry – Take a ferry ride (20 minutes) from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay for a scenic journey. Once you arrive at the wharf, reaching the beach is a pleasant 8 to 10-minute walk (700 meters).
  • For the latest and most accurate information on bus routes and timings, please refer to Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW).
  • Note: Public transportation fares in Sydney can be paid using Credit/Debit cards or Opal transportation cards.

Dive Site at Camp Cove Beach

I indulged in two incredibly tranquil dives at Camp Cove Beach. My dive buddy enlightened me about the beach’s unique feature—shielded from winds, resulting in calmer waters. This made my diving experience even more enjoyable. These dives were integral to my pursuit of the PADI Peak Buoyancy Specialty course, a choice I made to hone and master the essential skills associated with buoyancy.

My new wet suit at Camp Cove beach

Logistics of the Dive

  • Type of Dive: Shore dive. Important to note: Camp Cove Beach boasts a steep sandy shoreline flanked by rocky points. During my diving instruction, our task was to snorkel towards a marker pole a few metres offshore. This designated spot served as our entry point for the dive descent.
  • Dive site: Open (Sea).
  • Depth: 6 to 7 metres.
  • Visibility: approximately around 5 to 6 metres. Note: The visibility depends mainly on the conditions of the ocean and the weather.
  • Ideal for: All level divers, including the beginners.
  • Wet suit: Yes (5 mm thickness) advised. The Australian waters are a bit chilly.
  • Current: Usually calm.

Marine Life

The marine life at Camp Cove Beach is not only abundant but also spectacular. The underwater world here is captivating, with numerous octopuses, Wobbegong sharks, and many tiny fishes. During my dive, I encountered two graceful octopuses, vibrant yellow snappers, majestic swordfish, and mesmerising cuttlefish, creating an unforgettable spectacle beneath the waves.

Optimal diving conditions are experienced in the mornings, offering a less crowded environment and significantly improved visibility.

Dive Centre and Cost

Important to highlight: The two dives recounted here were integral components of my PADI Peak Buoyancy Specialty course.

  • Dive Centre: Scuba Waterhouse/Geo Divers.
  • Address: 1/50 George Street, Clyde NSW 2142.
  • Cost: AUD 190 for the PADI Peak Buoyancy Specialty course.
  • Equipment: The cost was AUD 95, covering two tanks, BCD, weights, and a regulator. I brought my wetsuit, a 3mm mask with an inner vest, snorkel, fins, and boots.
  • Booking: via phone 02 9689 1389.

My interaction with the owner, Judith McDonald, was fantastic. She kept me well informed and ensured all the necessary bookings were in place before the dives. Additionally, she arranged for my equipment to be picked up by my dive buddy, Malcolm, on my behalf.

Listen to Judith McDonald’s Interview

The instructor, Karleen Going, and my dive buddy, Malcolm Wright, were amiable. They formed the perfect team for the day—warm, patient, and understanding. Knowing I was still a novice in diving, they took excellent care of me. Diving with these two individuals was an absolute delight.

The group at Camp Cove Beach
My instructor Karlean and my dive buddy Malcolm

Diving with Scuba Warehouse had a standout feature—Malcolm, my dive buddy, taught me how to clean the gear, adding a valuable skill to my diving experience.

While my affection for Scuba Warehouse is undeniable, there are two drawbacks worth noting:

  • It’s necessary to pick up the equipment, including the tanks, a day prior to the dive.
  • The cost of gear rental is relatively high, making it challenging to dive with them on a frequent basis, especially every weekend.

Is Scuba Diving at Camp Cove Safe for Solo Female Divers?

In Scuba diving, it’s a golden rule to always have a diving buddy, and for beginners like myself, an instructor is the ideal companion. Partnering with someone more experienced ensures a safer diving experience. When opting for a dive centre, worries about safety are alleviated as the centre takes care of those aspects.

Travelling to and from the dive site or centre is notably secure for solo female travellers. Sydney, being a generally safe city, offers a secure environment. However, like anywhere else, being vigilant about your surroundings is advisable.

Camp Cove Beach

Closing Notes

Camp Cove has undeniably claimed the spot as my favourite diving location in Sydney. While I’ve explored various dive sites around the city, Shelly Beach held the top spot until I discovered the enchantment of Camp Cove. Without a doubt, I highly recommend experiencing a dive at this site.

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Scuba Diving at Camp Cove Beach, Sydney (2024)
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