Feed carrots to a giraffe at Dubbo Zoo

From the time I migrated to Australia, I wanted to do an encounter or feed a giraffe. Being a crazy animal lover I am, I couldn’t have let this gone.

Back in the year 2012, when I first visited Sydney Taronga zoo, I tried to book the encounter with giraffes. The giraffe encounters are so famous that they get sold out a week in advance, which means I did not get the tickets.

My second attempt was in the year 2014, again at the Sydney Taronga zoo. I got the tickets (yaaay). The perfect morning turned into a heavy rainy day. The weather god did not cooperate with me at all (not even a bit). Due to heavy rains, the encounters for the day were cancelled.

I was not ready to compromise in my third attempt, which was in October 2015. During my visit to Western Plains Taronga zoo at Dubbo, I tried again and lucky to get the tickets. And this time – the weather was also perfect – a bright sunny day with absolutely zero chances of rain. At the Dubbo zoo, there was an opportunity for the visitors to feed carrots to the beautiful giraffes.

Few pictures of feeding carrots to the giraffes:



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