Kurnell to Cronulla Coastal Walk

Kurnell to Cronulla Coastal Walk in Sydney (2024)

Australia is known for its amazing coastline and its coastal walks. And Sydney is no different. Sydney is known for its spectacular coastline that provides ample opportunities for a coastal walk. One such beautiful walk around Sydney is the Kurnell to Cronulla walk. To read about other coastal walks in Sydney, refer Walks in Sydney.

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Kurnell to Cronulla Walk
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About Kurnell to Cronulla Coastal Walk

The Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk is within the Kamay Botany Bay National Park. It provides amazing and picturesque views. The track is through the Botany Bay along with the Cape Bailey and the Hanging Swamps.

About Kurnell

Kurnell is a suburb in Sydney. It is around 22 kilometres from the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). A fun fact about Kurnell is that it is considered as the birthplace of modern Australia as it is the place where Captain James Cook landed in the year 1770.

Kurnell Beach

About Cronulla

Cronulla is a suburb in Sydney that is famous for its surf beaches and swimming spots. The name Cronulla is derived from an aboriginal word Kurranulla which translates to a place of pink seashells. The suburb is around 26 kilometres from the Sydney CBD.

Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)
Cliffs along the coastline

How to travel between Kurnell / Cronulla and CBD?

Public Transport

  • City to Cronulla station: The are trains available to Cronulla station from the city.
  • Cronulla station to Kurnell Reserve: Bus number 987 leaves from the Cronulla station to the Kurnell Reserve, Captain Cooks Landing Kurnell (Polo Street), which is the starting point for the walk.
  • Cronulla station to City: The trains are available from Cronulla station to the city.

More information on routes, timings and fare prices can be found on the NSW Transport website.


Even if one wants to drive, then at least to reach the starting point one has to take a public transport or a taxi.

  • Park the car can be parked at Cronulla station. Cronulla is about 26 kilometres from Sydney CBD.
  • To reach the starting point, take a bus to the Kurnell Reserve from Cronulla station. Bus number 987 leaves from the Cronulla station to the Kurnell Reserve, Captain Cooks Landing Kurnell (Polo Street), which is the starting point for the walk. More information can be found on the NSW Transport website.
Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)
The spectacular coastline

Kurnell to Cronulla Coastal Walk details

The walk is relatively flat and easy. It does go through some cliffs where one can sit and watch the never ending ocean. The last few kilometres of the walk is along the beach on the sand, so be prepared for accumulating sand in the shoes.

This coastal walk is one of the places to see the humpback whales during the whale migratory season. Watch out for humpback whales during the whale migratory season.

Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)


Below are the logistics that one need to know before going on the Kurnell to Cronulla walk:

  • Starting point: Kurnell (Cape Solander).
  • Finishing point: Cronulla beach.
  • Distance: Approx. 18 kilometres (The last 4 to 5 kilometres of the walk is along the beach.).
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate (Moderate only because of the distance).
  • Time taken: Approx. 5 to 6 hours.
  • This is an unmarked path along the coastal line.
Kurnell to Cronula Coastal Walk
Kurnell to Cronula Coastal Walk – Map; Source: Google Maps

Important Information

  • Carry sufficient water as there are no water points along the way.
  • Carry your lunch so you can have it midway enjoying the views of the ocean. Also, carry some snacks.
  • There are no toilet facilities along the walk. The toilets are at the Kurnell Visitor Centre and at Cronulla beach.
  • There is no entrance fee to enter the national park. However, if you plan to park your car at Kurnell, then there is an AUD 8 per vehicle per day fee.
  • Be careful of the fox poison. There are boards along the path warning about the fox poison. I have never seen foxes while hiking in these national parks.
  • The coastal walk also has a lot of Blue Bottle Jellyfishes. So ensure to look out for them and walk around them.
Blue Bottle Jellyfish Kurnell Beach
Blue Bottle Jellyfish
  • This is an unmarked path, some sections are along the unfenced cliffs. Ensure to be cautious along the cliffs.
  • Watch out for many birds and humpback whales (during the season) along the way.
  • Do not feed wildlife (birds).
  • Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes. It is a long way so having comfortable shoes really helps.
  • Carry an extra pair of socks.
  • Watch out for historical points in Kurnell as this is the first landing place by Captain James Cook.
Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)
One of the rock formations along the path

Whale watching

During the whale migratory season (between the months of May and October), the Kurnell to Cronulla walk is a great walk to spot the humpback whales. The whales migrate in the initial few months from down south to the north. And then at the end of the season come back to the south from the north. Personally, I have not seen the whales here but I have been advised by many of my friends who have done this walk that they have spotted whales.

Ensure to carry your binoculars to spot the whales. The top of the cliffs are probably the best bet to spot them.

Is it safe for solo female travelers?

Sydney is relatively very safe for solo female travelers and I have not had major issues walking or traveling in Sydney. But I would not recommend walking along this path alone. Some sections are lonely. There are very few people in certain sections of the walk. And there are cliffs where one needs to be extra careful.

It is always advisable to have a trekking buddy while trekking just in case of unexpected situations.

Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)
Walk along the beach

Closing Notes

I would definitely rate this as a highly recommended walk in Sydney. The colours of the ocean are simply breathtaking and this is truly an amazing walk on a warm sunny day. I have walked on this track twice and I have enjoyed it both the times. If you are looking for a shorter walk, then consider trying the Spit to Manly walk or the Bondi to Coogee walk.

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Kurnell to Cronulla Walk
PIN for later reference – Kurnell to Cronulla Coastal walk