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Sydney’s Unique Walking Experience: Comic Walk for Literature Lovers (2024)

Venture on a literary adventure with Sydney’s Unique Walking Experience: Comic Walk for Literature Lovers. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world where comics meet cobblestones, exploring the city’s rich graphic novel culture. Discover hidden gems, artistic wonders, and the footprints of comic legends as you traverse Sydney’s streets. Uncover the intersection of imagination and reality, making each step a narrative journey.

Have you ever encountered a place in this vast world that unexpectedly captivates your heart? It’s that accidental discovery that leaves you feeling grateful and enchanted. One such hidden gem that I unexpectedly found is the Comic Walk in Milsons Point. During my usual Sunday weekend stroll from Balls Head Reserve to North Sydney, I chanced upon this delightful pathway. The experience was so charming that I couldn’t help but share it with fellow Sydneysiders, urging them to uncover this remarkable treasure.

Sydney, with its vibrant spirit, holds numerous such concealed wonders, each walk or location offering a fresh surprise. If you’re keen on exploring more of Sydney’s enchanting spots, check out my comprehensive travel guide for the ultimate Sydney travel.

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The Comic Walk in Sydney
PIN for later reference – The Comic Walk in North Sydney

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About Sydney’s Comic Walk

The Comic Walk stands as an open-air exhibition featuring sculptures that pay homage to the golden age of Australian comics and iconic figures from early 20th-century children’s literature. Crafted by local artist Peter Kingston, this stroll presents miniature sculptures showcasing beloved comic characters. Referred to as the Peter Kingston Walkway, this delightful path is located within the park and is dedicated to Arthur Barton.

The Comic Walk in Sydney

How to Get to Arthur Barton Park?

Situated just behind Luna Park in North Sydney, the Arthur ‘Art’ Barton Park extends toward Lavender Bay. The closest transportation hubs are Milsons Point train station and ferry point. For the latest train and ferry schedules, as well as up-to-date information on public transportation in Sydney, refer to the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) website.

The Comic Walk in North Sydney

About Arthur ‘Art’ Barton

Arthur Barton was an artist who worked at Luna Park for 33 years. One of his biggest art accomplishments was the happy face at the Luna Park entrance gate. The art was built in the year 1959. Arthur Barton, after losing his one eye in World War I, became an artist and was one of the 35 artists employed at the Luna Park. His journey on how he became an artist and how he created the happy face of the Luna Park can be found on the Sydney tourism website.

Arthur Art Barton Park - The Comic Walk in North Sydney

About Peter Kingston

Also, a former Luna Park artist, Peter Kingston, created these comic series to celebrate and cherish his childhood heroes. His works are in bronze, and the mini sculptures on the Peter Kingston walkway are created to reflect the fun and good memories.

Only one of the mini sculptures is a stand-alone work created by the artist Chris O’Doherty. The sculpture is of Ken – the Dugong.

Kingston’s sculptures of classic Australian cartoon characters line the boardwalk and are popular with children and adults alike.

Cited on the article – ARTIST Peter Kingston is set to be honoured by the North Sydney community on Daily Telegraph.

PIN for later reference – Sydney’s Comic Walk

The Comic Walk in Sydney
PIN for later reference – The Comic Walk in North Sydney

Exhibits at Comic Walk

Banksia Man

The villains of the Gumnut series, Banksia Men are the ones always plotting wicked ways to capture Mr. Nut and Blossoms. This character was created by an Australian children’s author, Mary Gibbs.

Banksia Man The Comic Walk in Sydney
Banksia Man

Bib & Bub

Bib and Bub are the two comic characters created by Mary Gibbs. And Bib and Bub are the two Gumnuts living in a Gumnut town and have lots of fun adventures.

Bib & Bub - The Comic Walk in North Sydney
Bib & Bub

Blinky Bill

Blinky Bill is a koala, a fictional character created by a New Zealand born children’s books author Dorothy Wall. The character first appeared in the book Jacko – the broadcasting Kookaburra and then featured in a series of Blinky Bill books.

The Blinky Bill The Comic Walk in Sydney
Blinky Bill


Boofhead is a cartoon character featured in the 1940s, created by R B Clark. Boofhead translates to buffalo-head, which means a stupid person.

To know more about its origin and the details of the comic strip, refer to the article Eddie Everywhere And The Origins Of The Boofhead published by Newmatilda.

Boofhead The Comic Walk in Sydney

Felix the cat

This exhibit was my favourite as I love cats and I love the name, Felix. Felix, the cat is a popular black cat created in the silent film era. He was created by an Australian cartoonist Pat Sullivan.

Felix the cat The Comic Walk in Sydney
Felix, the cat

Did you know that Felix first appeared in Master Tom in the year 1919 and he is older than Mickey Mouse by 9 whole years?

Ginger Meggs

Ginger Meggs is a popular comic character, created by an Australian cartoonist Jimmy Bancks in the early 1920s.

Ginger Meggs The Comic Walk in Sydney
Ginger Meggs

The life and times of Ginger Meggs recorded by ABC radio can be heard here:

Ken – the Dugong

The sculpture of Ken, the Dugong is created by a contemporary artists Chris O’Doherty. The art work is a symbol to support the conservation campaign for the declining population of Dugongs in Queensland’s Hinchinbrrok Island.

Ken the dugong - The Comic Walk in North Sydney
Ken – The Dugong

Magic Pudding

The Magic Pudding is a story of a magic pudding that no matter how many times its eaten, it reforms itself to be eaten again. The character was created by an Australian author Norman Lindsay.

Magic Pudding The Comic Walk in Sydney
Magic Pudding

Mr. Lizard

Mr. Lizard is a character created by Mary Gibbs. He is strong, brave and fast and often saves the other characters Nuts and Blossoms from the perils.

Mr Lizard The Comic Walk in Sydney
Mr. Lizard

Mr. & Mrs. Kookaburra

Mr. Kookaburra and Mrs. Kookaburra were created by Mary Gibbs and are friends with Mr. Lizard.

Mr Kookaburra The Comic Walk in Sydney
Mr. Kookaburra
Mrs Kookaburra The Comic Walk in Sydney
Mrs. Kookaburra


How can Australian comics be complete without a kangaroo? Splodge is a kangaroo who is Blinky Bill’s friend. He was created by Dorothy Wall.

Splodge The Comic Walk in Sydney
Splodge, the Kangaroo

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The Ghost who walks

Unfortunately, I could not find this comic character’s connection with Australia. The only information I found was that the Ghost who walks is a comic character in an American adventure comic strip called the Phantom, published by Lee Falk.

The Ghost who walks The Comic Walk in Sydney
The Ghost who walks

The Rembrandt of Luna Park

A replica of Luna Park’s smiling face and its towers also exists as a display on the Comic Walk.

Smiling face Luna Park The Comic Walk in Sydney
Replica of Luna Park’s entrance

Statistics of the Comic Walk

  • The distance of the walk: 100 to 200 metres.
  • Time taken to complete the walk: 15 minutes.
  • The walkway is along the wooded boardwalk and is an effortless walk.
  • Look out for the sculptures as some of them are covered by bushes and plants.

Closing Notes

I absolutely loved this walk as it was like a treasure hunt. Actually my friend who was accompanying me during walk planned a fun activity for her kids to find the characters based on the pictures. How cool an activity is that! Even though the kids will enjoy this walk, I am sure adults would appreciate the various comic characters too and enjoy learning about them.

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Sydney's Unique Walking Experience: Comic Walk for Literature Lovers (2024)
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    PIN for later reference

    The Comic Walk in Sydney
    PIN for later reference – The Comic Walk in North Sydney