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Balls Head Reserve Waverton – Where Nature and Urban Coexist (2024)

I am sucker for good relaxed walks in the city. And I always try to research and find all the various walks to closer to home. So in finding these different walks, I came across the Balls Head Reserve walk in the Waverton suburb.

About Balls Head Reserve Walk

A very easy and relaxed walk to do over the weekend is the Balls Head Reserve walk in Sydney. It is in the Lower North Shore of Sydney and passes through some gorgeous views of Sydney Harbour. It is definitely a walk to be on your things to do while in Sydney.

Waverton: Balls Head Reserve walk (Sydney)

The walk is around Balls Head, Sawmillers Reserve, Berrys Bay and Wendy’s secret garden. And it also has a ship wreck along the way.

Waverton: Balls Head Reserve walk (Sydney)
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Logistics of Balls Head Reserve Walk

  • Starting point: Waverton train station.
  • Total distance: 7 kilometres.
  • Total time taken: 2 hours.
  • Grade: Easy.
  • Ending point: Milsons Point train station.
  • Type of walk: One way.

How to reach Waverton?

  • Public transportation – There are frequent trains that run between the Central train station and Waverton.
    • Up-to-date information on the public transport can be found on the Transport for NSW website.
  • Driving – As this is a one way walk, one can drive to Waverton and then take a train from Milsons Point to Waverton after completing the walk. Waverton is only 6.5 kilometres from Sydney Central Business District (CBD). The drive just takes 15 minutes.
    • There are frequent trains between Milsons Point and Waverton.

Safety for solo female travelers

This walk is absolutely safe for solo female hikers. For most walks, I suggest going with a hiking buddy, but this walk is totally safe when done alone. I have walked around alone on many of these walks and has had no issues.

Beware of the wildlife and respect the wildlife.

Closing Notes

I love this walk as it provides great views of the Sydney harbour with the Sydney harbour bridge. I definitely recommend doing this city walk when you are in Sydney and have a bit of time after doing the coastal walks.