The Wulugul Walk

The Wulugul walk

The Wulugul walk makes a perfect city walk with great views and refreshing waterfronts. And Wulugul walk in Barangaroo Reserve, is a part of Barangaroo Foreshore walk and is a lovely walk to do while visiting Barangaroo. Barangaroo has become one of my favourite hang out places after I have moved to the city. PIN … Read more

5 one day walks in Sydney

Bloody Long Walk

Sydney has been blessed with plenty of walks with either great views of the ocean or with historical significance. The city has coastal walks and the walks that can be done to explore and see the way the city has evolved. In this post, I am listing down the 5 best one day walks in … Read more

Beginner’s guide for hiking and trekking

Vattakanal Hike

Over the years, I have been constantly asked about how one can start hiking or trekking. There are many who want to start somewhere and get into hiking and/ or trekking but do not know where to start. Having trekked in the Himalayas and done the Everest Base Camp, I thought I should pen down … Read more

Lane Cove Tree Trails

Lane Cove Sydney

I love the suburb of Lane Cove. I lived in the northern side of Lane Cove, very close to the Lane Cove Village and loved every single day of living there. As I love walks, I discovered this beautiful Lane Cove tree trails in the village. There is also a board put up by council … Read more

Self guided walk to explore Sydney Central Business District (CBD)

Sydney bird eye view

I am blessed to be living in this amazing city Sydney. The city has so much to offer to everyone including the tourists and travelers. There are plenty of things to do in the Central Business District (CBD) itself. For a complete travel guide, refer my ultimate guide to Sydney. Sydney CBD refers to the … Read more

Hermitage Foreshore Walk in Sydney

Hermitage Foreshore Walk in Sydney

Do you fancy a relaxed easy coastal walk with spectacular views of Sydney harbour and cityscape? Then Hermitage Foreshore walk is definitely the walk you are looking for. This walk is ideal for an evening walk with some fresh air along the ocean. Sydney is truly blessed with such amazing coastal walks that can easily … Read more

Harbour Foreshore Walk | Peek into Sydney History

Sydney History Walk at the Rocks

Exploring Sydney and discovering its history has become a new obsession for me. Sydney as a city has so many things to see and do and one such thing is the Harbour Foreshore walk that starts at the Circular Quay and finished at the Darling Harbour. There are so many hidden gems that only the … Read more

Barangaroo Aboriginal Cultural Tour

Barangaroo Reserve

One of the best cultural tours I have taken in Sydney is the Barangaroo Aboriginal cultural tour. The tour focuses on the aboriginal culture and takes the visitors through the Barangaroo reserve talking about various plants and how they are used in the aboriginal society. The guide also provides the history of Barangaroo. PIN for … Read more

Walk from Darling Harbour to Barangaroo Reserve

Darling Harbour to Barangaroo Reserve

I love this beautiful city of Sydney. The city caters for people with all interests. Even in the midst of the Central Business District (CBD), one can experience walks along the harbour with spectacular views. One such walk is a walk from Darling Harbour to Barangaroo Reserve. It is an easy and relaxed walk that … Read more

Colony History Walk (Part 2) – The Australian Heritage Hotel to Dawes Point

Colony History Walk - The Australian Hotel to Dawes Point

A few weeks ago, during my hunt of discovering the Sydney hidden gems, I stumbled upon the Colony History Walk. The walk is divided into two parts – Part 1: Customs House to The Big Dig and Part 2: The Australian Heritage Hotel to Dawes Point. In this post, I have talked only about the … Read more

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