10 days of backpacking trip in Nepal

Everest Base Camp

The 10 days backpacking travel in Nepal is very close to my heart. It was the initial days of my traveling where I had just stepped out of my comfort zone. My friends and I had planned an awesome backpacking travel covering the three cities of Nepal. These were the days where we had just … Read more

Backpacking in South Island!

Backpacking in New Zealand

I have been to New Zealand many times before. Its a beautiful country and my most favourite country so far, so visiting this part of the World is almost like an annual ritual. I have already been to New Zealand in bits and pieces for 4 to 5 times. But the last time around, I … Read more

Travel Guide | Stewart Island (New Zealand’s third biggest island)

Backpacking in New Zealand - Stewart Island

Stewart Island is the third biggest island in New Zealand. The island lies about 30 kilometers south of South Island. The best thing about this island is its wildlife and the estimated population of the island is around 400 people, which means less crowd. It is also known as Rakiura. The word ‘Rakiura’ is the … Read more

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