Finding Nemo in Langkawi

I was excited to see Nemo. I was jumping up and down with excitement. I had not seen Nemo even in Australia. Let me give you a little bit of background – Nemo is a baby clown fish in the movie – Finding Nemo. In the movie, Nemo is taken by a set of divers (scuba divers) and his father finds out that the divers have taken Nemo to Sydney, Australia.

From the time I had seen the movie, I have been dreaming about seeing the clown fish colony during my dives in Australia. I had specifically done the scuba diving in Gold Coast with a hope to see Nemo – but that was in vain.

But I had seen Nemo and the entire clown fish colony here in Langkawi – how amazing! I was elated by the experience. I had finally ticked one of my bucket list items – to see the clown fish colony in the wild. And then my crazy photo shoot started under the water with the clown fish colony 😀 .






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