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Antarctica Clothing and Packing Guide: What to Carry for Your Polar Expedition (2024)

Are you dreaming of an Antarctica adventure? Or are you preparing for an expedition to the frozen continent of Antarctica? How exciting! Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while traveling to this amazing continent. In this post, you will find the Antarctica Clothing and Packing Guide. You will also find the essential things to take to Antarctica and the review of some of the products that I took during my travel to Antarctica.

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Understanding the Antarctica Climate

Enticing adventurous travelers, explorers, photographers and nature enthusiasts, Antarctica offers the opportunity to witness some of the planet’s most remarkable landscapes and wildlife. There are plenty of things that you can do in Antarctica and the beauty of that continent will just blow your mind off. But preparing for this spectacular expedition to Antarctica is not a task to be taken lightly.

Antarctica boasts of the most extreme and harshest climates on Earth. It is the coldest continent that goes to as low as -90 degrees Celsius (-130 degrees Fahrenheit).

The continent mainly has two seasons, Summer and Winter. Summer is between the months of November and February, and winter is between the months of March and October. Average temperatures during the summer season can range between 0 to -10 degrees Celsius (32 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit). January is the hottest month in Antarctica.

During the summer season, there may be daylight for 24 hours in the Antarctica region, especially during the Antarctic Circle. Something to note is that the weather in Antarctica changes drastically and is highly unpredictable. The continent is subject to harsh and powerful winds, and can experience heavy snowfall even during the summers.

Antarctica Clothing Guide

Even though the cruises travel to Antarctica mainly during the summer season, the weather is still extreme and dry when compared to other parts of the world. With frigid temperatures, biting winds, and rapidly changing weather patterns, it is essential to be prepared and dress appropriately to ensure your safety and comfort during your journey in Antarctica, especially during the expeditions.

One morning on the cruise
One morning on the cruise

Layering for Extreme Cold

The best way to dress for Antarctic expeditions is by layering your clothes. Proper layering is essential to stay warm, dry, and comfortable while exploring and traveling in the challenging environment.

The clothing layers can be divided as:

  • Base layer,
  • Insulating layer and
  • Outer layer protection.
Antarctica expedition on a zodiac
Antarctica expedition on a zodiac

Base Layer Essentials

The base layer is the innermost layer to keep your body warm and sweat away from your skin. This is where your thermal layer comes in. Synthetic material is best used for the base layer and try to avoid cotton as cotton retains moisture and can make you cold.

Having experimented with various thermal clothing options, I’ve discovered that both Merino wool products from Kathmandu and thermal layers from Decathlon are highly effective.

Brand/Website Name: Kathmandu or North Face
Product Name: Merino Wool Base Layers
Starting Price: From $89

The thermal layers from Decathlon, in particular, stand out not only for their effectiveness but also for being cost-effective.

Brand/Website Name: Decathlon
Product Name: Thermal Underwear (Base Layer)
Starting Price: From $9.99

I doubled up on thermal layers, wearing two for both the upper and lower body simultaneously, as I tend to feel extremely cold. I recommend for your travels, too, to pack two sets of thermal layers, allowing you to alternate and stay warm effectively.

For extra warmth, layer a full-sleeved t-shirt over the thermal top. If you choose to wear two thermal top layers simultaneously, you can forego the t-shirt.

Insulating Layer Recommendations

The insulating layer is needed to ensure that there is no heat loss from the body and warmth is retained. Common materials to use are down, fleece or any high-loft and soft fabrics.

I complemented my thermals with a fleece pullover from Kathmandu, offering impeccable insulation. It’s advisable to bring a fleece jacket for your travels, ensuring you can reuse it for added warmth.

Brand/Website Name: Kathmandu or North Face
Product Name: Fleece Pullover
Starting Prices: From $119

Layered over the fleece pullover, I donned my Superdry down puffy jacket, which proved exceptionally effective in keeping me warm during zodiac expeditions. I highly recommend including a puffy or down jacket in your packing list for added warmth and comfort.

Brand/Website Name: Superdry
Product Name: Sportswear XP-D+
Starting Prices: From $200

Superdry - Picture with a sunset on the deck
Picture with a sunset on the deck

The Intrepid cruise provider supplied us with a Kathmandu puffy jacket, which becomes yours to keep after the expedition. While the Kathmandu jacket was commendable, I personally found the need for a thicker option, like the Superdry jacket I brought along.

Kathmandu Puffy Jacket

Outer Layer Protection

The last and outer layer protects all your clothes and yourself from the strong winds, snow and rain. This must be windproof and waterproof. The cruise operators provide you with the outer layer jacket that you can use during your expedition. These jackets are to be returned at the end of the expedition.

Outer Layer Protection - Picture on Deception Island
Picture on Deception Island

For the lower body, it’s essential to pack rainproof pants, a mandatory item. I opted for rain protection pants from Decathlon, and they proved exceptional, keeping me completely dry without any water seepage.

Brand/Website Name: Decathlon
Product Name: Rain Pants
Starting Prices: From $40

Footwear: Keeping Your Toes Warm


Wearing double-layered socks is essential when venturing out on zodiacs to ensure your toes stay warm. You can opt for two pairs of socks, one layered atop the other. Personally, I chose to use Ski socks from Decathlon, and they proved highly effective in keeping my toes well-protected and warm during the excursion.

Brand/Website Name: Decathlon
Product Name: Ski Socks
Starting Prices: From $4.99

I brought approximately two pairs of ski socks to allow for reuse during my expeditions. In addition to these ski socks, I also packed a few pairs of regular socks to wear onboard.

Antarctica Clothing and Packing Guide: What to Carry for Your Polar Expedition (2024)


Closed shoes are a mandatory requirement onboard. Ensure you bring a pair with a solid grip, particularly for stability during the potentially unsteady conditions of the Drake Passage. I personally brought a pair I purchased from Myntra, which not only provided the essential grip but was also budget-friendly.

Brand/Website Name: Myntra
Product Name: Slip-On Sneakers
Starting Prices: From $20

Waterproof boots are necessary for excursions on land and zodiac cruises. Cruise operators typically provide these boots for your use during the journey, and they are expected to be returned at the end of the travel.

Important – To keep dry, make sure to tuck the waterproof boots inside the rain pants. Placing the boots outside the rain pants allows water to seep in, leading to water running down into your socks and feet.

Slippers or Flip-Flops

Slippers or flip-flops are only necessary within your cabin. Closed shoes are required when onboard, making slippers optional. If you have limited space or numerous items to carry, you can choose to skip bringing slippers.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Flip-flops / Sandals / Slippers
Starting Prices: From $20

Winter Accessories

Ski Goggles or Sunglasses

Given Antarctica’s harsh weather conditions, it’s crucial to safeguard your eyes. Consider investing in high-quality ski glasses or sunglasses that provide protection not only against intense sunlight but also the biting winds and snowstorms. I personally acquired a reliable pair of sunglasses through an Amazon purchase.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Ski Goggles / Sunglasses
Starting Prices: From $25


A high-quality and warm beanie is essential for your Antarctic journey to protect your head and ears. I brought two, one purchased locally in Sydney and the other from Amazon, both proving to be excellent choices for keeping warm in the cold temperatures.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Beanie
Starting Prices: From $25

Seeing the icebergs - Intrepid Antarctica Cruise
Seeing the icebergs


I didn’t find the need to use the scarf I brought during my travels. Therefore, if you are carrying a bandana, you can opt to skip bringing a scarf.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Scarf
Starting Price: From $20


Bandanas are versatile accessories; you can tie them around your neck for protection against strong winds, use them as makeshift head coverings, or even as face masks. My Amazon-purchased bandana served these purposes well, shielding my face and neck from rain and snowstorms.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Bandana
Starting Price: From $10


Gloves are crucial for Antarctic expeditions, offering essential protection for your hands and fingers. Go for waterproof gloves with inner liners to ensure comprehensive coverage. Investing in a high-quality pair of gloves and liners is key. Also, ensure that they are finger sensitive so you can use your smartphones without having to remove your gloves.

I personally chose the waterproof gloves from Decathlon, and they proved to be excellent, providing the necessary protection and keeping my hands dry during the expeditions.

Brand/Website Name: Decathlon
Product Name: Gloves
Starting Price: From $17

Hand Warmers

While I didn’t personally carry hand warmers, some fellow guests on the cruise found them beneficial in keeping warm during expeditions, particularly on the zodiacs. If hand warmers are accessible in your city, it is advisable to consider packing one or two. This way, you have the option to decide whether to use them based on the conditions when you are in Antarctica.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Rechargeable Hand Warmers
Starting Price: From $5

Clothing for Cruise

Are you taking a cruise for the first time? Then here are 100+ cruise tips for beginners.

Formal or Party dress

While most Antarctica cruises prioritise education and expedition over frequent entertainments, some do host social gatherings at night. We experienced a DJ night on our last evening before reaching Ushuaia. Attending these social events adds to the cruise experience, creating moments of camaraderie. It is advisable to pack one or two formal or party dresses to be prepared for dinners or special gatherings.

Cruise Critic HomepageAntarctica Clothing and Packing Guide: What to Carry for Your Polar Expedition (2024)

Dressing up for these occasions enhances your participation in the social aspects of the journey, ensuring you’re ready for any festivities that may arise during your Antarctic adventure.

Night Clothes

Night clothes are a necessity for a good night’s sleep after a day of exploration and socialising. Ensure you pack one or two pairs for your journey, allowing you to stay refreshed and reuse them throughout your expedition.


I typically bring a new set of undergarments for each day and carry an additional one or two pairs for unexpected circumstances. For an Antarctica journey, it is essential to pack one or two sets of thermal undergarments to stay warm during expeditions. Decathlon offers excellent products that you can consider purchasing for this purpose.

Brand/Website Name: Decathlon
Product Name: Undergarments
Starting Prices: From $15


While cruise providers furnish fresh towels onboard, I personally carry a microfibre towel from Decathlon. Its lightweight nature and space-saving design make it a convenient addition to my luggage, providing a practical option even when onboard towels are available.

Brand/Website Name: Decathlon
Product Name: Microfibre Towel
Starting Prices: From $15


A swimsuit is essential for your Antarctica journey. Onboard, cruises have a hot pool, and you will also have the chance to experience a polar plunge. In both scenarios, having your swimsuit is necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Antarctica Clothing and Packing Guide: What to Carry for Your Polar Expedition (2024)

Gym Wear

Cruise ships typically feature an onboard fitness center and daily yoga sessions. It is advisable to pack your gym wear so that you can actively participate in these activities during your journey.


First-aid kit

Reminder: Verify the expiration dates of your medications and retain only those that are not expired.

While cruises provide onboard doctors and medical kits, having your own basic first-aid kit is advisable. I consistently carry a small pouch containing essential medicines and bandages to ensure I have immediate access to necessary supplies in my first-aid kit.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: First Aid Kit
Starting Price: From $10

First-aid Kit
First-aid Kit

Personal medicines

Remember to pack your personal medications for the journey, and make sure to bring an extra strip or two in case of emergencies or potential delays in returning to the mainland.

Sea-sickness tablets

Important!! Consult your doctor before taking any sea-sickness tablets.

Sea-sickness tablets are essential for the Drake Passage. Even if you typically don’t experience sea-sickness, it is advisable to take the tablets due to the rough sea conditions. These tablets are available onboard, and you can purchase them if needed.


The sun rays in Antarctica can be harsh, making it crucial to apply sunscreen every morning and afternoon before excursions. I brought an 80 ml tube of sunscreen from MamaEarth, purchased from Amazon, and it proved to be very effective in providing the necessary protection.

Brand/Website Name: MamaEarth on Amazon
Product Name: Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen with Carrot Seed, Turmeric and SPF 50+
Starting Price: From $20

Moisturiser and Chap-stick

Onboard, two essential products you will frequently use are moisturiser and chapstick. The cold weather and harsh sun rays can lead to dry skin during the journey, making a good moisturiser and chapstick indispensable.

Brand/Website Name: MamaEarth on Amazon
Product Name: Mamaearth Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturiser For Face with Vitamin C
Starting Price: From $25

Water bottle (Thermos) reusable

A reusable water bottle or thermos is an indispensable item for your Antarctica packing list. Staying hydrated is crucial in the extreme conditions of Antarctica, where the cold and dry climate can lead to dehydration. Bringing a thermos ensures that your water remains insulated and, in some cases, prevents it from freezing.

The drinking water bottles onboard are expensive, and having a reusable bottle allows you to carry an adequate supply during excursions. Additionally, it contributes to sustainable practices by reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles. A thermos becomes your reliable companion, ensuring you have access to hydrating beverages while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica.

Unfortunately, I had to purchase a Thermos water bottle onboard as the reusable water bottle that I had taken was not that effective. If you want to purchase prior to the expedition, you can look for options on Amazon as there are many Thermos products.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Thermos Water Bottle
Starting Price: From $15

Waterproof Dry Bag

A waterproof dry bag is a vital addition to your Antarctica packing list. In the challenging Antarctic environment, where you may encounter unpredictable weather conditions, protecting your belongings from water and moisture is crucial. Whether you are on a zodiac cruise or participating in land excursions, a waterproof dry bag ensures the safety of your electronics, and other essential items.

The bag’s waterproof material shields your belongings from rain, snow, or splashes during maritime activities. It offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the incredible experiences without worrying about the elements. Compact and durable, a waterproof dry bag is a practical investment that safeguards your valuables while exploring the unique and pristine landscapes of Antarctica.

I brought along a reliable waterproof dry bag that I purchased from Amazon, and it proved to be a valuable asset during my journey.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Waterproof Dry Bag
Starting Price: From $10


Toiletries are essential for your Antarctica packing list, ensuring personal hygiene and comfort during your expedition to this remote continent. Pack travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to minimise space while meeting your cleanliness needs. Don’t forget toothpaste, a toothbrush, and dental floss for daily oral care.

Given the harsh climate, include a high-quality moisturiser to combat dry skin, and a lip balm to prevent chapping. A mild, eco-friendly soap is advisable for the occasional freshwater shower on the cruise. Remember to bring a compact towel for personal use.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Toiletry Kit
Starting Price: From $30

While cruise ships provide basic toiletries, having your preferred products guarantees familiarity and ensures personal well-being in the extreme Antarctic conditions. Prioritise eco-friendly options to minimise environmental impact and contribute to the conservation of this pristine environment.

Electronics, Camera Gear and Accessories

When it comes to cameras, make sure to carry only one set of gear on your zodiacs or expeditions. Changing lenses or equipment during expeditions can be challenging, so having a single setup ready ensures you don’t miss any crucial shots.


If you are not a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast, there is no need to fret. Capturing pictures with your phone is easy and can produce impressive results, especially for landscapes. While wildlife photography might be a bit challenging without a dedicated zoom option, most smartphones with zoom features can still do the job effectively. Additionally, many cruises have onboard professional photographers who excel at capturing both the journey and the wildlife, ensuring you have memorable photos without the need for specialised equipment.


  • Make sure to secure your phone with a sturdy lanyard, especially when on the zodiacs.
  • Bring gloves with sensitive tips to enable phone operation without the need to remove them.

Camera (DSLR) with a Good lens

A camera, preferably a DSLR with a high-quality lens, is a fundamental item for your Antarctica packing list. The breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife encounters in Antarctica offer unparalleled photographic opportunities, making a capable camera crucial.

A DSLR provides superior image quality, manual controls, and versatility, allowing you to capture the intricate details of this pristine environment. A good lens, such as a telephoto lens, enhances your ability to photograph distant wildlife without disturbing their natural behavior.

Ensure your camera is well-protected in a weatherproof bag, safeguarding it from the cold and potential moisture. Photography becomes an integral part of your Antarctic experience, immortalising the breathtaking moments and majestic scenery that make this journey truly exceptional.

Canon 7D Mark II DSLR with Sigma 600mm lens

I had carried Canon 7D Mark II DSLR with Sigma 600mm lens for my journey.

Canon 7D Mark II DSLR paired with the Sigma 600mm lens is a powerful combination for capturing stunning photographs, making it an excellent choice for an Antarctica expedition. The 7D Mark II, known for its robust build and advanced autofocus system, excels in challenging environments, ensuring you can capture fast-paced wildlife and dynamic landscapes.

Brand/Website Name: Canon (on Amazon)
Product Name: DSLR Cameras
Starting Price: From $600

Camera with lens

The Sigma 600mm lens provides an extended reach, ideal for photographing distant subjects like wildlife without disturbing their natural behavior. This setup allows for intricate details and exceptional image quality, making it well-suited for the unique photographic opportunities Antarctica presents.

Brand/Website Name: Sigma (on Amazon)
Product Name: 150-600mm lens
Starting Price: From $1250

Whether capturing the vast icy landscapes or the diverse wildlife, the Canon 7D Mark II with the Sigma 600mm lens proves to be a reliable and high-performance choice for documenting the wonders of Antarctica.

Hang out with Penguins
Hang out with Penguins; One of the Pictures taken during expedition

Insta360 One X2

I have an Insta360 One X2 camera designed for capturing the panoramic beauty of my surroundings in 360 degrees. I deemed this camera particularly fitting for capturing the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica from all directions.

The Insta360 One X2 is a cutting-edge 360-degree camera designed to capture immersive and dynamic content. Packed with advanced features, the Insta360 One X2 allows users to create stunning photos and videos with unparalleled perspectives. Its compact design and ease of use make it a versatile tool for content creators, adventurers, and anyone seeking to document their experiences in a unique way.

Brand/Website Name: Insta360 (on Amazon)
Product Name: Insta360 One X2
Starting Price: From $525

Go Pro

The GoPro camera is a versatile and compact action camera designed for capturing high-quality footage in various adventurous scenarios. Renowned for its durability and portability, the GoPro is a favorite among adventurers, athletes, and content creators. It excels in capturing dynamic and immersive experiences, offering features such as 4K video recording, impressive image stabilisation, and a rugged, waterproof design.

The GoPro is essential for capturing dynamic action footage and images, particularly in underwater scenarios when seals are swimming amidst floating icebergs. I brought along my GoPro 9 to ensure I could document these magical moments seamlessly.

Brand/Website Name: GoPro (on Amazon)
Product Name: GoPro Hero 11
Starting Price: From $

Memory Cards

Bring an abundance of memory cards as you will be amazed at the sheer number of pictures and videos you will capture during your journey to Antarctica. Every moment is picture-perfect, and you will find yourself wanting to document heaps of memories. To ensure you do not run out of storage on your cameras, come prepared with around 5 to 6 memory cards, each with ample space to accommodate the plethora of breathtaking moments you will encounter.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: SanDisk Extreme Pro
Starting Price: From $

External Hard Disc

While not mandatory, it is advisable to carry an external drive to back up the pictures and videos from your journey and expedition. Occasionally, memory cards may become corrupted, and having a backup ensures you won’t lose any precious moments captured during your expedition.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: External Hard Disc
Starting Price: From $

Travel Adaptor and Memory Card Reader

Antarctica may have different power outlets and voltage standards compared to your home country. A travel adapter ensures that you can charge your electronic devices without any compatibility issues. With a travel adapter, you can charge your camera, smartphone, or other electronic devices, ensuring they remain powered throughout your journey. On our cruise, we had the European plug points.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Adaptor
Starting Price: From $20

A memory card reader allows you to transfer photos and videos from your camera’s memory card to another storage device, such as a laptop or external hard drive. This is crucial for backing up your valuable content, especially considering the limited availability of power sources in Antarctica.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Memory Card Reader
Starting Price: From $21

Antarctica’s harsh conditions can pose a risk to electronic devices. Having a memory card reader enables you to secure your photos and videos on multiple devices, reducing the risk of data loss due to device malfunction or damage.

Laptop / tablet

While having a laptop or tablet is not compulsory, it can be beneficial, especially if you have the space. These devices prove handy when you need to transfer pictures from memory cards to external hard drives, providing a convenient and efficient way to manage and back up your valuable content.

Waterproof pouch for phone

A waterproof pouch or case for your phone proves invaluable during expeditions. Given the unpredictable weather, which can include snowstorms or rain, these pouches/cases provide crucial protection for your device. Thanks to my waterproof pouch, I had the opportunity to submerge my phone underwater, enabling me to capture some truly amazing videos without any concerns about damage.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Phone Waterproof Pouch
Starting Price: From $15

Power bank

A power bank is a must-have for charging your phone or camera equipment during your Antarctica expedition. The cold temperatures in Antarctica can rapidly drain the batteries of electronic devices, making a power bank essential to ensure your equipment always has sufficient battery power.

Brand/Website Name: Amazon
Product Name: Power Bank
Starting Price: From $30

Other things to take to Antarctica

Old Passport

You can obtain “Edge of the World” stamps at the Ushuaia visitor centre or the post office. It is advisable to bring your old passport for these unique and unusual stamps. While they can be stamped on the current passport, it is worth noting that this practice might lead to issues at immigration in some countries.


Discover this interesting fact: you have the opportunity to send postcards to your loved ones directly from Antarctica. Bring along some postcards for the cruise, allowing you to write and send them while onboard. To send these postcards, you will need $2 stamps, conveniently available for purchase at the cruise shop. The exciting part is that you will receive a cancellation stamp from the Antarctica post office, adding a unique touch to the postcards sent from this extraordinary destination.

Send a Postcard
Cancellation Stamp


While onboard, you will find yourself well-fed with a daily routine of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, evening tea, and dinner. Additionally, there is access to coffee and tea throughout the day. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to bring along some light snacks to complement your evening coffee or tea.

Important to note: Taking snacks, food, or drinks outside of the cruise during your expeditions is not permitted.

Laundry bags

Cruise ships do offer onboard laundry services, but they can be costly. It is advisable to pack some laundry bags to separate your dirty clothes. Once you disembark in Ushuaia, you can conveniently get your clothes cleaned at a local laundry shop or at the hotel that you stay in Ushuaia.

Antarctica Clothing and Packing Checklist

You can now get a free downloadable version of the Antarctica Clothing and Packing checklist by subscribing to my newsletter:

Preparing for Your Expedition

Preparing for a journey to Antarctica requires thoughtful consideration of clothing and packing essentials to ensure a safe and comfortable expedition. The extreme conditions demand specialised gear, from insulated layers to waterproof outerwear, to shield against the harsh elements. Additionally, attention to details such as proper footwear, accessories like gloves and hats, and the inclusion of essential personal items is crucial.

Note: The clothing and packing checklist is a generic guideline created to cater for most of the travelers. However, customise and modify the checklist based on your preferences and needs.

Closing Notes

By following this Antarctica Clothing and Packing Guide, you can embark on the polar expedition well-equipped, allowing you to fully appreciate the awe-inspiring landscapes and unique wildlife of this pristine and remote continent. Safe travels to the frozen wonder of Antarctica. You will have an awesome and life-changing experience!

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Antarctica Clothing and Packing Guide: What to Carry for Your Polar Expedition (2024)
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