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Art City Walking Trail (Perth)

I think this was the most amazing walk that I did in Perth. The path of the art city walking trail was provided to me by the Perth Information Centre and I am really glad that I inquired about this walk.

I have visited Perth twice, once for 5 days (for itinerary, refer 5 days in Perth) and second for a weekend (for itinerary, refer a weekend in Perth).

About Art City Walking Trail

The Art City Walking Trail takes one through the public artworks that are displayed across the Perth Central Business District (CBD) and Northbridge. It is recorded that Perth City has more than 200 public artworks depicting city’s identity, both present and the past.

Following are the artworks that the Art City Walking Trail consists of:

Note: Information is used from the booklet provided by the City of Perth in their Art City Walking trail.

Stop 1 – First Contact Sculpture

First Contact sculpture is at the Elizabeth Quay and this sculpture welcomes the city’s visitors into Elizabeth Quay from the city and the river.

  • Artist: Laurel Nannup.
  • Year: 2015.
Art City Walking Trail
First Contact Sculpture

Stop 2 – Wolf Lane

Wolf Lane is a lane with many wall art and graffiti. As part of a public project by ‘FORM building a state of creativity‘, there were 16 morals that coloured the Wolf Lane.

  • Artist: Various artists.
  • Year: 2014.
Art City Walking Trail
One of the art works at Wolf Lane

Stop 3 – Koorden Sculptures

Koorden Sculptures are a display of 6 male Indigenous figures at Kings Square. These figures represent the painted ceremonial markings found in historic photographs.

  • Artist: Rod Garlett, Fred Chaney and Richie Kuhaupt.
  • Year: 2015.
Art City Walking Trail
Koorden Sculptures

Stop 4 – Connectus

Connectus is a ribbon-like light artwork glows at night.

  • Artist: Warren Langley and Trent Baker.
  • Year: 2015.
Art City Walking Trail
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Stop 5 – 140 William Street

William street is another lane with a series of wall arts connecting to the pedestrian mall of Murray Street.

  • Artist: Various artists.
  • Year: 2014.
Art City Walking Trail
140 William Street

Stop 6 – Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own references the emergence of the organic farming movement that happened in the 20th century. It encourages the people to connect to the city.

  • Artist: James Angus.
  • Year: 2011.
Art City Walking Trail
Grow Your Own

Stop 7 – Delight and Hurt Not

Delight and Hurt Not is a ceiling in City of Perth Library (level 1). The artwork is based on the closing scene of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It illustrates Western Australia’s native flora and fauna.

  • Artist: Andrew Nicholls.
  • Year: 2016.
Art City Walking Trail
Delight and Hurt Not

Stop 8 – Ascalon

Ascalon sculpture represents the triumph of good over evil. And depicts St George’s cloak billowing around his lance.

  • Artist: Marcus Canning and Christian de Vietri.
  • Year: 2011.
Art City Walking Trail
Ascalon Sculpture

Stop 9 – The Mob – Kangaroos on the Terrace

The Mob artwork celebrates one of the World’s unique animals – The Kangaroos.

  • Artist: Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith.
  • Year: 1997.
Art City Walking Trail
The Mob – Kangaroos on the Terrace
Art City Walking Trail
The Mob – Kangaroos on the Terrace

Stop 10 – Striking feature wall

Striking feature wall is a beautiful wall in the Perth Concert Hall.

  • Artist: Tom Sanders.
  • Year: 1971.
Art City Walking Trail
Striking feature wall

Logistics of the walk

  • Total distance: approx. 5 kilometres.
  • Time taken: 2 hours.
  • Grade: Easy.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Map:
Art City Walking Trail | Map
Map of the trail; Note: #7 is closed – so I skipped 7 as part of this post.

Is Perth safe for solo female travelers?

Absolutely yes! I have traveled to Perth two times and both the times I have traveled solo. I have not had any issues while traveling in this city. However, be cautious and know your surroundings, especially when traveling at nights.

Closing Notes

As I mentioned in the beginning, I absolutely loved this walk. Spotting and finding some of the amazing sculptures was something that I really enjoyed a lot. I definitely recommend doing this walk when you are in Perth.

Another beautiful walk that I did when I visit Perth is the walk around the Swan River.

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