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Food Guide: Must Try Food in Bangalore (2024)

In this food guide, we embark on a gastronomic adventure by finding the must try food in Bangalore and uncovering the local delicacies that define the city’s unique food culture.

Recently, I shared an extensive travel guide to the city of Bangalore. Now, it’s time to delve into the culinary treasures of my beloved home city with a dedicated food guide. As a multicultural hub, Bangalore offers a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy every palate. However, this post will focus solely on the authentic flavours rooted in Bangalore’s rich culture and tradition.

In the upcoming exploration, we’ll navigate through the city’s culinary landscape, uncovering gems that reflect the true essence of Bangalore’s gastronomic heritage. From local specialties to traditional delights, join me in savouring the unique and authentic food experiences that make Bangalore a culinary haven. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey through the flavours defining this vibrant city’s heart and soul.

Masala Puri Bangalore (Bangalore's food guide)

PIN for later reference – Must Try Food in Bangalore

PIN for later reference - Must Try Food in Bangalore
PIN for later reference – Must Try Food in Bangalore

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About Bangalore

Bengaluru, often called Bangalore, is the Silicon Valley of India, holding the prestigious title of the world’s Information Technology (IT) capital. Despite its modern facade, the city gracefully preserves its authenticity, proudly upholding a distinct culture and traditions, notably reflected in its diverse culinary landscape.

Must-Try Food in Bangalore

Bangalore is a melting pot of cultures, boasting a vibrant blend of diverse ethnicities. The city comprises approximately 50% migrants, contributing to its rich cultural tapestry. Bangalore’s food scene seamlessly weaves together both traditional and modern culinary delights.

Despite this fusion, the city proudly preserves its authentic food culture and traditions, celebrating classics like idlis, dosas, and Pongal. Renowned for its distinctive street food, Bangalore offers a culinary journey that harmonizes the old and the new.

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Bangalore’s Food Guide

Akki Rotti

In Bangalore, one of the quintessential rice-based breakfast items is Akki Rotti, which translates to Rice Bread in Kannada. This flavorful dish combines rice flour with onions, chillies, coriander leaves, salt, and water, creating a soft, well-kneaded dough. The dough is skillfully stretched into thin sheets and then carefully cooked on a pan with oil until the rotti achieves a delightful golden hue.

Akki Rotti (Bangalore)
Akki Rotti; Picture taken by Manju Kishore

Where to find Akki Rotti? For those eager to savour the authentic taste of Akki Rotti, notable locations include Kadamba in Rajajinagar, the bustling Tindi Beedhi (food street) in VV Puram, and the inviting Halli Mane in Malleshwaram. These establishments offer a delightful culinary experience, allowing you to relish this traditional Bangalorean breakfast delicacy in its truest form.

Biscuits at Bakeries

In Bangalore, indulging in the delectable freshly baked biscuits from local bakeries is a must-try experience. The perfect blend of butter, salt, and spice in these biscuits forms an exquisite combination, particularly delightful when paired with a cup of aromatic filter coffee. This lovely pairing is my favourite, and I never miss the opportunity to stock up on these biscuits before returning from Bangalore to Sydney.

Bangalore Bakery
One of Iyengar bakeries

Where to find Biscuits? The go-to spots for those seeking the best delectable treats are any renowned Iyengar bakeries or the esteemed Variar bakery. These establishments consistently deliver on the promise of delicious, hot biscuits that capture the essence of Bangalore’s irresistible culinary offerings.

Bisibele Bath

Thought to have its roots in the Mysore Palace, Bisibele Bath is a flavorful rice-based dish featuring a unique blend of ingredients. This spicy delicacy incorporates rice, Toor dal (a type of lentil), homemade or readily available spicy masala, a medley of vegetables, and a touch of ghee.

Bisibelebath Bangalore
Bisibele Bath

Where to find Bisbele Bath? For those eager to savour the authentic taste of Bisibele Bath, Kadamba and MTR stand out as top-notch establishments. These renowned eateries are celebrated for serving this delicious dish with an exceptional blend of flavours, capturing the essence of its origin in every bite.

Bread/ Masala Toast

Yet another personal favourite of mine is the Bread/Masala Toast, a simple yet delightful treat in local bakeries. Comprising onions, chillies, a hint of tomatoes, curry leaves, a dash of masala, and a sprinkle of salt are artfully spread on top of a toasted slice of bread.

Bangalore toast
Bread toast

Where to find Bread Toast? For the finest Bread Toast experience, I highly recommend visiting the local Iyengar bakeries. These establishments are renowned for crafting this savoury delight with the perfect balance of flavours, making each bite a satisfying and memorable culinary experience.

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD)

Cafe culture found its roots in Bangalore through the pioneering efforts of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD). This establishment holds a special place in my heart, being my most frequented spot and a cherished favourite laden with memories from my teenage years.

Despite the myriad cafes now dotting Bangalore’s landscape, CCD remains my go-to choice, a nostalgic haven that beckons me back time and again. The Tropical Iceberg, a refreshing crushed ice coffee, stands out as my absolute favourite among their offerings.

Cafe Coffee Day Bangalore
Tropical Iceberg at Cafe Coffee Day

Where to find CCDs? You can find CCD at numerous locations throughout Bangalore, ensuring convenience and accessibility for coffee enthusiasts like myself.


Chakli, a delightful spiral-shaped savoury snack, is crafted from a blend of key ingredients, including Bengal gram, rice, and black gram flour. These flours are skillfully combined with various spices such as coriander powder, cumin powder, sesame seeds, red pepper powder, and salt.

The harmonious mixture transforms into a dough, meticulously kneaded and shaped into circular spirals. Finally, these intricately designed circles are fried to perfection in hot oil, resulting in a crispy and flavorful Chakli ready to be enjoyed.

Corner House

Established in 1982, Corner House is an ice cream shop cherished by the local community, especially the younger crowd. The irresistible “Death by Chocolate” is a must-try, a treat that has found its way into many’s hearts (and taste buds), making it a rite of passage for ice cream enthusiasts. Despite the passing of four decades, Corner House remains a perennial favourite, retaining its status as a go-to ice cream shop.

Corner House Bangalore
Chocolate Mousse at Corner House

Where to find Corner Houses? You can find Corner House at multiple locations across Bangalore, ensuring its delectable offerings are easily accessible to ice cream aficionados throughout the city.

Cream Bun

The cream bun, a highly sought-after delight in local Iyengar bakeries, boasts popularity for its irresistible sweetness. Filled with either vanilla or chocolate cream and occasionally adorned with tutti-frutti (candied fruits), this bun holds a special place in the hearts of pastry enthusiasts. I find immense joy in savouring the simplicity of plain vanilla or the richness of chocolate cream-filled buns.

Cream bun Bangalore
Cream bun

Where to find Cream Bun? For those eager to experience the delectable charm of cream buns, the best destination is any of the local Iyengar bakeries. A crucial tip for a delightful experience is to seek out a soft bun – the smoother it is, the fresher the taste. Avoid the hard or dried buns, as they can leave a less-than-pleasant impression on your taste buds.

Doodh peda

Doodh Peda, a delectable sweet dish crafted from milk, flour, or khoya, holds a special place in the heart of Bangalore’s confectionery. Renowned for its popularity during special occasions and festivals, this sweet treat is a cherished part of local celebrations.

Doodh Peda (Bangalore)
Doodh Peda

Where to find Doodh Peda? For an indulgent experience with delicious Doodh Pedas, look no further than Nandini Sweets. This establishment stands out as the best destination to savour the authentic flavours of this beloved Bangalore sweet.

Donne Biryani

Donne Biryani, renowned for its delectable taste, is a hot biryani served in an eco-friendly palm leaves cup called Donne. This particular biryani variant has gained widespread fame, particularly among enthusiasts of meat dishes, focusing on goat or mutton as the meat component.

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Filter Coffee

Filter coffee reigns supreme in Bangalore, holding a special place in the hearts of us Bangaloreans. A daily ritual, we indulge in this aromatic beverage at least twice a day. Served in charming steel or glass cups, the coffee is meticulously crafted from the extraction process, resulting in a rich and flavorful experience.

Filter coffee Bangalore
Filter coffee

Where to find Filter Coffee? For those seeking the epitome of filter coffee perfection, renowned establishments such as Chalukya, Vidyarthi Bhawan, MTR, Veena Stores, Maiyas, and Hatti Kaapi stand as the go-to places. These establishments are celebrated for delivering the finest and most authentic filter coffee, capturing the essence of Bangalore’s coffee culture.

Idli Vade

Idlis, delicate rice cakes crafted from a blend of rice and lentils, are the quintessential breakfast choice adored and cherished by every Bangalorean.

Accompanying this famous dish is the Vade, a fried doughnut-shaped snack that is traditionally enjoyed by dipping it in sambar. Together, Idli and Vade form a harmonious and delightful breakfast combination, typically served with chutney and sambar.

Idlis; Picture taken by Vijay Kumar

Where to find Idli Vade? For those seeking the finest Idli Vade experience, establishments like Darshinis, Brahmin’s Café (Makkala Kuta), and Veena Stores (Malleshwaram) are among the top choices. These places are celebrated for serving the best Idli Vade, capturing the essence of Bangalore’s breakfast culture.

Kesari Bath

An Indian sweet that tantalizes the taste buds is Kesari Bath, crafted from semolina, sugar, ghee, milk, and water. Typically enjoyed alongside the savoury dish Uppittu, this delightful combination makes for a satisfying breakfast experience.

Taaza Thindi Bengaluru
Kesari Bath

Where to find Kerari Bath? Kesari Bath is readily available at various darshinis, with one of the standout options being at Taaza Thindi. This establishment is renowned for offering one of the best Kesari Baths, providing a delicious start to the day.

Maddur Vade

As a delectable snack, Maddur Vade is a crunchy fried patty traditionally made from semolina, rice flour, all-purpose flour, curry leaves, grated coconut, and onions.

Maddur Vade Bangalore
Maddur Vade

Where to find Maddur Vade? One renowned spot to savour the authentic taste of Maddur Vade is Halli Mane, celebrated for its mastery in crafting this crispy treat.

Masala Dose

Masala Dose is a crepe-style dish crafted from a batter of rice and lentils. The crepe is generously filled with a flavorful mix of potatoes, onions, and spices, making it a savoury delight. Accompanied by chutney and sambar, Masala Dose offers a satisfying culinary experience.

Masala Dose

Where to find Masala Dose? CTR in Malleswaram stands out as the go-to destination for the ultimate Benne Masala Dose indulgence. Renowned for its mastery in preparing this dish, CTR ensures a delightful and authentic dining experience.

Masala Puri

A renowned street food delight in Bangalore is the Masala Puri, featuring a flavorful peas curry with tomatoes and onions served atop crispy crushed puris.

Masala Puri Bangalore
Masala Puri

Where to find Masala Puri? For an authentic taste of Masala Puri, head to any street vendor or explore the tempting options at Thindi Beedi in VV Puram. These locations offer a delicious experience, capturing the essence of Bangalorean street food.


Holige, also known as Obattu, is a delightful sweet flatbread with a rich history dating back to the 14th century. This sweet treat holds a special place in my heart as a personal favourite.

Bangalore Obattu
Obattu Oota

Where to find Obattu? For a fulfilling vegetarian meal paired with the delectable Holige, Nalapaka in Rajajinagar stands out as the perfect destination. This establishment promises a delightful culinary experience, allowing you to savour the traditional flavours of Holige amid a complete vegetarian meal.

Ragi Mudde

Ragi Mudde, a traditional and nutritious dish from Karnataka, is crafted using finger millet flour and is typically enjoyed with curry or saaru.

Ragi Mudde
Ragi Mudde; Picture taken by Ashwin from Kavi Ruchi

Where to find Ragi Mudde? For an authentic and delicious experience of Ragi Mudde, the Military Hotel is renowned for serving the best rendition of this Karnataka specialty.

Ragi Rotti

A nutritious breakfast option is Ragi Rotti, prepared using finger millet flour. This wholesome dish is best enjoyed with chillies and green chutney.

Ragi Rotti
Ragi Rotti; Picture taken by Ashwin from Kavi Ruchi


Uppittu, a hearty porridge crafted from semolina and vegetables, is a fulfilling dish served alongside Kesari Bath and chutney.

Upittu Bangalore
Uppittu; Picture taken by Vijay Kumar

Where to find Uppittu? You can find Uppittu at any of the darshinis, ensuring accessibility to this comforting dish at various locations.

Closing Notes

These mentioned dishes are just a glimpse of the diverse food offerings in Bangalore city. The culinary landscape is vast, and numerous other delectable items could be included in the list above.

If you believe I’ve overlooked any delicious Bangalorean delicacies that should be featured, please feel free to share your suggestions by contacting me at

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Food Guide: Must Try Food in Bangalore (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Must Try Food in Bangalore

    PIN for later reference - Must Try Food in Bangalore
    PIN for later reference – Must Try Food in Bangalore