Singapore – The Lion City is a city-state in South East Asia. Singapore consists of 63 islands. Due to its tropical weather and multi culture, Singapore is one of the famous travel destinations in South East Asia.

  • Capital city: Singapore
  • Main language spoken: English, Malay, Tamil and Standard Mandarin
    • Basic Greetings in Malay: Selamat Pagi (Hello), Terima Kasih (Thank you)
    • Basic Greetings in Tamil: Wanakkam (Hello), Nandri (Thank you)
    • Basic Greetings in Standard Mandarin: Nihao (Hello), Xiexie (Thank you)
  • Currency: Singapore dollar
    • Forex Exchange: Currency can be exchanged at any international airports
  • Tourist visa: Visa is required (latest information can be found on Singapore Immigration website)
  • Best time to visit: February to April
  • Adapter required (power points): Two round pins or Three rectangular pins or Three round pins
  • Driving licence: International unexpired valid driving licence is required

Vaccinations for traveling in Europe and Asia

Another important item in the checklist before you travel is the vaccinations required. Before I proceed, I would like to state that I am neither a doctor nor a medical representative who has the authority and knowledge to dictate what vaccinations have to be taken and when. So, please do consult your doctor before following …

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Travel Guide | Singapore (with my 4 days itinerary)

Flight Tickets Singapore was never on one of the countries I wanted to visit in my recent times. This year as part of my yearly travel to India, I booked my flight tickets with Scoot airlines and my transit was Singapore. Cost from Sydney to Singapore return = AUD 1312 I decided to make use of my …

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Gardens by the bay: Supertree Grove

The Gardens by the bay is a nature park in Singapore. The garden has three waterfronts – Bay Central Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay South Garden. I visited the Bay South Garden. The Bay South Garden aims at showcasing the tropical horticulture and garden artistry. The garden has four main parts – 1. The …

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Guide to visit Universal Studios (Singapore)

One of the best decisions I took as part of my Singapore travel was to visit Universal Studios. Universal Studios is a theme park located on the Sentosa Island in Singapore. The Universal Studios market themselves as “one-of-its-kind” theme park and I couldn’t agree more. Booking & Pricing I booked the Singapore Super Saver: Universal …

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