Hikes & Walks in Karnataka

I love hiking and walking. This is something that I do very regularly. Read about the hikes in Karnataka in this section of my blog.

Channarayana Durga Fort

Hike to Channarayana Durga Fort (Karnataka)

Channarayana Durga is a hill fort in Tumkur district in Karnataka state of India. The place is famous for its beautiful fort on the top that has great history. For a hiking/trekking enthusiast, Channarayana Durga Fort makes a great weekend getaway. It is surely one of the most spectacular hikes to do from Bangalore. History …

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Super girl at Kaurava Kunda

Hike to Kaurava Kunda (Karnataka, India)

Kaurava Kunda is another hill that I had never heard of before. One of my fellow trekkers during the Vattakanal Hike, suggested me to visit this hill for the early morning sunrise. He said that this hill was a better place to see the sunrise than the Skandagiri or Nandi Hills. The reason was that …

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Bheema Bakasura Betta

Hike to Bheema Bakasura/Kailashgiri betta (Karnataka, India)

My best friend Akshata and I had a spontaneous call one evening, at almost midnight, and we decided to do a one day hike the following morning. After going through a list of places, we decided to head to Kaiwara to hike the Bheema Bakasura Betta. The betta is in the town of Kaiwara. Kaiwara …

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Hike to Kudremukh peak (Karnataka, India)

Introduction to Kudremukh Kudremukh, which means the ‘head of a horse‘ in Kannada, is one of the mountains in the Western Ghats. The peak is the third highest peak in the Western Ghats and is at a height of 6207 feet. The hike goes through the lush valley and the hills surrounding it. The hike …

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Kaurava Kunda

Guide | Hike Hulukadi Betta (Bangalore, India)

From the time I have planned for my career break, I have been browsing through different hikes and treks that I can do around Bangalore. I stumbled upon Hulukadi Betta and would like to confess that I had never heard of Hulukadi Betta before. It is one of those bettas (hills) around Bangalore that have …

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Guide | Bangalore photo walk (Churches)

As part of our routine Globetrotting Girls India Bangalore meetup, we decided to do a Bangalore photo walk this time. We wanted something easy and a route which provides plenty of photography opportunities. So we selected the churches around the Bangalore’s MG Road. Thanks to my friends Rashmi and Divya who planned out this route …

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Guide | Hike Shivagange betta (Bangalore)

Shivagange is a Hindu temple and a mountain peak, situated in Dobbaspet. It is a quick one day getaway from Bangalore. The mountain is in the shape of a Shivalinga and a spring flows close to the mountain which is called Ganga locally. It is also famously known as ‘Dakshina Kashi‘. The height of the …

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