Iceland – definitely a paradise for taking pictures and making memories. Iceland is a Nordic island nation. Boasting with its dramatic landscapes of volcanoes and glaciers, Iceland is known as the “Land of fire and ice”. It is by far the safest countries I have visited. The people are warm and friendly even though the weather is harsh and extreme.


  • Capital city: Reykjavik.
  • Main language spoken: Icelandic.
    • Basic Greetings: Halló/Góðan daginn (Hello), Takk (Thank you).
  • Currency: Icelandic króna.
    • Forex Exchange: Currency can be exchanged at any international airports.
  • Tourist visa: Visa is required to enter Iceland (latest information can be found on Iceland Immigration website).
  • Best time to visit: July & August.


  • Adapter required (power points): Europlug with two round prongs.
  • Driving licence: International unexpired valid driving licence is required.

8 days itinerary


Things to do

Iceland – A traveler’s paradise
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Seljalandfoss – Walk behind waterfalls
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Snorkelling between tectonic plates
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