Dutch Bungalow in Kochi

Dutch Bungalow, a Heritage Stay in Fort Kochi (2024)

Dutch Bungalow, nestled in the heart of Fort Kochi, offers a captivating blend of heritage charm and modern comfort. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this meticulously preserved bungalow, initially built by Dutch settlers centuries ago. This heritage stay provides an authentic experience, allowing guests to relive the colonial era while enjoying contemporary amenities.

Are you passionate about immersing yourself in the rich narratives of the past? Do you find allure in the charm of historical buildings steeped in centuries of stories? My recent journey to Fort Kochi led me to a serendipitous discovery: the Dutch Bungalow. Being an avid enthusiast of history and antiquity, stumbling upon this architectural gem felt like uncovering a hidden treasure. The moment I laid eyes on the captivating images of the bungalow, I was captivated by its timeless appeal, immediately drawn to the idea of spending a night within its historic walls.

Indulge in the unique architectural features and elegant interiors of our Dutch Bungalow, each room thoughtfully designed to reflect its historical significance. Whether you’re exploring the nearby historic sites or simply unwinding in our tranquil courtyard, every moment at Dutch Bungalow promises a memorable stay.

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Experience the warmth of traditional Kerala hospitality as our friendly staff cater to your every need, ensuring a seamless and memorable stay. With its convenient location near Fort Kochi’s top attractions, including the iconic Chinese fishing nets and St. Francis Church, Dutch Bungalow is the perfect base for discovering the cultural wonders of this charming coastal town.

Escape the ordinary and step into a world of timeless elegance at Dutch Bungalow, where history and hospitality converge to create an unforgettable retreat in Fort Kochi. Book your stay today and embark on a journey through the captivating past of this enchanting destination.

PIN for later reference – Dutch Bungalow, a Heritage Stay in Fort Kochi

PIN for later reference - Dutch Bungalow, a heritage stay in Fort Kochi
PIN for later reference – Dutch Bungalow, a heritage stay in Fort Kochi

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About Dutch Bungalow

Nestled in the heart of Fort Kochi, the Dutch Bungalow stands as a testament to centuries of history and heritage. Managed by Abad Hotels and Resorts, this iconic property boasts a remarkable legacy spanning 375 years.

Located on Napier Street, this architectural marvel showcases traditional Dutch-style design, offering guests a unique glimpse into the past. Just a stone’s throw away from the beach, the Dutch Bungalow provides historic charm and modern convenience. It is the perfect retreat for travellers seeking an unforgettable experience in Fort Kochi.

Dutch Bungalow in Fort Kochi
One of the paintings

History of Dutch Bungalow

The Dutch Bungalow has witnessed a tapestry of historical events, changing hands and owners throughout its existence. Originally named Crystal Palace, this architectural marvel was erected in 1668 by the Dutch East India Company. Locally known as ‘Kannadikottaram,’ or the ‘Palace of Glass,’ its ethereal beauty captured the imagination of all who beheld it.

Dutch Bungalow (Fort Kochi)
Dutch Bungalow

In 1796, the British claimed ownership of the bungalow for their navy, marking a pivotal shift in its history. Over the years, it passed from one owner to another, including notable figures such as Captain John William Maiden, Mrs. Letitia Perreira, and Captain Robert B. Kedslie. Roa Sahib, Dr Mangat Kurlen Varughese, and Dr A. O. Mathews Sankaramangalam also held ownership before the bungalow found its way into the hands of Mrs Elizabeth Raju in 1976.

Upper floor at Dutch Bungalow in Fort Kochi
The upper floor of Dutch Bungalow

The bungalow’s journey culminated in 1995 when Fort Heritage Private Limited was granted the right to transform it into a heritage hotel, preserving its rich legacy for generations to come. Each transition in ownership adds another layer to the bungalow’s intricate history, making it a cherished landmark in Fort Kochi.

Booking and Check-in Process

The Dutch Bungalow offers convenient booking options through popular third-party platforms like Agoda, MakeMyTrip, and Booking.com, as well as directly on the Abad Hotels and Resorts website. The booking process is straightforward and hassle-free, whether online or through the property.

  • While the cost of a stay at the hotel may lean towards the higher end, with rates around INR 5500 per night during the offseason, including taxes, the experience is well worth the investment.
  • Payment can be made securely online or upon arrival at the property, where multiple payment methods are accepted at the reception, including credit cards, GPAY, and PhonePe.

Checking in at the hotel was a breeze, with comprehensive COVID protocols in effect. The process entailed presenting a government-issued ID for verification and payment. Once this was done, I received the keys to my room, ready to begin my stay.

Reception at Dutch Bungalow
Reception at Dutch Bungalow

Rooms at Dutch Bungalow

The Dutch Bungalow boasts 14 generously sized rooms, each offering ample space and comfort. Impeccably clean and invitingly cozy, the rooms are equipped with every essential amenity. Adorned with charmingly antique furnishings, such as ornate wardrobes and expansive beds complemented by large mirrors, each room exudes a nostalgic charm.

Additionally, guests can enjoy the luxury of a private verandah, complete with a quaint study table and chair, perfect for soaking in the ambience. The wooden walls and floors add to the rustic elegance, adorned with tasteful paintings that lend a touch of history and character to the space.

Room at Dutch Bungalow in Fort Kochi
Room at Dutch Bungalow

Other Facilities

While the Dutch Bungalow may not offer extensive facilities like larger resorts, it prides itself on providing guests with an authentic and comfortable Kerala and Dutch-style experience. Among its amenities, guests can enjoy a refreshing swim in the hotel’s swimming pool, perfect for unwinding on a balmy day and lounging poolside.

Additionally, complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, ensuring connectivity for guests both in the lobby and within the rooms. Though simple in offerings, The Dutch Bungalow prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring every guest’s memorable and authentic stay.

Swimming pool at Dutch Bungalow in Fort Kochi
Swimming Pool at Dutch Bungalow

Dining at Dutch Bungalow

The Dutch Bungalow features an on-site dining venue named Food Mil, offering diverse dishes showcasing authentic Kerala cuisine. With Kerala renowned for its delectable fish dishes, I highly recommend indulging in their fish curry or fish fry for an authentic taste of the region’s culinary heritage.

Conveniently situated adjacent to the swimming pool, Food Mil provides guests a picturesque dining setting. I found the prices reasonable, and the food quality surpassed expectations, with many dishes proving to be exceptionally tasty and flavorful.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that breakfast is included in the nightly rate, ensuring guests start their day satisfactorily without any additional cost.

How to Get to the Dutch Bungalow?

By Air

The closest airport to the Dutch Bungalow is Kochi International and Domestic Airport, which serves as a hub for various domestic airlines, including SpiceJet and Indigo. Situated approximately 45 kilometres away, the journey from Kochi airport to Dutch Bungalow typically takes 1 hour and 15 minutes by road.

For budget-conscious travellers, local buses offer a cost-effective option for commuting between Kochi airport and Fort Kochi, with a fare of just INR 70 per person. Although local buses may take longer than other modes of transportation, they provide an affordable means of travel. It’s advisable to carry the exact change, as local buses only accept cash payments.

Alternatively, Uber taxis are available in Kochi, albeit with longer wait times and less availability than other cities. While convenient, travellers should anticipate potentially longer wait times when opting for Uber taxis in Kochi.

By Train

Kochi boasts one of the largest railway stations in the region, serving as a vital transportation hub with connections to major cities and towns across India. The distance from Kochi railway station to Dutch Bungalow is a mere 15 kilometres, and the journey by road typically takes 35 to 40 minutes.

By Bus

Regular bus services, managed by the Kerala government and private operators, link Kochi with other prominent cities and towns, ensuring convenient connectivity for travellers.

Closing Notes

My experience at the Dutch Bungalow was simply delightful. The staff was amiable and accommodating. As a solo female traveller, safety and comfort are paramount for me, and I found both in abundance at Dutch Bungalow. Throughout my stay, I encountered no issues whatsoever. Moreover, the rooms were wonderfully spacious, and the hotel’s decor exuded charm and elegance. I wholeheartedly recommend Dutch Bungalow for anyone visiting Kochi.

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Dutch Bungalow, a Heritage Stay in Fort Kochi (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Dutch Bungalow, a Heritage Stay in Fort Kochi

    PIN for later reference - Dutch Bungalow, a heritage stay in Fort Kochi
    PIN for later reference – Dutch Bungalow, a heritage stay in Fort Kochi