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Nightlife in Sydney!

Enjoy the nightlife in Sydney

A few weeks ago, one of the fellow travelers I know had visited this city and she accused Sydney of not having the nightlife. I was upset. Being in the city for the past few years, this is totally not true and Sydney has an amazing nightlife and it has abundant pubs/bars. Knowing this fact, I am sure those travelers did not know where to look for and which pubs to go to.

Sydney nightlife; Opera house

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Sydney nightlife
PIN for later reference – Sydney nightlife
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Things to know before heading to a bar/pub in Sydney

  • Sydney is relatively safe for enjoying the nightlife. However, there are some occasional crimes that happen and one needs to be cautious at night.
  • Oxford Street is one of the best streets to enjoy the nightlife. So if you are new to Sydney, then this is the street I would start.
  • The lockout time in Sydney is 1:30 AM, which means there is no entry into pubs/bars after 1:30 AM. More information can be found on the NSW Government website.
  • The tequila shots are last served at midnight.
  • One needs to show and validate their identification cards to enter into a pub/bar.
  • There is a minimal entrance fee (most of them around AUD 10-15 per person) to enter into a pub/bar.

Suggestions by some of the Indian Sydneysiders

Since I wanted to suggest some of the cool places that we, Indian Sydneysiders, often go to, I decided to collaborate with them and list out the places in Sydney to enjoy the nightlife.

Saira, who loves nightlife and enjoys the pubs and dancing, suggests:

  • Bungalow 8Bungalow 8 because of the music. It has a mix of latest and retro songs. The drinks are reasonably priced and the crowd is a happy enjoyable crowd.
    • Location: King Street Wharf, 3 Lime St, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Wynyard.
  • Scary Canary – If you want a cheap and a backpackers favourite, then Scary Canary is the place to be. The music is the latest and good and the crowd is great.
    • Location: 469 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Town Hall.
  • Grandmas Grandmas is definitely a cute cozy place in the basement. It is easy to miss for sure. It has a great variety of drinks and is ideal for first dates.
    • Location: 275 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Town Hall.
    • I was once lost trying to find Grandmas, read my story here.

Vijay, who loves a good drink and a Friday night, suggests:

  • Ivy PrecinctIvy is a very classy place with beautiful interiors and has intimate corners. On the menu, the bar provides great cocktails. The best part of Ivy is the beautiful rooftop pool bar with amazing lighting and music. It is one of the best places in the CBD to unwind and relax.
    • Location: 330 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Wynyard or Circular Quay.

Adarsh, who is more family inclined, suggests:

  • Ettamogah HotelThe Ettamogah pub is a great pub for families. It has a kid’s play area, which also includes video games, arcade games, and jumping castles. It also has a live music band.
    • Location: Windsor Rd & Merriville Rd, Kellyville Ridge NSW 2155.
    • Nearest train station: Rouse Hill. More information on how to reach the Ettamogah Hotel can be found on their website.
    • Note: This pub is quite far (about 42 kilometres by car) from the Sydney Central Business District (CBD).

Akshay, who believes in trying new places in the city, suggests:

  • Baxter’s InnBaxter’s Inn, undoubtedly has the best collection of Scotch and Whisky in Sydney. If you are a lover of hard drinks, this must surely be on your list of places to visit.
    • Location: 152-156 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Wynyard.
  • Papa Gede’s BarPapa Gede’s Bar is best among the best tiki-inspired and cocktail bars in Sydney.
    • Location: 348 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Wynyard.

My favourites include:

  • Uncle MingsUncle Mings is my top favourite bars in Sydney. It has a great variety of Japanese drinks. My most favourite is Shanghai Roller. It is a bliss to watch the bartender make this beautiful drink for you.
    • Location: 55 York St, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Wynyard.
  • The ArgyleThe Argyle definitely has great music. The crowd is great and you can dance your way the whole night.
    • Location: 18 Argyle St, The Rocks NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Circular Quay.
  • The Watershed Hotel – I love the Watershed for its music. If you are a Bollywood fan like me, then definitely head to this place, as the DJ plays at least one Bollywood song for the Indian crowd.
    • Location: 198 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Town Hall.
  • 3 wise monkeys3 wise monkeys is a cool place to hang out after work on a Friday night. It is also a great place to catch any sports events as they have huge TVs.
    • Location: 55 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Town Hall.
  • Star Bar – Not so happening, but the Star bar is definitely one of the chilled out places on George Street.
    • Location: 600 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Nearest train station: Town Hall.

Another awesome place to experience the nightlife in Sydney is on Oxford Street. That street has plenty of bars and pubs (for gays, mixed and straight). I celebrated one of my birthday parties, by hopping the bars on that street and I must say that was one of the craziest parties ever.

Is it safe for solo female travelers?

As I mentioned before, Sydney is relatively very safe for solo female travelers. I have traveled alone even at 4 AM and have not faced any issues/concerns. But there are crimes that do happen and it is always best to be cautious and take precautions. Trust your instincts always.


These are the list of pubs/bars that my friends and I often go to. We love each one of them and have had a good time.

Nightlife in Sydney

If you know of any additional ones and would like it to be added to the list, please drop a comment below or write to me on or

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Sydney nightlife
PIN for later reference – Sydney nightlife