Guide to visit Norah Head Lighthouse

Norah Head lighthouse is around 115 kilometers from Sydney. Built in the year 1903, this lighthouse provides a panoramic view of Pacific ocean. It is an active lighthouse and hosted the last lighthouse keeper in New South Wales.


The lighthouse is open for visitors and has guided tours every day of the year except the Anzac Day and Christmas Day. The guided tour costs AUD 6 per adult and is totally worth it. The guide takes the visitors to the lantern tower where you can see the lantern in operation. Pretty cool, isn’t it!

The guide ‘Chris’ provided us a brief history of the lighthouse and the structural design. The lighthouse was built due to the many wrecks occurring around that area during the late 1800s and is around 90 feet high. Earlier in the days, if one had to be employed in the lighthouse, then the person had to be a male, married and short.


He also mentioned how few mistakes were deliberately made while building the lighthouse. Two mistakes were made on the door – one of the stars were incomplete and the lion was facing the other side unlike the British symbol which faces the other side.


We then headed to the lantern tower. Even though at a distance the lighthouse looked like it was blinking, but in reality there were no light blinking, it was just the lantern rotating.


I would definitely recommend the 30 minutes guided tour. It provides an insight into the history and the operations of a lighthouse.


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