Saurkundi Pass

11 days trek across Saurkundi Pass

Imagine having hot dinner sitting on a bench at the top of a mountain, with a full moon and you have the views of the snow capped mountains! That is the view that I got while trekking the Saurkundi Pass. The 11 days trek across the Saurkundi Pass will always be special to me as I had so many such pretty moments. This was also my first multi-day trek that I did in the Himalayas.

Saurkundi Pass

PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - 11 days trek across Saurkundi Pass
PIN for later reference – 11 days trek across Saurkundi Pass
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About Saurkundi Pass trek

The Saurkundi Pass trek is a 11 days trek in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh state of India. The trek is through the Shivalik mountain ranges of Kullu valley. It is a trek that provides breathtaking views of the snow capped mountains.

The best time to do the Saurkundi Pass trek is in the months of April and May. I did the trek in early May.

Saurkundi Pass

Trekking company

I had gone with the Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI). The bookings for the trek are done online. They are one of the old players in trekking in India and the best ones too. The treks are regularly organised and they are led very well. The cost of the entire 11 days trek including the food and tents was just INR 3500 per person at the time I did the trek (check website for recent and up-to-date prices).

I suggest booking the trek well in advance as the trekking group numbers are limited and they get booked out very quickly.


Saurkundi Pass Itinerary

Day 1 – Report at base camp Babeli (Bus)

The base camp of the trek is Babeli. Babeli is a village near Kullu in the Kapurthala district in Punjab. The village is at an altitude 4000 feet. The base camp is along River Beas and it is an extremely beautiful place.

Saurkundi Pass

How to get there?

The best way to reach Babeli from Kullu is by bus. There is a bus depot at Kullu where one can talk to the locals and catch any bus that goes to Babeli. The fare must be paid by cash in Indian rupees and make sure to have the accurate change.

Kullu can be reached by an overnight bus from Delhi. The Kullu to Delhi bus journey can be booked on Redbus website and the fare is paid online.

Delhi is the capital of India and has connections to all the other places in India. The Delhi airport has flights connecting to the big cities such as Bangalore. The flight tickets can be purchased on MakeMyTrip website.

  • If one needs a budgeted option to travel to Delhi, then a train journey is apt. The trains must be booked in advance and can be booked on IRCTC website.

Days 2 & 3 – Acclimatisation

There will be a short guided hike in between the pine trees surrounding the hostel at base camp. This is to acclimatise and get used to the altitude. The trekkers will be provided with an orientation and informed about all the safety aspects.

Do not miss the acclimatisation hike. It is important to acclimatise for this trek!

Day 4 – Kullu to Segli (Trek)

This is the day where the fun of trekking starts. The trekkers will first reach Kullu in an arranged bus and will start trekking from Kullu to Segli. The trek is through the forest and the lush green trees are amazing to trek in.


  • Total distance: 8 kilometres.
  • Altitude at Segli: 7100 feet.
  • Grade: Moderate.

Day 5 – Segli to Haura Thatch (Trek)

The trek from Segli to Haura Thatch is extremely beautiful. It is through dense forest and the campsite is amazingly alluring too.


  • Total distance: 10 kilometres.
  • Altitude at Haura Thatch: 9000 feet.
  • Grade: Hard.

Day 6 – Haura Thatch to Maylee Thatch (Trek)

The trek to Haura Thatch to Maylee Thatch is a bit steep and the trees tend to disappear slowly as the trekkers make their way up towards the higher altitude.


  • Total distance: 9 kilometres.
  • Altitude at Maylee Thatch: 10500 feet.
  • Grade: Hard.
Saurkundi Pass

Day 7 – Maylee Thatch to Doura Thatch (Trek)

This day will surprise the trekkers with the views of snow capped mountains. The trek is steep and one can get to touch and play with the snow.

It was snowing for us and this was the first time I experienced a snowfall!


  • Total distance: 10 kilometres.
  • Altitude at Daura Thatch: 11300 feet.
  • Grade: Hard.

Day 8 – Doura Thatch to Longa Thatch via Saurkundi Pass (Trek)

This is the hardest day of the trek as trekkers go to the highest altitude 12900 feet and descend to the Longa Thatch. It is a longest trek as well and most of it will be walking on the snow.

The snow is very hard to walk on. If possible, buy shoes that have spikes where you can comfortably walk on snow.


  • Total distance: 12 kilometres.
  • Altitude at Saurkundi Pass: 12900 feet.
  • Altitude at Longa Thatch: 10800 feet.
  • Grade: Hard.
Saurkundi Pass

Day 9 – Longa Thatch to Lekhni (Trek)

The descend continues to Lekhni and the trekkers start seeing the dense forests once again. The hostel at Lekhni is a wooden building and is really very comfortable.

I personally found this day as the hardest as we had to descend from the Longa Thatch and the snow had melted becoming ice. The descend was very slippery and I along the other trekkers constantly fell many a times.


  • Total distance: 10 kilometres.
  • Attitude at Lekhni: 8100 feet.
  • Grade: Hard.
Saurkundi Pass
Hostel at Lekhni

Day 10 – Lekhni to Aalloo ground (Trek) & Aalloo ground to base camp Babeli (Bus)

The trek from Lekhni to Aalloo ground is a short trek. Once the trekkers reach Aalloo ground, they board a bus to reach the base camp at Babeli. Certificates are given to the trekkers at the end of the trek.

My friends and I sat on the roof of the bus. It was super exciting and a great adventure to remember.


  • Total distance: A very short downhill hike.
  • Altitude at Aalloo: Approximately 6000 feet (Note: Not too sure of the altitude).
  • Grade: Moderate.
Saurkundi Pass

Day 11 – Babeli to Kullu (Bus)

The local buses stop right in front of the hostel at Babeli. Just wave your hand when you see the bus and the bus driver will pick you up. The fare needs to be paid by cash in Indian rupees and ensure to have the accurate change.

Important Information & Lessons learned

  • Acclimatise, acclimatise and acclimatise! I cannot stress enough about the importance of accilmatisation.
  • Packed lunches are given for the treks.
  • The trek needs one to be fit. Ensure to check with your doctor before attempting the trek.
  • Carry warm clothes including a beanie and a pair of gloves.
  • Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes.
  • Carry extra pair of socks.
  • DO NOT throw garbage anywhere.
  • Take water purifying tablets and treat the water that you get from the streams.
  • Be careful of the wildlife.

Closing Notes

The Saurkundi Pass is definitely one of the best treks in the Himalayas. Most trekkers opt for Sar Pass which is slightly higher in altitude but since I have done the Saurkundi Pass, I would definitely suggest hiking this to step into the high altitude treks.

PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - 11 days trek across Saurkundi Pass
PIN for later reference – 11 days trek across Saurkundi Pass


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    Liked the kullu trekking and hats off on the detailed itenary and info..please share in linked in….Raksha..👏🙂

  2. It’s just what you need to wash out the pandemic woes! But that remains a wish and till then loved reading about the trek and the adventure.

  3. That looks like a dream teek. It’s just that it needs these many days. But do you think one can plan an itinerary to do it partially. Is it possible?

  4. This is a really epic trek. Himachal is such a wonderful region of India with some really exciting and beautiful treks. The cost for the trekking is really great value for money.

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