Skydiving at Hawaii

Adrenaline Over Aloha: Sky Dive in Hawaii (2024)

Dive into the thrill of a lifetime as I share my incredible sky dive in Hawaii for my birthday. From heart-pounding freefalls to breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, this adrenaline-pumping adventure was nothing short of spectacular. Join me on this daring escapade and discover why a birthday skydive in Hawaii is an absolute must for adventure seekers!

I was thrilled when my friend surprised me with a last-minute trip to Honolulu for my birthday. With just three days before our flight, I hadn’t planned anything for the trip, as I typically go with the flow when solo traveling and figure things out on the spot.

As I started researching activities in Hawaii, I came across the option of skydiving from 20,000 feet. The idea was incredibly tempting, and I was eager to take on this thrilling adventure. Having experienced skydiving in Victoria on the Great Ocean Road (from 14,000 feet), the prospect of a 20,000-foot tandem skydive in Hawaii was simply irresistible. Upon checking the website, I discovered that the cost for this extraordinary experience was USD 1600 per person.

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Sky Dive in Hawaii

Feeling quite disappointed due to the high cost of the 20,000-foot tandem skydive, I began exploring other options. Fortunately, I came across the 14,000-foot tandem dive, which seemed more within my budget. Excited by this prospect, I quickly messaged my friend to gauge her interest in skydiving in Hawaii. This adventurous activity holds a special place in the hearts of thrill-seekers visiting the islands. It was noon in my time zone (Australian Eastern time), which meant it was still early morning (around 7:30 AM) in her time zone (Indian time). Without waiting for her response, I booked the skydiving experience for both of us at 12:01 PM.

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On the Day of the Sky Dive

The day unfolded with warmth and beauty—a perfect setting for the skydive. Emotions of excitement and nervousness intertwined, and my friend, despite her fears, had mustered the courage to take the leap.

Following a thorough briefing and the securing of our harnesses, we boarded a plane that would ascend to 14,000 feet. Positioned at the forefront of the jump queue, I eagerly anticipated my turn to plunge from the aircraft.

Sky dive in Hawaii - Smiling me

A highlight of this skydiving experience was the presence of a dedicated photographer who jumped alongside us, capturing the exhilarating moments. This added element, absent during my initial skydiving adventure in Melbourne, heightened the thrill and ensured a visual record of the entire experience.

Sky dive in Hawaii - Jumping out of a plane

The breathtaking views from 14,000 feet were absolutely incredible, showcasing the stunning expanse of the ocean and the vibrant reef below. I am truly grateful that we decided to embark on this exhilarating adventure.

Sky dive in Hawaii - Spectacular views

The exhilarating skydive in Hawaii culminated with the presentation of another well-deserved certificate, making it a truly unforgettable experience. This dive surpassed my first one in Victoria, Australia, and left me with lasting memories of an incredible adventure in the Hawaiian skies.

Sky Dive Hawaii Operator Details

Helpful Tip: Celebrate your birthday with an adrenaline rush! Many skydiving centers offer special discounts when you choose to dive on your birthday. It’s not just a thrilling adventure but also a fantastic way to make your special day even more memorable.

My experience and video

Watch my entire tandem skydive video here:

Closing Notes

Sky dive in Hawaii is one of the most exhilarating experiences in my adventurous repertoire. Teaming up with a group of friendly and amazing individuals added an extra layer of excitement to the entire escapade. As I soared through the sky and leaped out of the plane, the panoramic views of the vast ocean beneath were absolutely stunning. The feeling of weightlessness combined with the rush of adrenaline made it an unparalleled adventure.

This extraordinary skydiving experience unfolded during my birthday trip, making it even more special. The sheer thrill of free-falling amidst the picturesque Hawaiian landscape created memories that will last a lifetime. Each moment in the air was a testament to the unparalleled beauty of the Pacific Ocean, and the entire event was nothing short of magical.

In retrospect, there couldn’t have been a more fitting and exhilarating way to celebrate my birthday. Skydiving in Hawaii not only provided an adrenaline-packed adventure but also left me with a profound sense of accomplishment and an enduring love for the thrill of the skies.

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Adrenaline Over Aloha: Sky Dive in Hawaii (2024)
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