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Hike to Tadiyanmol peak

One of the most spectacular and beautiful hikes I have done in the Western Ghats is the hike to the Tadiyanmol peak. The mountain and the views are stunning. This is one mountain that I would love to visit many more times as it is that pretty.

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PIN for later reference - Tadiyanmol Peak hike
PIN for later reference – Tadiyanmol Peak hike

About Tadiyanmol

Tadiyanmol (also known as Tadiandamol) is one of most beautiful and lesser known hikes in the Western Ghats of southern part of India. It is the highest peak in the Madikere/ Coorg/ Kodugu district. And is the sixth highest peak in the state Karnataka at an elevation of 5760 feet (1748 meters).


How to get to Kakkabe?

Kakkabe, a gorgeous village in Madikere/ Coorg, is the starting point and provides as the base point for the hike.


The distance between Bangalore city and Kakkabe is around 260 kilometres and the journey by road takes 6 hours. If you are going on this hike with a trekking agency then the trekking tour includes the transportation from and to Bangalore.

Public transportation

The best way to travel from Bangalore city to Kakkabe is by bus. There are frequent buses between Satellite bus stop in Bangalore and Madikere (Coorg). KRCTC volvo buses are the best bus providers.

Logistics of Tadiyanmol hike

Tadiyanmol is surely one of the best hikes I have done in the Western Ghats. The hike is of moderate grade and is not very difficult. It is ideal for all the hikers who like to start their journey into hiking. It is best to hike when it is not summers.

  • You need to take permission from the forest check point which costs INR 100 per person.
  • The forest check point is from the Bhagamandala Range forest.
  • Hike to the peak: About 14 kilometres return from the starting point Kakkabe.
  • Grade: Moderate difficulty level. The trail is quite well defined but however hiring a guide is recommended due to the abundance wildlife that the place has.
  • Type of hike: Return.
  • Season: September to February.

Trekking agency details

I went with Exotic Expeditions when I hiked to the Tadiyanmol peak for the first time. Santosh, our guide who is also the founder was really good and we had such a great time. The cost for the weekend trip was around INR 2600 per person which included the transportation, forest fee, guide charges and kayaking. The other trekking agency that I would also suggest Bangalore Mountaineering Club (BMC) for a good experience.

  • Check individual websites for the exact price.

Other places to see while visiting Tadiyanmol


The trail of Tadiyanmol and the villages around are home to many waterfalls. Talk to the locals and they will provide you with all the local waterfalls around the villages.


Kayaking is on one of the tributaries of the Cauvery River. The kayaking is for around 1.5 kilometres stretch on slow flowing water and is completely safe. The trekking agency organises the kayaking, so ensure to talk to them when you book the hike.

Tibetian Golden Monastery

The Tibetian Golden monastery, called as Namdroling Nyingmapa monastery, is located in Bylakuppe and the monastery is home to a community of around 5000 lamas (monks). Established in the year 1963 by the 11th throneholder of Palyul lineage, Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche. The monastery celebrates many ceremonies but the famous one is Tibetian New Year based on the Lunar calendar. It is usually in the month of February or March.

  • The monastery is open to public between 9 AM and 6 PM.
  • There is no entry fee.

The Tibetian Golden monastery is around 65 kilometres from Kakkabe village and it takes about 2 hours to drive by car.

Tibetian Golden Monastery
Tibetian Golden Temple

Nalknad Palace

Built by Doddaveerarajendra in the year 1792, the Nalknad palace is a two storey palace that has historical significance. It served as a refuge to Chikkaveerarajendra before he surrendered himself to the British in the year 1834.

Weekend itinerary

Tadiyanmol peak hike is a weekend trip from Bangalore. It is a comfortable hike that can be done in a day while visiting the other places on the second day before returning to Bangalore. Below is the itinerary you can follow:

  • Friday evening – Start from Bangalore to Kakkabe.
  • Saturday morning – Reach Kakkabe and start the hike to Tadiyanmol peak after breakfast.
  • Saturday evening – After returning from the hike, visit Nalkand Palace and one of the waterfalls nearby.
  • Sunday morning – Spend the morning kayaking.
  • Sunday early afternoon – Visit Tibetian Golden Temple.
  • Sunday afternoon – Start for Bangalore.

Safety for female solo travelers

It is best to go with a trekking company. I would not recommend hiking alone here as there are wild animals and the path can get very lonely sometimes and it is easier to get lost. By a general rule, it is always advisable to go with a buddy when you are hiking or trekking in the wild, just so you are prepared for any unforeseen situations.

Download Emergency Plus app on your phone, so you can be prepared to provide your location details in case of emergencies.


Closing Notes

The views at the peak are something to die for as the peak of the mountain is generally covered in low moving clouds. In a nutshell, Tadiyanmol provides enchanting views and is one of the best hikes in the Western Ghats.

PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - Tadiyanmol Peak hike
PIN for later reference – Tadiyanmol Peak hike

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