1 day in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is an island 20 kilometres off the coast of South Australia. It is rich in flora and fauna. Abundant wildlife makes it one of the most popular islands of Australia. Fun facts It is the third biggest Island in Australia. The island does not have any traffic signals. The island has many ‘Give …

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Colourful streets of Adelaide!

I had never imagined I would see so many graffitis on the streets of Adelaide. Every street in the city, had at least one graffiti! Agreed, that’s exaggeration. Let me correct myself here – most of the streets in the city had at least one graffiti. They were massive, colourful and pretty. I have always …

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I love Bruce! (Australia)

‘Call me immediately’, my mother had texted after seeing a picture I had posted on Facebook. I had forgotten that my mother was on my Facebook friends list. Angrily my mother had asked, “Are you going there to see a fish?” Fortunately, she had thought I was only going on a boat trip that would take …

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