Transportation from and to KLAI airport

Don’t listen to the KLAI airport Information desk! The lady suggested that I take KL express train to KL Sentral and then take another train to wherever I wanted from the Sentral. And she mentioned that it would cost me RM 55 per person. I then asked her how much the taxi would cost and to which she informed that it would be around RM 100. Since we were two of us traveling, the train would have costed us RM 110 for two people. On listening to this I had decided taxi as a better and cheaper option.

I was wrong. The cheapest option to travel from/to the airport is the bus. The bus between KLAI and KL Sentral costs RM 12 per person. The tickets can be bought at the ticket counter in the bus stop. But while traveling to the airport, make sure you buy the ticket to the correct terminal. KL International airport has two terminals – KLAI1 and KLAI2.

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